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Sentinel City

Bombshell 3.0

The third version of what is clearly, one of the best superheroes composed of nano wasps, Bombshell 3.0 is all the things she should be. Helpful, positive, and extremely effective, Bombshell and her wasps are an important part of the team. Avatar of the pilot Jenika.


The self proclaimed, "WAVE OF THE FUTURE", Riptide is a master of all things water related. He is a more seasoned superhero with a specific sore spot for one, Johnny Legion. Avatar of the pilot Jebediah.

Lady Veil

Bitten by a radioactive mummy, Lady Veil is a master of the textile. She can wrap things up in the most fashionable of ways and then regenerate when the situation calls for it, which it does quite often. Avatar of the pilot Aquamarine.

Kid Titan

A former superhero teenage sidekick, Butch Baker, known as Kid Titan, wrote a tell all book based on his experiences as a young man. This did not go over well with the other superheroes and he has been staying away from the super lifestyle, making money as a private investigator. Avatar of the pilot Crash.

Hashtag Hashtag

A superstar superhero, Hashtag Hashtag is quite simply...stunning. Selfie taker extraordinaire, Hashtag Hashtag will blow you up with his incendiary devices and then post a picture of it on his social media. Avatar of the pilot Markus

Hex Destiny

Born in the faewyld, Hex is an arcane twelve year old who can remove your soul all while reciting poetry. Oh, and she also has an invisible 900lb werebunny companion named Harvey. Avatar of the pilot Rosie. In action, Hex Destiny makes up for her smaller stature with number of abilities. Her sword can be ridden like a floating skateboard, or wielded to steal soul pieces from anyone she hits. She can also cast virtually any spell she can think of, but only by composing and reciting a fresh haiku to direct it.

The Kingdom of Yosemite

King Teddy Roosevelt

The ruler of the Kingdom of Yosemite. Brash, bold, bombastic, and possessing the self control of a five year old, King Teddy is just as awesome as you assume him to be. He is particularly adept at buffalo wrangling, speech giving, and rap battling. Avatar of the pilot Nick Krieger

Johnny Appleseed

The man, the myth, the legend of the Northeast, Johnny Appleseed has had the pleasure of traveling across the great nation on his own two bare feet. Along the way, he has planted many seeds both in the earth and in the hearts of those who meet him. He is however, constantly losing his pants. Avatar of the pilot Jebediah Lexington

Emily Dickinson

Quiet and reserved, Miss Dickinson is not someone you want to underestimate. In her own words, she can "write pointedly and attack pointedly". Simply put, Miss Dickinson is a ninja assassin of great skill. Avatar of the pilot Jenika Clarkson.

Professor Richard Gatling

A gentleman and a scholar, Professor Richard Gatling had the great misfortune to invent one of the deadliest weapons ever devised, completely by accident. Such is the price of genius! Continually striving to make amends for this terrible calamity, the professor spends his time inventing as well as carefully avoiding his arch enemy, Thomas Edison. Avatar of the pilot Crash Jaxun.

Wilbur Orville Wright

The first pilot and the inventor of the field of aviation, Wilbur Orville Wright is also the first man to discover that he is afraid of flying. This little fact does not deter him from undertaking scouting missions for King Teddy in his wonderful flying machine. Avatar of the pilot Markus.

Slou Foot Sue

She is not a myth! She rides fish and hates horses, as well as attempts to keep King Teddy under control. Her bustle can also be used for outer space least as far as the moon. Avatar of the pilot Tessa Wallace.

Annie Oakley

The greatest marksman in the world as well as the greatest everything else, at least if you ask her. Annie Oakley has a keen eye and quick trigger finger, but often walking in a straight line alludes her. Married to one Frank Butler, Annie Oakley is constantly striving to be number one no matter the cost to her or the party. Avatar of the pilot Rosie Harvin.

Dona Maria Vasquez de Villa

A landowner in California, she is not a woman who suffers fools lightly. Skilled as a zombie wrangler, Dona Maria Vasquez de Villa harbors secrets of her own. Avatar of the pilot The Agent