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Clutches are decentralized gnome tribes, ranging from a dozen or so individuals to about two hundred; at this number, clutches tend naturally to split and form into new clutches, while maintaining ties with the previous grouping. They make their homes among the trees, using druidic and arcane magic to shape the branches without cutting, shaping the canopy into an elaborate and comfortable structure with room among and within the trees to house dozens, sometimes hundreds, of gnomish raiders. Once a clutch has established itself, its gnomes tend to patrol the lands around their hold with almost fanatical diligence.


Each clutch has its own method for selecting a chieftain. Sometimes a simple vote is called, and sometimes certain traditional trials must be overcome. Either way, hard feelings about losing such a contest, or the very idea of craving personal power for its own sake, are entirely alien to the gnomish mindset. They’re all certain that they have a special gift, and there is no use trying to force what isn’t meant to be.