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AFK is a gaming / fantasy web series that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their MMO characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.

Filmed entirely in New Zealand, home of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

Official Website: [1]

Official Facebook page: [2]

Patreon: @afkwebseries

Twitter: @AFKwebseries

Instagram: @AFKwebseries



Note: The AFK World Bible is .... Edit are locked to validated creators. Showrunners may elect to upgrade certain works from Fan Creations to approved Canon status at their discretion.


Note: When you create derivative works, you agree to release your contribution under the <????> license.


Season One

Season Synopsis

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.01 & 01.02 "PILOT"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.03 "NEWBS"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.04 "NINJAS"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.05 "PVP"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.06 "INC MOB"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.07 "OOE"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.08 "IRL"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.09 "PHAT LEWT"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.10 "NPC"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.11 "PUG"

AFKWebseries:_Episode_01.12 "ZERG"