Simm Buxtehude

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As seen in Countermay: War of the God-King

Simm Buxtehude was a questor, founder and hero of Holden, and father to Myriad Buxtehude.[1] While the Oracle of Pale Mountain called him "Lord of Holden Valley," he denied the title.[2] He played a key role in defeating God-King Shad-Hujem during the War of the God-King[3] and crowned Genevieve as Queen of Holden shortly before his death by a mysterious wasting disease.[4]


Under Buxtehude's leadership, Holden grew from a refugee to a city, and eventually a nation recognized in the Circle of Nine.

In the War of the God-King, Buxtehude forged an alliance between Arcanix, The Displaced, Holden, Malchior, the Ord, and the Seelie Tuatha against God-King Shad-Hujem's cult and their allies in the Esh and the Unseelie Tuatha. Alongside Seelie prince Dundareel, Buxtehude tricked the God-King to commit his forces, allowing their own forces to sneak the Displaced's city-killing bomb into the God-King's presence and vaporize the dark one and bury the Godhead Seat.

Shortly thereafter, Buxtehude developed symptoms of a mysterious wasting disease known to the Displaced as "radiation poisoning." Before his death, he crowned Genevieve as queen of Holden and convinced the established factions of Countermay to recognize Holden as their equal.[4]


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