Kuud clan

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The Kuud Clan (Pik Kuudu), c.b. Griffin Fickes

Pink camouflage is still camouflage!

Cover your face.

Also known as the Kuud Players, this clan has centered around an unending game of Kuud. Over many years, the Kuud clan has become fast, athletic and stealthy. THis makes Kuud clan members ideal assassins, as long as they can be broken of the habit of shouting "Kuud" as they hit someone.

A unbroken nose is a sign of beauty. An many-times broken nose is a sign of experience. Children and other delicate people must only receive light taps, but everyone is required to play.

Kuud is played by punching someone in the nose and shouting "Kuud," and just by being close enough to witness, one is a player.

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