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Must Love Dogs.

The Hounds (Wolkulataz), c.b. Pat McCoy

If asked to choose between a family member and their favorite dog, a Hound would think long and hard before choosing the dog.

Prior to the Red Exodus, these orcs trained dwarven hunting dogs and developed extremely close bonds. After the Red Exodus, the Hounds brought their dogs, and via selective breeding, they have dogs that are bigger, stronger, fiercer, and more loyal than any other.

The Hounds live in family groups called 'packs' with only a few dozen individuals. When their numbers grow too large, packs split via a complicated process.

It is prophesied that some day, an orc will come to unite the Hounds into a single pack. The Alpha of Alphas will gather all Hounds and ride into battle on the back of a massive wolfhound.