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Return to [[Orcish Clans]]
Return to [[Orcish Clans]]
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[[Category:Orcish clans]]

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The lyrics are "Go to sleep, dwarves, so we can braid your shoelaces into your beards."

The Great Song (Richadroam) c.b. Ghost

A reclusive clan of supernatural singers whose voices can shatter stone and lull attackers to sleep.

The city of the Great Song was founded after these orcs sang a dwarven phalanx to sleep during the Red Exodus and walked far into the mountains. The city remains undiscovered (legendary), because anyone who gets too close falls asleep.

The clan's denwatchers are called graybeards. They hum a tune throughout winter causing anyone who enters the territory to grow sleepier until they fall asleep.

When Great Song orcs venture away from their territory to learn or trade, they use aliases and never use the true power. Unless, of course, the purpose is to prank dwarves.

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