Orcish Holidays

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Orcish Holidays by month

Slumberdeep (January)


Mad Moon, first full moon of the year: Mad Moon is the halfway point of the hibernation cycle

Elderwalk (February)


Watch's End, the New Moon of Elderwalk (approximate): clan elders relieve denwatchers. This is the end of the Long Night.

Recitation Day, the half-moon of Elderwalk: clans recite the names of fallen denwatchers, orcs who died during hibernation, and great heroes.

Whetstone (March)


Sugardoom: March 15th. Candied meats feast honoring the murder of Melanulazrik the glycomancer.

Fortune Favors the Honey: Last full moon of Whetstone, orcs bring gifts (of honey) to fortunetellers to get their romantic futures told.

Newlitter (April)


Tortoise Hatching Day, or Hatching Day, April 15th: clans celebrate new arrivals (tortoise or otherwise). All orcs are treated equally, despite status, during this day

Exodus (May)


Brightmorning, May 9th: A holy day of remembrance, when orcs remember the day they emerged after winning their freedom in the Red Exodus

Stabbadwarf, May 22: A day of remembrance and revenge. On this day, it is good luck to stab (not necessarily kill) a dwarf.

Warwatch (June)

June/Farsax Ru

Day of Mercy, First Monday of Warwatch: commemorates the merciful slaughter of the first human armies. On this day, it is good luck to kill without torturing a human.

Kill it with Fire day, June 23rd: celebrates the birthday of the great sorceress Kanensei. Spellcasters celebrate by setting zombies on fire and drinking very hot tea.

Farwander (July)


Seventh New, On the seventh new moon of the year: Rugget season begins.

Goodsex (August)

August/Shulnath Heartripper's Day, August 1st: a day of romantic devotion and revenge. Celebrates a mythical cupid-like creature named "heartripper," who decides the fate of couples and the unfaithful

In the Bag, Full moon in GoodSex: a hazing holiday in which newlyweds are tossed into a bag and not let out until they've copulated.

Kehahul Zurvat Diendudz, August 31st: ??? (Translation pending: Flay Return Life?)

Highsong (September)


Earthmantle Liberation Day, Sept 7th: Commemoration of the Earthmantle Clan's emergence from the UnderKingdoms. Geomancers shake the mountains to remind dwarves that orcs will never be re-enslaved

Fullbelly, Sept 30: festival of thanksgiving and merriment, lasts until October 7th (one week)

Tenth Full, the tenth full moon: Rugget season championships

Roots (October)


Day of Defiance, Oct 10th: Political holiday for those who oppose the Black Spear unification of orcdom

Fullbelly ends, Sept 7th: The Fullbelly festival ends.

Longtusk's Day, Full moon of October: Commemorates the legend of Dagroth Longtusk, who sacrificed his soul to a demon to help the orcs escape.

Dendown (November)


Day of the Undead, November 13th: Orcish necromancers celebrate their undead thralls, grooming them and giving them gifts. Undead and not dead alike party by dancing, drinking, and eating meat.

Slumber's Eve, Full moon in Nov: Slumber's Eve is the last night before denwatchers begin watch.

Slumber (December)


The Long Night, begins on the new moon of Dec: A twelve week trial in which watchers stay constantly conscious to protect the clan. The Long Night lasts until Watch's end.