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Episode Seventy-Seven: Surfin' Safari


Bruno, Thomas, Zenda, and Aquamarine are sent to a world where humans and animals live together, and anyone could be TOM.


Bruno, Zenda, Aquamarine, and Thomas are sent on a mission by Rhodes while Jenika and Andi are off retrieving a report from Wyatt. They find themselves in the avatars of animals, in a world where humans and animals live together. The year is 1980 and the hottest show in Hawaii is Magnum, PI. Which means that everyone is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Clearly this will make finding TOM difficult. Compounding the issue is the fact that their avatars are detectives, hot on the case of a murderous furry skinner. On top of that, there are at least ten residents of Furtown who have woken up with gaps in their memories and their bank accounts. After a few hiccups with the Chief, they find themselves at a local bar where Zenda manages to get a name from a very drunk duck. Julius Braccium is an octopus crime lord who always gets away with murder. The group heads out to the site of the new opera house, which also happens to be the location of the latest murder victim. Along the way, they are followed by a pair of dobermans who turn out to be private security for the aforementioned Octo-boss. They aren't super happy with the arrival of a strange group of people but they're willing to let it go...and then Kershaw/Zenda stabs one of their tires. The avatars hurry off to the opera house while Zenda attempts to retrieve the TOM tracker from Arena. The experience is extremely painful and he retreats, leaving his avatar in full control. Bruno turns on the tracker and sees that TOM is jumping rapidly from person to person. Once at the opera house, the avatars inspect the scene of the crime when the sound of a motorcycle distracts them. The twin dobermans are riding erratically, with one on the shoulders of the other. The TOM tracker indicates that TOM is...well there, and the pilots take off. Unfortunately TOM also clocks them and revs the engine. A chase ensues which ends with the dobermans rolling down a sandy hill to the beach below and Thomas ramping a bloodhound's undercover car. The dobermans come around, without TOM in either of their heads. As the detectives search their pockets, they find an invitation to a private and very fancy party at the home of Julius Braccium. A montage of costume changes, counterfeiting, and catering takes place, and soon the team is ready to infiltrate the upper class of Furtown. Thomas takes a job as a caterer while Zenda sneaks in via a dumb waiter. Aquamarine and Bruno head inside as party guests, soon meeting up again with Thomas. Zenda makes it to the top of the building and into Braccium's private office. The others finagle a private meeting with the mob boss, thanks to the promise of some very questionable quiches, and find themselves face to face with a giant mustachioed octopus. Who is actually three octopuses in a trench coat. As Julius enacts the Sashimi Stack Up, Zenda and his avatar find what they are looking for just in time for the doors to start locking. Zenda starts heading back to his team while the TOM tracker lets everyone know that TOM is heading this way...and there are a lot of them. It's a TOMga line! Bruno and Zenda team up and network while Thomas and Aquamarine throw the best luau ever. Braccium is arrested and Tommy Good Time is trapped. The white light of the Metaverse surrounds them and they head back to Arena.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Maggie Doyle; Players: Chris Ode, Mark Thomason, James Durham, Vanessa Postil First appearance of: Wally Shultz, Ray Delamano, Madeline Pusspuss, "Rex" Sweetums