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Player: Vanessa Postil


Even before her work as a metapilot, Aquamarine led a double life. By day, she worked as a yogini to the stars or to anyone else who could afford her significant fees; she herself admitted that all or most of her clients are members of a cult. A sensual and charismatic woman, she is quick to use her charms to get what she wants. By night, she finds excitement as a cat burglar, stealing whatever trinkets may hold her fancy, often from her own clients. Her flexibility and grace as a yoga allow her to more fluidly evade security systems; her sticky fingers help pay the rent and keep her challenged.

Upon completing one of her burglaries, she was stopped by a team of agents for the facility running the Metapod Project. They threatened her with criminal proceedings and jail time if she didn't join the project team, and with little other option, she agreed.