Argus Hammerdoom

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Argus Hammerdoom is the seconf son of King Hammerdoom.


Argus Hammerdoom is as fiery as his bright red hair and beard. A sportsman and a powerful warrior, Argus has always excelled at outdoor pursuits and feats of strength, so much so that many think him an unintelligent brute. This behavior has increased noticeably since Argus has come of age, and the Traditionalists have begun trying to convince him to push for the title of Crown Prince, an honor which can be bestowed upon any the King chooses, regardless of lineage or birth order.

Many close to Argus doubt he will ever challenge Prince Rannon, however, since Argus has been Rannon's most trusted friend since childhood. Argus, himself, claims to not want the extra responsibility of Crown Prince and so far has been willing to support his brother's every decision.