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Fighting Eldritch Nightmares? Squad Goals

The Gatekeepers (Hedraiadz), c.b. Matthew Hunt

Founded by a mysterious traveler from another world, the Gatekeepers are sworn to protect Fartherall from demonic invasion.

The Gatekeepers were founded by a dimension-hopping human known as "the Traveler," who never removed his sunglasses. A group of orcs watched this human appear trailed by a demon, and after the human promptly killed the demon, the Gatekeepers declared him chief.

Largely removed from Orcish society, the Gatekeepers travel in groups of five to seven, fighting interdimensional monsters and repairing rifts in the Fartherall space-time. Most Gatekeepers are not born into the tribe, but recruited.

The Gatekeepers are one of the few clans that accept non-orcs into their group.

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