Red Heels

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The Red Heels (Loradzkiladz)

Just out of frame, he's wearing louboutins.

Considered the most civilized of the orcs by the multicultural south, the Red Heels struggle to maintain their place in orcdom.

After running until their feet bled after the Red Exodus, the ancestors of the Red Heels reached the edge of the continent and settled Orksport, which would become the largest Orcish city in the Afterlands. Orksport is the only passenger route (by ship) into the Afterlands from the Wicked Kingdoms. Orksport also has the largest university in the Afterlands. Also, possibly the best Rugget and Rugby teams, the Steelhead.

They are ruled by a council with complicated rules and representation for minorities, including gadzork. See the OED2 for more information. (This bard is tired and doesn't understand politics. --ARG)

Red Heels have the longest life expectancy of any tribes, averaging forty years.

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