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Demon Hunters is the story of Gabriel. Gabriel was an agent of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. This secret army of mortals, myths, and monsters is tasked by the powers of Good with protecting the world from Evil in all its forms, and keeping the nightmares hidden from the unsuspecting civilians. Gabriel was the best they had.

Then the thing in Vancouver happened.

The Brotherhood blamed Gabriel for the disaster and stripped him of his command. Kicked him out of the only world he’s ever known. The few friends who didn’t die in Vancouver have turned their backs on him. He’s alone, living out of his van, and doing his damnedest to drink away the betrayal when an unexpected ally shows up to yank him out of his funk and get things back on track…


Over the past fifteen years, Jimmy has gone from being a rabid Demon Hunters fan to being given the reins of the Demon Hunters franchise and the opportunity to remake the DH universe from scratch. Along the way he’s inspired and faked his way through playing a character in the Demon Hunters movies, created and run the Dead Gentlemen website for far longer than he had any interest in doing so, and co-written the Demon Hunters RPG and accompanying Orientation Video for Margaret Weis Productions (along with RPGs based on the shows Supernatural and Leverage). For the past two years he’s worked on reimagining the world and characters that he’s been obsessed with for nearly half of his life, and he’s finally ready to show off the results. Here goes nothing!


Ben Honeycutt is a digital illustrator and sculptor from Spokane, WA. After working in clothing design and the short lived Ethos trading card game, Ben turned his sights to comics. After a cross promotion involving Ethos and Dead Gentlemen’s Luster character, Ben was invited to join the Demon Hunters webcomic project, where he masterfully brought to life all the crazy concepts bouncing around Jimmy McMichael’s head. He’s also incredibly humble. Masterfully so.