History of Fartherall

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The history of Fartherall falls neatly into nine ages, stretching back into the mythic past and far into the unknown future. The events of JourneyQuest take place in the Fourth Age of Fartherall, and is where our focus will center.

The Ages are presented in chronological order, as are the events within those ages. As of now, these histories are covered only in the broadest of strokes.

A bit of terminology before we continue: Each Age has a Birth and a Death, and most of them also have a Balance.

The Birth of an Age is the event (or series of events) that brought about a new era in Fartherall’s history. Some events happen between Ages, in the time between the death of the previous age and the birth of the next. Called the Lost Ages, these cover vast swaths of the world’s unrecorded history.

An age’s Balance is the heart of the age, after the events heralding its birth have settled and before those presaging its death have begun. It is the golden era of the age, when the institutions and dangers of the time are at their height.

The Death marks the end of an age, and the often cataclysmic events that brought it to ruin. An Age’s death isn’t always the final event of an Age—it is rather the one that marks the inevitable transition into another.

First Age

Second Age

Third Age

Fourth Age

Fifth Age

Sixth Age

Seventh Age

Eighth Age

Ninth Age

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