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Nara's Map

Season 1 Episode 1

Nara carries this map.

Nara is holding this map in Season 1 Episode 1, when Perf runs from Glorion. She quickly rolls it.

Text on Map: Great? Forest, Marshlands.

Description of map: A river is pictures, trees, mountains, and a symbol possibly representing a temple.

Daggie's Map

Season 3 Episode 7

Daggie gives this map to Perf

Daggie gives this map to Perf to lead him through a pass to Pale Mountain.

Text on Map: Pale Mountain, Bad Wolf Wood, Tippet Point, Dobyns Point, Eheile? Vale, The Cliffs, Meadow of Unmentioni?, Dead Princess Shortcut, Downing? Duch Lake, Rabbit --?

Features of Map: Mountains, Lakes, Paths, Cliffs, Meadow

Fartherall Sixth Age

Although an unknown amount of time passes between the fourth age and the sixth, one can assume the remaining landmarks haven't changed. This Map was made for the Fartherall Online MMORPG, and is not to scale with the continent in the JourneyQuest series.

This map hails from Matt Vancil and the World of Fartherall Online.

Text on Map: The Fallen Isle, The Clockwork Abyss, World of Fartherall Online, The Graveyard of the Gods, Ord-Anmuhr, The First Wood, Fellshore, the Inconvenient Cliffs, Orksport, The Hulks, Pale Mountain, Temple of Thunder, The Blue Mountains, The Lonely Tower, The Reflecting Waters, Silverwood, The Home Range, The Temple of All Dooms, Cobalt Springs, Sumbre, The Afterlands, Gate-Fortress to the Underkingdom, Copper Mountain, Lastport, The Golden Plains, Marrowstone City, Mirror Lake, Inkwood, The Moonhollow, Hartford-Meades, The Shadow's Tomb, Solimort, The Wizardium, The Wicked Citadel, Redbrick Monastery, The River Frael, Haram, Westhaven, White Tower, The Eastern Sea, Goldsport, Covenant, Dragonsmount, Golden Valley, Dragonsmeade, The Black Fields, The Great River, Bandit's Forest, The Shadow's Dungeon

Features of Map: Mountains, Dungeons(represented by Skull and Crossbones), cities, Rivers, forests, grasslands, oceans, Islands, Cliffs