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JourneyQuest is a show produced by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and created by Matt Vancil. It is released under a Creative Commons non-commercial, share-alike, attribution license, which requires that all derivative works be released under the same license.


Note: The JourneyQuest World Bible is part of The Gamers meta story and the Hopjockey universe. Edit are locked to validated creators. Showrunners may elect to upgrade certain works from Fan Creations to approved Canon status at their discretion.

History of Fartherall

Religion in Fartherall



Note: When you create derivative works, you agree to release your contribution under the Creative Commons NC-SA-BY license.

Fan Fiction

Fan Art

Unofficial World Bible



JQ3.5 Kickstarter Live-stream. Perf meets the party and reluctantly offers to aid in their quest.

JQ: Episode 00.01

JQ: Episode 00.02

Season One

JourneyQuest Season 1 Poster.jpg

Perf finds a magic sword and is drawn deeper into a quest that he doesn't want.

JQ: Episode 01.01 "Onward!"

JQ: Episode 01.02 "Sod The Quest."

JQ: Episode 01.03 "A Rather Unfortunate Turn of Events"

JQ: Episode 01.04 " Deadly, Ancient Magicks."

JQ: Episode 01.05 "Not A Zombie."

JQ: Episode 01.06 "Bardic Immunity."

JQ: Episode 01.07 "Duplicitous Bastards."

Season Two

JQ2 Poster.jpg

City of the Dead

Captured and chained, the party is dragged through the dangerous City of the Dead.

JQ: Episode 02.01 "An Epic?"

JQ: Episode 02.02 "City of the Dead."

JQ: Episode 02.03 "Mewling Monkey Talk."

JQ: Episode 02.04 "Spry Little Bugger."

JQ: Episode 02.05 "Gibbering Automatons."

JQ: Episode 02.06 "Better Than Sex."

JQ: Episode 02.07 "Much to Discuss."

JQ: Episode 02.08 "Fall Into Darkness."

JQ: Episode 02.09 "Retromancer."

JQ: Episode 02.10 "Through Every Trial and Hardship."

Season Three


The Pale Lady

JQ: Episode 03.01 "Potent Magic and Poor Impulse Control"

JQ: Episode 03.02 "A Beer or Six"

JQ: Episode 03.03 "The Bardest"

JQ: Episode 03.04 "Stupid Humie Magic"

JQ: Episode 03.05 "Something Unholy"

JQ: Episode 03.06 "Every Breath, Every Heartbeat"

JQ: Episode 03.07 "The Unspeakable Nature of My Existence"

JQ: Episode 03.08 "One Simple Thing"

JQ: Episode 03.09 "Black Robe Stuff"

JQ: Episode 03.10 "Gods And Heroes"