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This is a rough translation of the song "It's Not Easy Being Green" written by Joe Raposo. If singing, remove the parts in parentheses to better match the tune. If making a recording, translation qualifies as a derivative work, and you'll have to contact the Joe Raposo Music Group for permission. [1]

Kermitad Eligad Gadz-aka (It’s not easy being green)

Kermitad eligadz-aka (kermitad eligad gadz-aka)

Djag omorg gorad kita / sik mirad … hikaidz

Ashwukkak sheg-sharad/ aa lorad omek kristiad omek

(Omek) … meknid praskit sheg-alorkad (emsi lulz)

Aa kermitad eligadz-aka (kermitad eligad gadz-aka)

Aas tekkad kit kazkan buriad drekors

Ek natam rebahek mexet

aas gadz-spokam/ Emsi lindad shoaxulz ixit quagad/

Omek raeshad rechad

Net kermitad mirad gadzixiam aka

Ek kermitad mathak nanad ek dorkagad aa

Ek Kermitad mathak stigrad emsi kannor aa

Omek kogad (emsi) quagared / omek purkad (emsi) faerfid

Quig kermitad aka omad zomur (aka aa)

Proda natalagas … chu?

Net chu natalas?

Chu natalas?

Kermitad aga, ek areg noad

Aka swaengad. Ek gibbag (aka) mirad kamiag aa

(Feel free to correct any mis-translations.)

Direct Translation

[Being] green isn't simple

You have to sped each day/ as [the] color [of] leaves

It could be nicer/ to be red or yellow or

(or) ... something much more colorful (like that)

[Being] green isn't simple

You're hidden with many ordinary things

and people ignore you because you're not special/like sparkling flashes upon the water

or stars [in the] sky

but green is the color [of] spring

and green can be cool and friendly

green can be big like a mountain'

or strong (like) a river/ or tall (like) a tree

When green is all there is (to be)

It makes you wonder... why?

but why wonder?

why wonder?

I'm green, and it will be fine

It's beautiful. And I think (it's) the color I want to be