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Episode One Hundred And Seventeen: Doomed To Repeat It

The pilots make a final attempt to save the world of the Weird West!

As the pilots are being taken to see the Pope, they attempt to make plans. This is interrupted by a rescue attempt. Machiavelli's people specifically. Unfortunately they kill their captors which means that a new plan must be hatched in order to get to the Pope. They decide to have their "rescuers" pose as their captors and take them to Genoa. But first Crash needs to try to raise the dead. As they travel along, they hear news that Henry the Eighth is traveling to the Pope...to be made into The Holy Roman Emperor. Arriving in Genoa, they board a ship heading for Rome. Three days later, Jenika notices three ships following them. She sneaks over to investigate and uncovers that they are Portuguese and they are hired mercenaries, hired by Henry to kill Catherine. Jenika takes out the masts of all three ships, slowing them down considerably. They finally arrive in Rome and find a camp of Swiss Guards waiting on the beach to escort them to Rome. The rumors are that Henry is now the king of England and France, and Maximilian is being taken to Rome to be executed. As they are traveling, they are once again attacked in their sleep. They manage to deal with most of their attackers, save one. Upon questioning him, they find out that the Sultan has ordered Agrippa's death before they reach the Pope. Agrippa decides to pretend to be dead in order to get the drop on the Sultan. Crash uses his talents of murder and charms to make this happen. The guards fall for the trick and they proceed on to see the Pope. As they travel they hear that the Pope cannot be killed, that he has drank from the "Cup Of Christ" and cannot be killed. He has also brought the Sultan into the inner sanctum. The pilots are finally brought before the Pope to receive their judgment and they recognize him as an Avatar. Someone has piloted him before but he is not being piloted now, although there is bleed present. On the other side of the sanctum is the Sultan, who is also an avatar not currently being piloted. As the Pope pronounces them ex-communicated, Bruno takes control of the situation and walks toward His Holiness. In an attempt to take out these two immortal beings, Jenika creates truth serum to administer while Bruno sets their robes ablaze with the "fires of truth". Meanwhile Crash commands them all to dance as Andi Jaymes literally drags them both to hell. The church is safe to continue on its way to chaos and uncertainty, which was the point all along. When they return, Thomas has found something interesting. Satellite images of the ship where the other MetaPilots had been training. It shows that an explosion took out the ship with no survivors. Further tracking of the phone numbers shows that someone accessed a network that captured a traffic camera image of someone who looks just like Zenda, sans metal face.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of: