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Episode One Hundred: Seeing Double

Crash, Tessa, Wyatt, and John Stone enter a Metaverse that just plain sucks. Also they're all in an insane asylum.


Crash reunites with Tessa, Wyatt, and John Stone. They leap into patients in a psychiatric ward in the middle of a bloody revolt. After breaking out of their cells, they begin to plan their escape just in time for some deranged looking orderlies to come along. Crash and Wyatt's avatars manage to quickly dispatch. Crash and Tessa's avatars think they spy something watching them from the other end of the hallway. Trying to make it to the exit, the group of inmates finds themselves in a room full of dead bodies which appear to have been beaten to death. Crossing through and picking the lock, they continue down the stairs and hear the sounds of cell doors opening. Looking behind them, they see several doors that are open but no one there who has opened them. As the continue on the doors keep opening and the lights keep flickering. Inmates stand silently in the doorways, staring at the floor. They find themselves at a dead end, face to face with a steel door. The lights flicker off and when they turn back on every inmate is now staring right at them. The inmates let loose with piercing screams and bum rush them. Crash uses his electricity powers to take out about half of the inmates. Wyatt throat punches one to death and starts trying to open the door. Tessa notices that the inmates don't seem to be real and literally dances her way toward the exit. The others begin to catch on that all is not what it seems and the attacks slowly begin to have no effect. Crash rips the door off the hinges and the rest begin to make their way through. They find themselves in a hallway, at the end of which is a sign that reads "Treatment Wing". The pilots regroup and head for the "Treatment Wing". Heading inside they find a new host of horrors...and some more orderlies to attack them. Crash does nothing to prevent them while Tessa's avatar stitches their clothes over their heads. Wyatt goes for the throat punch again while John's avatar cracks one over the head. Crash allows himself to be dragged away and placed on the electrotherapy table while Tessa knocks the heads of the last two orderlies together. Crash takes a jolt of electricity with no issue while Wyatt throat punches the doctor. Taking the keys, they move to the next hall and head toward the kitchen. Amidst the blood and death, they find the chef hidden in a closet. He tells them that all the doctors have gone crazy and are cutting people to pieces. Taking the keys, the pilots head out toward the loading dock. They find a medical table covered in blood. Clearly someone is doing surgery. Opening a curtain, they find a creature from hell who asks them to join it. Crash blows it up instead. The smell of gas starts coming from the kitchen and Wyatt hears someone striking a match. The pilots make a dash for it and make it outside just as the building blows up. Outside in the courtyard, they find the sun completely blocked by...something. In the distance they see a city, New York City, part of it on fire. A voice comes from behind them. "So many to play with so little time." Liquid made flesh, this creature tells them to run along and laughs, "Silly little wisps, you don't even know what you are." Wyatt recognizes it as an immature version of what Harvester was. Crash tells the creature that he's only allowing this world to exist because he is going to see if there is anything or anyone worth saving in it. And if not, he will turn it to dust.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Lisa Coronado, Luke Amundson First appearance of: Benjamin/Harold/George/Andrew/Thomas, Sara Lockwood, Michael, Timothy Allen Jones