Countermay: War of the God King

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The prequel comic book story to The Gamers: Hands of Fate featuring the Displaced and their arrival in Countermay during the War of the God-King.


The story begins with the Manhattan Project during the final days of WW2. When the first A-Bomb is tested, the explosion tears open a hole in the fabric of reality and deposits an entire US Army military base onto the fantasy world of Countermay. This story will explore the horrors of war, magic & the supernatural and what happens when a more advanced culture moves in on one that is at a lower stage of development (at least technologically). At the core of the story will be the human condition and the people that have to find the will to overcome extraordinary challenges. That and we take on a dragon with a bazooka.[1]


Story: Matt Vancil and Woody Arnold

Written by: Woody Arnold

Additional Dialogue: Matt Vancil

Letters: Woody Arnold

Editors: Seth Davis and Laura Milton

Pencils & Inks: Nick Foster

Additional Art: Jon Riggans, Clare Bohning, and Alex Poorman

Flats: Lawrences Guerrero

Colors: Jon Riggins[2]


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