Magocracy of Arcanix

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Logo of the Magocracy of Arcanix faction in the Romance of the Nine Empires card game

The Magocracy of Arcanix is one of the nine empires vying for the control over Countermay


"One of two city-states to rise after the fall of Old Ixhasa, Arcanix was founded precisely to prevent the sort of disaster that destroyed the first empire. To that end, the city’s founders, wizards and magicians from fallen Ixhasa, built their city over the only other Nexus in the world to protect it. Their citadel fortress quickly became a center of stability in the newly fractured world, and grew from a stronghold into a flourishing bastion of civilization and center of learning. The university is the finest in the world, and while it covers all subjects, its main focus—and the reason most anyone comes to Arcanix—is magic. The Arcanese have learned to harness the awesome power of the Nexus to power their spells and research, and have raised magical barriers to protect their city from all manner of threats and invasion. Governed by a ruling council of powerful wizards, Arcanix is the oldest continuous state in the world, and considers itself the torch carrier for civilization… and therefore sees the other empires as a threat to it. Though Arcanix itself is officially neutral, it spends a great deal of time playing the other empires off one another for purposes of maintaining balance. Their meddling has never gone unnoticed, or un-resented."[1]

"The Arcanese have learned to harness the awesome power of the Nexus to power their spells and research, with a special ability to summon forth Guardians – strange and powerful beings from beyond Countermay. ... Guardians are extra-dimensional beings of great power [that wizards can summon to fight for them,] Known among various cultures as demons or djinn. ... They have great power, but it can come with a heavy price. None know this better than the wizards of the Magocracy!"[2]

Notable Arcanese


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