Planet Metaverse: Invasion

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Archaeopteryx, a thief who is good at climbing and scratching. Avatar of Rosie Harvin.

"Big" Al Bigsley

Allosaurus sharpshooter who says what he means and shoots who he wants. Avatar of Wyatt Maxwell.


Nearsighted ankylosaurus who takes his time and makes careful plans, just watch out for his tail. Avatar of Crash Jaxun.

Wild Jill

Pygmy T Rex gambler who is super cute, just don't tell her that. Avatar of Aquamarine.

Calamity Jane Utah

Utahraptor and a cheat, a thief, an explosives expert, and short one air ship. Just make sure she knows the plan cannot happen without her. Avatar of Andi Jaymes

Lady Heilda Vallethio

Knight Protector of the Queen as well as her aunt. She lives by a code of honor and is considered one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. Avatar of Andi Jaymes

Queen Shandroth Vallethio

Raised to ascend the throne since birth. A great warrior in her own right and the rightful queen of everything, just ask her. Avatar of Jenika

Lord Consort Gan Vallethio

Married to the queen via an arranged marriage. Adept with herbs, stealth, and fighting (though he doesn't want anyone to know about that). Devious, brilliant, cunning, and not above treachery. Avatar of Brony Robbins

Brother Tyber

Part of an ancient secret order of male warriors. Sworn to make sure that the lessons of the past will not be forgotten. Avatar of Bruno Hamilton

Special Agent Jane Blonde

One of the best on Her Majesty's Secret Service, Jane is everything you would expect a spy to a little more. Avatar of Andi Jaymes

Baron Von Bad

A man with a robot arm and a robot eye and several thousand death traps. Betrayed by his #2, he plans on showing them who's really in charge. Avatar of Crash Jaxun

Dick Ramsbottom

Well the name sort of says it all, doesn't it? Hired by the Baron to seduce and capture Jane, Dick has...well let's just say he's been up and down quite a lot recently. Avatar of Bruno Hamilton