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Demon Hunters is a series produced by Dead Gentlemen Productions and created by Matt Vancil.


The Demon Hunters World Bible is an evolving, collaborative, and worldwide storytelling reference and platform. Currently being written by Jimmy McMichael.

All contributions are subject to the Demon Hunters Share Cinematic Universe License Agreement. For more information visit

Demon Hunters (1999)

This is the story about a demon - Duamerthrax the Indestructible - who gets trapped on a college campus and goes around killing people trying to escape, and the holy organization - the Brotherhood of the Celestial torch - that tries to stop him.

Deep in the library basement of Pacific Northwest University lies a great evil, the Earthwalking demon Duamerthrax the Indestructible. Freed after a 1,000 year imprisonment, the demon unleashes his fury on the unsuspecting students above, especially on Chris, an unfortunate everyman who just happened to be in the way. Chris has only one hope-the Demon Hunters and their fearless leader Gabriel. Will the Demon Hunters destroy Duamerthrax before the demon escapes completely? Or will Gabriel, Silent Jim, Chris and the others be brutally slain by the last of the Earthwalkers?

Dead Camper Lake (2001)

The survivors from Demon Hunters head to their base at Dead Camper Lake, and find some of Gabriel's old friends there acting quite strange.

All Chris wants is to be an accountant. This changes forever when a demon murders his girlfriend and destroys half of his sleepy college campus. Fleeing with Gabriel, the sole surviving member of a celestial team of demon hunters, Chris finds himself immersed in a world of supernatural terrors - a world populated by time-traveling gunslingers, coniferous bounty hunters, and the very demon who killed his friends. Can Chris learn to fight back and survive the horrors of Dead Camper Lake, or will he literally find himself in hell?

Brotherhood Orientation Video (2008)

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. Here is what you need to know.

Demon Hunters RPG (2008)

The Demon Hunters Role Playing Game is a role-playing game published by Margaret Weis Productions in 2008 based on the cortex sysetm.

Demon Hunters Comic (2014)

The Demon Hunters comic is a complete re-imagining of the DH universe. We’re taking things back to before the beginning, picking up Gabriel’s story from right after the fallout from the Vancouver Disaster. Along the way you’ll recognize some faces, and encounter a familiar plotline or two, but this is an all new take on the original stories.

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors RPG (2016)

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors is a roleplaying game that blends comedy and action-horror in a modern day world where agents of a mysterious Brotherhood confront supernatural threats from folklore and myth with their own extraordinary talents.

The game uses standard polyhedral dice and a variation of the popular Fate Accelerated and Fate Core game rules. Players can get set up quickly and GMs can make use of story-generating charts and tables to create scenarios both scary and side-splittingly funny.

Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors is written and designed by multiple award winning game designers Cam Banks and Amanda Valentine, with original material by independent film creators Don Early and Jimmy McMichael, and writing by Nathan Rockwood. Published by Dead Gentlemen Productions, creators of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

The book contains dozens and dozens of scenario-generating tables, lists, and suggestions. Creating new adventures for the Demon Hunters to tackle is fun, easy, and as simple as rolling a few dice. Options included make one-shots a piece of cake, while allowing for long-term episodic campaign play. The Dead Gentlemen bring their filmmaking experience to the game table. Treat each game like a scene or act in a movie or a TV show.

Funded by a successful Kickstarter in 2014 and playtested and developed by a legion of gamer fans. Ready for prime time and released under the Open Game License as an additional love letter to the gamer audience.

Game Information

Number of Players: 3-8
Age of Players: 15+
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Game Designers: Cam Banks, Amanda Valentine
Writers: Cam Banks, Jimmy McMichael, Don Early, Nathan Rockwood & Amanda Valentine

Slice of Life (2017)

Punch the clock and take the gig. That's the fate of the B-Team in Demon Hunters: Slice Of Life - Six Stories about the less glamorous side of the demon hunters world that are funny because they are true.


Ep 1: Missionary Opposition

Ep 2: Cleanup Crew

Ep 3: Happy Anniversary

Ep 4: The Amazing Velma

EP 5: Feed the Beast

Ask Sally #1-8