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Breaking the GM - C.H.A.T. and the players love their GM...almost as much as they love making him loose his composure with their insanity.

Boating - The oft disparaged skill of boating, first displayed by Richard Gatling in the Kingdom of Yosemite, it became a literal lifesaver when C.H.A.T. decided to flood a town and kill everyone...all to make a joke. Now boating is one of the most coveted of skills in the metaverse.

Golden Waffles - To celebrate certain financial milestones in each show (such as breaking even and paying the cast), the cast members honor a randomly selected viewer in chat with a Golden Waffle. The winner chooses a song style and a theme concept (a favorite hobby, for instance), and Chris, Christian, or Vanessa (depending on who has time) compose the song and perform it on a future show.

Hack Attacks - C.H.A.T.'s favorite ability. The hack attack is when either one member of C.H.A.T. or many come together and create a truly insane or derailing event to happen in game, which the cast and GM have to roll with.

Just4U - A boy band spontaneously created by Matt Vancil and Christian Doyle during episode 21. Their number one hit single "Bubblegum, Parachute, Flex, Dab, Vape" is coming soon, possibly even with a music video.

Metapoints - A metapoint allows a cast member to move themselves one space up or down on the Avatar/Player spectrum. These are useful in allowing them to have better access to, and therefore better dice to roll for, various skills and abilities.

Rapping - One day Matt Vancil as King Teddy offered to rap battle an enemy, not believing that he would have to do so. He did. And he was very good at it. So now, C.H.A.T. tries to make him rap whenever possible. Much to his chagrin.

Sapphire - The new leader of Aquamarine's cult/family, Sapphire took over after Aquamarine left. It suddenly became obvious that Sapphire was present in many metaverses, especially after she became the official sponsor of "The Next American Sentinel" in episode.

Seduction - Aquamarine has an uncanny ability to seduce pretty much everything. From guards to chicken golems, no being is too strange or inanimate to resist her charms. Other team members have also tried their hand at seduction with varying results.

Using Your Attributes - When Maggie, and now Sarah, get nervous or flustered about coming up with an action in combat, they tend to do something called using their attributes. This means that they start listing off the skills and attributes on their character sheets in a search for something that will work in the given situation. It's kind of like trying to guess someone's PIN by randomly inputting numbers.