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A halfanforth, or half-halfling, is a somewhat rare but by no means unheard of hybrid of a human and halfling. They are almost always a result of a union of a halflad and a human woman. Halfanforths born to a halflass and human male are less common, and without some form of assistance — magical intervention, divine healing, or a Caesarian section — the halflass is likely to die in childbirth.

Halfanforths are unique among the hybrid races in that they’re not instantly recognizable as a half-breed; most would think they’re either a tall halfling or a short, svelte human. They have the trademark full, curly hair of their halfling parents, and both male and female halfanforths hover just about five feet tall. They have no trouble blending into human or halfling communities, as they could pass for either so easily.

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