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Ah, humanity. The Olom created humans to be the perfect laborers. That’s the way human scholars describe it, at least. The original term was “servant,” with a closer translation being “slave.” The Olom created them to be as clay — infinitely mutable, able to fill whatever role the other Olom races needed, and short lived. Do the dwarves need cheap labor? Send them humans. Do the giants need servants? Send them humans. Do the ogres need arrow fodder soldiers that can double as trail rations? Send them humans. And the humans learned from all of the various tasks they performed, and taught them to one another. Despite their short lifespans, they’ve become the most numerous and diverse people on the planet.

Physically, humans run the gamut in coloration and morphology. Archaiad was an egalitarian empire that welcomed people from all corners of the world. Today, the legacy of that fallen empire is that humans of all colors, shapes, and sizes can be found pretty much anywhere in the world.

Humans are unique in that they can mate and produce viable offspring with every other race in the world, except dryads. Whether or not such hybrids are welcome in human society depends very much on the non-human parent’s race.

Today, most of humanity lives under the yoke of the Wicked Kings, and is Lawful Evil. Humans hide behind the law and gladly trade their freedom for security. They are a weak and foolish people, willfully ignorant and pointing to deeds of their ancestors to justify their hubris. They hardly trust one another let alone other races. An individual human can be a wonderful companion, a unique individual unbroken by the weight of societal pressure. On a societal level, humans are self-loathing and cruel. Sadly, most eventually give up what dreams they have and place the yoke of oppression upon themselves. Better to live as a secure slave and lay the blame for their misery on a distant ruler than to truly pursue their dreams and fail.

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