Descendants of the Tainted Ones

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Descendants of the Tainted ones, (Filulz Ulururru), c.b. Christopher Daw

The worst of the human-influences? Khakis.

Considered "too human" by many of the clans, the Descendants of the Tainted Ones have nevertheless helped bring orcdom out of the dark ages.

The Descendants of the Tainted Ones live in the remains of the greatest human empire, Archaiad, and there maintain their outsider-inaccessible Great Library. This clan is considered tainted due to their human influences, but using what they learned, the descendants built roads, repaired walls, and used their knowledge to better link all of orcdom.

The Descendants see knowledge as power, and are constantly looking for more of this resource to add to their Great Library. They are the premiere scholars of orcdom.

Never negotiate with non-orcs without a Descendant on your side.

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