Wave Hunters

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The Wave Hunters (Zapzakhulz), c.b. Muljinn

Feared raiders and fearless settlers, the Wave Hunters have thrived in one of Fartherall's harshest environments--the polar seas.

The Wave Hunters descend from the fishermen and brute laborers in the waterworks for the Underkings. These orcs used the water as an escape, reasoning that dwarves are poor swimmers, eventually taking to the sea. The Hunters have slowly spread across much of the northern shores of the Afterlands.

Wave Hunter vessels are fast, maneuverable, and can sail up rivers or through reefs. Settling their shipyards near the arctic region, the Wave Hunters hunt herring, cod, as well as larger, more dangerous seafaring prey.

Wave Hunters generally do not violate treaties or break pacts. Breaking a pact with a Wave Hunter can cause a multi-generation vendetta.

Note: If a coastal village drives off a Wave Hunter Raid, they are declare ekto praskit skaeliz ka, respected, and soon traded with.