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[[Marcie]] - Anastasia Higham
[[Marcie]] - Anastasia Higham
[[Ms Frost]] - Tracy Hyland
[[Ms. Frost]] - Tracy Hyland
[[Nitro]] - Jonathan Crimeni
[[Nitro]] - Jonathan Crimeni

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Debbie begins to revel in her new found power while Marcie still works to gain enough experience to join her friend in the "Real Power". They go to Ms. Frost to help Marcie gain level and are introduced to the L. A. R. P. which comes with new risks and dangers. Through the L. A. R. P., Marcie and Debbie play right into the hands of the shadowy figures preparing the way for the darkness. Choices are made in the game which change life for Debbie and Marcie forever.



Debbie - Alyssa Kay

Marcie - Anastasia Higham

Ms. Frost - Tracy Hyland

Nitro - Jonathan Crimeni

Mike - Trevor Cushman

Shadowy Figure - Brian Lewis

Shadowy Figure - Nathan Rice

Shadowy Figure - Matt Vancil

Shadowy Figure - Scott C. Brown

Shadowy Figure - Trin Miller



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