Timeline of Races in Fartherall

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Current Number of Ages in Fartherall: 9

First Age: Gods (First Generation), Draagan, Olom

Second Age: The three Elder Races(Ord, Ald, Olom), the Heirs of Draagan (Wyrmbroods), the mortal Children of the Olom (Rulers, Warriors, Builders, Servants, Gardeners) At the end of the second age, the goddess Death convinces the children of the Olom to turn against the Olom. These children become the legacy races.

The Rulers become giants.

The Warriors become ogres.

The Builders become dwarves.

The Servants become humans.

The Gardeners become halflings.

Third Age: Two remaining elder races (Ord, Ald), Wyrmbroods, Wyrms, giants, dwarves, humans, halflings, ogres, Children of the Ald (elves, gnomes)

The giants learn to siphon magic from people to gain immortality, and this results in humans now having shorter lifespans.

During the third age, giants go nearly extinct. The Ord leave the world, and the dwarves capture some Ord and warp them to create an Ord legacy race, orcs. Dwarves enslave the orcs until the Red Exodus.

The Ald leave.

Fourth Age: Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Trolls Note: Several Races are unconfirmed

Fifth Age: Humans, Orcs, Elves Note: Several races are unconfirmed

Sixth Age: Humans probably, (Please complete)

Seventh Age: Unknown

Eighth Age: Unknown, also a monster

Ninth Age: Unknown