Galaxy Tails

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Captain Kitt Foxman

Week after week, he is on some adventure or another. He's always in some kind of trouble but he's super clever. Because he's a Avatar of Crash Jaxun.

Sojourn the Sloth

Eternally wise, almost never moving, and slow to reach a decision. A master of tai kwon slow, as well as being a very good listener. The security officer of the ship. Avatar of Aquamarine.

First Officer Preston aka Presto

He should be in charge if it wasn't for Foxman! He is an amazing magician and producer of elaborate effects. He is everybody's favorite and has the best ideas ever...clearly. Avatar of Thomas.

Professor North

Very smart but clumsy, Professor North is the ship's science officer. And a polar bear. Slow to anger but when it happens look out, things get messy. Avatar of Jenika.