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Episode Sixty-Seven: Henhouse

The crew of Galaxy Tails returns...but not in the way you might expect. They seek out their father, defeat foes, and find new connections with old enemies, all while fighting to save another Joe's Diner.


The pilots return to the avatars of Galaxy Tails but the world is not the same. In the time since they were last together, the furry heroes have left Mammalon behind (and hanging on a chain around Sojourn's neck), and joined the human resistance against the alien invaders. Things are not going very well but all that is about to change because Kitt Foxman has a plan...if only he could remember what it was. It definitely involves Ohio, namely the towns of Clyde and Colbie. Colbie is the base of alien operations while Clyde is the home to the creator of Galaxy Tails, one Jasper Crown. The group travels to meet their ersatz father and find him bloated, mostly drunk, and on his way to a nice sized heart attack. After some persuasion, Jasper agrees to take their station wagon (yes, they drove a station wagon) and head to safety. Once there he is to draw a new home for the Mammalon Galaxy which will come to life and save all the poor creatures that currently are living inside of a piece of jewelry. For their part, the Galaxy Tails crew heads off to Colbie to enact the first part of Kitt's plan, an assault on the communications array. Various aliens in power suits try to stop them, but the Galaxy Tails crew overcome the odds (because of course they do) and the communications are soon shut down. Cut off from the rest of their fleet, the aliens are hunkered down in their complex. Kitt scans the area and notes that there is another being not is neither alien or human located nearby, buried beneath the alien compound. While the other team members assault the compound, Presto begins to dig and soon reaches the location of the life form. It's none other than Admiral Sliss...and he is wearing a Titan logo. Presto charms Sliss, a little too well, and learns that he has been here since he woke up after being vaporized. He is now committed to doing good, which is handy since they need to stop the alien invaders. Sliss joins the team and they battle the alien forces. Kitt finally enacts his cunning plan, teleporting all the imprisoned humans back onto Earth and to safety. The resistance is saved, the tide is turned, and the Galaxy Tails crew bring down a large alien vessel which happens to land in such a way as to knock out the power to the local Joe's Diner. The location is now useless and safe from TOM...but the Metapocalypse continues.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of: