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These descendants of halflings and gnomes are extremely odd in that they will never perfectly blend physical traits of both parents; instead of a blend of characteristics, hobs slant heavily towards one parent, so hobs run a spectrum of physical traits between halflings and gnomes. It is thus possible for hob siblings to look like they’re from two different races. Where a half-elf is like a more humanlike elf, a hob might look either like a typical gnome but with hairy feet, or a typical halfling but with larger eyes or blue-tinted skin. Given these odd characteristics, it’s often hard to pick a hob out of a clutch or a halfling village (though hobs usually wind up in clutches; halfling society is too predictable and stifling for the gnome in them).

Physical Description

As described above: either exactly as a gnome or halfling, but with a physical trait or two from the other parents. Their physical capabilities are identical to whichever parent they don’t resemble. For example, a hob who looks like her halfling father would have the racial abilities, and traits of a gnome, and vice versa.


Hobs are able to move freely between gnome and halfling society without any discrimination. There are benefits to blending into a society that is surprised at one’s special skill set, just as there are benefits to standing out as someone physically different who is able to master all local customs and skills to a degree that the locals may not expect. The drawbacks normally inherent in these problems are much less pronounced than for most outsiders, given the generally kind dispositions of both halflings and gnomes.


Hobs get along famously with both parent races. Elves find them confusing sometimes, reacting with surprise when a puckish looking gnome offers to help weed their garden, or betrayed shock when a plump and merry-faced halflass paints their toenails in the middle of the night.

Humans sometimes mix gnomes and halflings up as it is, and don’t seem to care much about the particulars of a hob’s looks versus their ability. This works out just fine as far as the hobs are concerned, because they don’t much care either.

Dwarves have a hard time whenever they encounter a hob with a gnome’s personality that appears to be a halfling, seeing as they may be opening themselves up to pranks they’d never expect from the one race they treat with a modicum of kindness. This has led to some dwarves hardening their hearts even further towards the surface-dwelling smallfolk.

Orcs think hobs are weird. They mostly grasp the concept behind their physical dimorphism, but it seems too whimsical and bizarre to dwell on for long… even a bit annoying. Hobs, for their part, tend to keep the intimidating and militaristic orcs at arm’s length whenever possible.

Alignment and Religion

Hobs tend to follow the religious practices of whichever progenitor race they grew up around, and tend toward either Neutral Good gnome-faced hobs, or Chaotic Good halfling-faced hobs.

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