TGTS Episode 00.03

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Magellan, calling himself Byron, gives an interview in which he tells the story of his life after college. He married his "princess" Paula, the girl who lived down the hall in The Gamers and pursued various career opportunities in a seemingly haphazard fashion. Along the way he invented or influenced several of the worst, but most popular, ideas of the 2000s decade: from risky financial products, to single-use disposable coffee pods, to the selection of Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate, to the cancellation of Firefly. Paula divorced him for neglecting the family.

The interviewer is revealed to be The Professor, and he convinces "Byron" that he is actually the wizard Magellan from Fartherall, and the shadow has taken "Princess".



Megan – Anna Clausen, the gamemaster

Zach – Jay Irwin, Rogar's player

Charlie – Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Newmoon's player

Jamie – Khanh Doan, Magellan's player

Brad – Brandon Simmons, Nimble's player

Plus a special appearance from Russell Hodgkinson (Z-NATION) as The Professor.

Nathan Rice (Newmoon)

Justin McGregor (Magellan)

Phil M Price (Nimble)

Matt Shimkus (Rogar)



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