Bruno Hamilton

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Player: Mark Thomason

Bruno never believed in much. But he did believe in his duty to Colonel Jaxun. A veteran of Vietnam, Bruno knew Colonel Jaxun, Jebediah Lexington, Dr. Simon Lane, though what they were actually working on was above his pay grade. He returned home to a solitary life until he received two messages that changed everything. The first was from Colonel Jaxun, asking him to save his son. The second was from the only woman he had ever loved, telling him that he had had a daughter...and that he still had a granddaughter.

Bruno is an action hero, a patriot, and a new MetaPilot. Having risked his life to save his granddaughter, Bruno entered the world of Sentinel City and nothing was ever the same. He is still learning about the life of a metapilot and all the powers that come with it...but he isn't alone any longer.


Metapocalypse: Iconclast

Meta-End: Michael O'Connor, Baxter Waczikowski, Lothar Kaldegga, Wally Shultz

Planet Metaverse: Brother Tyber, Dick Ramsbottom