List of Places in Fartherall

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The following is a list of places that exist (or have existed) in Fartherall. Sources include JourneyQuest, the Orcish-English Dictionary, Nathadric's Pranks. Please mark non-canon places.

Castles and Fortresses

Cities and Communities

Dungeons & Caves

  • The Clockwork Abyss
  • Haram
  • The Hulks
  • The Moonhollow
  • Ord-Anmuhr
  • The Shadow's Tomb
  • The Shadow's Dungeon
  • Temple of Thunder

Educational Institutions


  • Bad Wolf Wood
  • Bandit's Forest
  • The First Wood
  • Inkwood
  • Silverwood

Grasslands and Plains

  • The Afterlands
  • The Black Fields
  • The Golden Plains
  • Golden Valley
  • The Swath
  • Solimort

Islands and Coasts

Mountains and Cliffs

  • The Blue Mountains
  • Copper Mountain
  • Dobyns Point
  • Dragonsmount
  • The Graveyard of the Gods
  • The Home Range
  • The Inconvenient Cliffs
  • The Lost Hills
  • The Omnimont Mountains
  • Pale Mountain
  • Tippet Point

Nations and Kingdoms

Rivers and Lakes

  • The Great River
  • Mirror Lake
  • The Reflecting Waters
  • The River Frael

Seas and Oceans

  • The Eastern Sea
  • Winedark Sea


Temples of All Dooms, known locations

  • Hartford-Meades
  • Sumbre, also known as the Temple of Select Dooms