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Season One Episode List

Hyperreality Bites

Mysterious agents for an unknown organization visit four individuals: a yoga teacher and secret cat burglar named Aquamarine, the aging rodeo queen Rosie Harvin, and prison psychologist Dr. Jenika Clarkson. These three are coerced and blackmailed into blindly joining a secret program for purposes unknown. Around the same time, Crash Jaxun, a professional gamer and hacker extraordinaire, shows up unexpectedly; he claims to know about the program and demands a chance to join it. Yet another individual, a technician for the program named Jebidiah Lexington, is informed that his duties have changed and he will be joining the project as well. These five form the core team for a mission that injects them into an alternate universe, where they occupy the bodies of strangers.

Earth 00668

Trapped in the bodies of superheroes, the team finds themselves unwitting contestants on America's hottest competition: "American Sentinel."  But is there something else afoot...?

Finger Licking' Dead

The gang must race against a rival squad to defeat a "fowl" threat to Sentinel City.

David Bowie's Codpiece

Yeah, it's going to be an a-maze-ing episode: we guarantee it.

Permanent Down Vote

With two of their own accused of murder, the MetaPilots seek out the real killer/s. Or are their teammates guilty after all?

A Real Losing Streak

A murderous conspiracy is afoot at American Sentinel, and it's up the The Alpha Squad to solve it -- before they're next!

Johnny B. Good-ish?

Approached by an old foe seeking help, the Alpha Squad must decide how much risk to take in search of the truth.

Collateral Damage Is A Given

Hunted by assassins while seeking shelter at the "American Sentinel" studios, the Alpha Squad find themselves under siege & responsible for the safety of countless innocent civilians.

Gunmen Of The Apocalypse

Ninja Emily Dickinson. Steampunk Richard Gatling. Druidic Johnny Appleseed. And a herd of zombies… or is that called a “shuffle”?

It's Good To Be The King

Having found their quarry, the team must find a way to convince him to return to his native reality. But getting Teddy Roosevelt to abdicate the throne of Yosemite won't be easy...

The War Of Eastern Aggression

The citizens of Yosemite are under attack -- and only Ninja Emily Dickinson, SteamPunk Richard Gatling, Druidic Johnny Appleseed, "Not a Myth Anymore" Slou-Foot Sue, Aeronaut Orville Wilbur Wright, and King Theodore Roosevelt can save them.

Smoke On The Water

The team finds itself facing a new threat while trying to protect an old ally: King Teddy Roosevelt is ready for war, and they have no choice but to join him.

(Un)Dam It

The Industrialists have completed a new form of power plant capable of turning the war's tide, and it's up to the team to pull the plug.  But first, they'll need to seek help from a pair of old friends...also gorillas.

The Nick Of Time

A hydroelectric threat in the middle of a desert & a metapod pilot unwilling to come home: The American Civil War 2 (Electric Boogaloo) is about to go off the rails for good...