Forest clan

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The Forest Clan (Pik Querku), c.b. Magi Hernandez

This takes flower power to a new level

A mysterious clan of sylvan druids who owe their powers to their dryad ancestry.

Members of the Forest Clan have orc, dyrad, and dwarven ancestry, stemming from an unlikely happenstance during the Red Exodus. These people can range from tan to light green, but are usually seen as orcs at first glance.

During hibernation, the Forest Clan doesn't need denwatchers. They burrow near trees, intertwine their fingers, and are protected by the forest while they sleep.

Most of the Forest Clan are druids, and members of the Forest Clan in love are often seen with small flowers sprouting from their hair. They feel most at home among dryads and druids of any race.

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