Red Realm

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The Red Realm (Loruldzor), c.b. Douggie Sharpe

That five potato cross is tubular, my dude.

A miniscule clan of warrior-gatherers obsessed with red hair and potatoes.

Two generations ago, the Red Realm broke off from the Black Spears to form a new clan, under the red-haired leader Lorad Tompa. The Red Realm only have thirty to forty individuals. All individuals either have red hair, dye their hair red, or shave themselves bald. The Red Realm will accept half breeds.

The potato is a staple to the Red Realm, and the high-carb tuber is especially good for orcs waking from hibernation. The Red Realm symbol is a potato with horns.

The Red Realm clan lives in the mountain, and out of necessity, has a trade relationship with dwarves. Gross.

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