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Episode Sixty-Four: The End Is Just The Beginning


The confrontation with Kronos begins...but is he the true enemy of the Metaverse? And who will be lost in the fight?


The battle for Earth 668 begins. The remaining supers are summoned from Sentinel City as Butch, Abbi, Balthazar, Hex, and Lady Veil regroup. They come up with the best plan they can, given the circumstances, but they all know it is likely a fight that they cannot win. Butch recognizes the impact the pilots have had in helping the avatars become more than what they were. He gives each of his friends a word of encouragement before they set off to take on Kronos. They converge on the battlefield and Kronos appears from his crystal fortress. He easily outmatches some of the lesser supers and even Butch in Titan form is having trouble keeping pace. He and Abbi attack together, throwing Butch and a huge crystal shard into Kronos, and are able to inflict some damage. Magic and Titan power are the only things that seem to hurt him...but not for long as the wounds begin to close as quickly as he gains them. Thomas comes around and finds himself in a mental prison. He winds his way through the maze for what feels like weeks and eventually finds his way out. Emerging into the throne room of Kronos, Thomas sees the battle raging on. Before he joins the fray, Thomas picks up two cubes, one red and one blue and brings them with him. Flying out into the battle, Thomas dons a pair of rocket boots...just as the Metaverse raises a ghost army of fallen Titans to defend and serve at the side of Butch Baker. Kronos is causing great amounts of damage to Butch and summons a swarm of drones. Some of these he causes to explode, killing more supers with the flying shrapnel, while the rest encase him in a protective bubble. The ghost army swarms Kronos and strips him of his drones as Balthazar and Lady Veil damage him with magic attacks. Hex transports herself into the center of Kronos' fortress in an attempt to break his control and concentration. She succeeds and Kronos turns his attention from Butch and back to his fortress. He causes the inside of the ceiling to crumble. At the last moment Harvey pulls Hex out of the way and sends her safely from the citadel. A bloody Butch calls to Abbi and asks her to do something for him. He asks her to accept the Titan Matrix from him, telling her that he isn't able to tell if people are good or bad or worthy but that she is. He tells her to go and find more worthy heroes while he distracts Kronos for as long as he can. Abbi shakily accepts the Titan Force and activates it, transforming into her Titan self. Butch however does not fall, he hovers in place. He realizes at last that even without the Titan Matrix he has powers...specifically he can control kinetic energy. Once again the Metaverse intervenes and Butch is healed completely, even beyond his normal self. Abbi does not leave to find more heroes as Butch requested. Instead she prepares to attack Kronos with her ultra vision, using the crystal walls of the citadel to reflect it a thousand times over. Butch can now see the energy fields that surround and protect Kronos and punches a hole in them, as Hex summons the fae to come to their aid. Balthazar commands the ghost army to attack Kronos, as Lady Veil teleports fifty feet forward with Abbi...straight to Kronos. Abbi unleashes her attack and Kronos falls...the mad god is dead. TOM suddenly appears and instructs Andi to kill all the avatars including her own. If she does not comply, he will have Cole kill her, Crash, and her grandfather Bruno. He also activates the Thomas protocol, causing Cicero to attack the others without Thomas' say so. Back in the home Metaverse, Crash and Bruno meet with Crash's father. TOM is the threat to the Metaverse, Crash's Dad has seen it. He intends to use the special pod that Zenda helped them to build to enter all the avatars in all the Metaverses via a Joe's Diner. They have been able to narrow it down to five possible locations but they cannot be sure which one. First they need to save Andi before she does something she will regret. Crash also needs to defeat Henrich...who is on his way. Bruno sets off to save Andi as Crash prepares. Back in Earth 668, Abbi and Andi are distraught. Abbi tells Butch what has happened and Butch tells her to hit him instead. Cicero begins to attack Lady Veil and Hex and Balthazar attempt to figure out what to do next. Abbi, with help from Andi and Angel, play acts fighting to look much worse than it is and attempts to fight Butch without hurting him in her Titan form. Meanwhile, Hex and Balthazar reverse the flow and leap into the bodies of Rosie and Wyatt. Back in the home Metaverse, Crash confronts Henrich. They appear evenly matched until Henrich lands a terrible blow and Crash is badly hurt. All seems lost when Henrich suddenly loses power. Crash uses the powers of Butch to encase Henrich in mud and summons a loot box with Oblivion Water. Remembering his friends, Crash pours the water down the throat on Henrich. Bruno crosses the river near where Andi is being held only to be shot in the gut by Cole. As Cole begins monologuing, Bruno shoots him in the head and drags himself to Andi's side. As he marvels at how much she looks like her grandmother, Bruno finds himself transported into an avatar. He sees Andi hovering over Abbi, who appears to be beating Butch to death. Bruno calls out and Abbi, upon hearing his voice, cannot be the reason why Andi loses everything. She stops holding back and begins to actually punch Butch, sobbing "I'm sorry, thank you" over and over again. Bruno calls out again, letting her know that everyone is safe and she does not have to do anything. Andi moves to full pilot and meets her grandfather, only to realize that he is dying. All at once all the pilots are pulled from their avatars. Thomas and Aquamarine exit the pods to see Jenika, unresponsive in her pod, Maddox vomiting on the floor. The room is destroyed, as is Robo Opal. Zenda and the special pod are gone...and Hex and Balthazar are piloting Rosie and Wyatt.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Luke Amundson, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Jim Clawson, Joseph Fry, Mark Thomason First appearance of: