Pale Mountain

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Pale Mountain is a mountain that exists in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The oracle who lives there has been consulted multiple times throughout the history of the omniverse and would answer three questions to anyone who asked.

Pale Mountain gained its cross-dimensional traits in Fartherall's Second Age, when the gods of Inos rejected the Ord's dotarium offer, and the Ord killed Ruin, the god of war. His body landed on Pale Mountain, and his blood awakened the mountain with oracular powers.[1]

Known Visitors

From Countermay

From Fartherall

In Fartherall, Pale Mountain is located north of Afterlands and southwest of the Brumbacks.

Third Age

  • Lurin, half-elven king of Archaia and son of human Empress Frazserna III, abdicated the throne to his human niece Frazserna IV in 2349 after visiting the oracle.
  • Mythok Stormcaller, hob alchemist, inventor, and hedge mage, who created the Vorpal Blender after a visit to the oracle.

Fifth Age

  • The Marrowstone Few consulted the oracle for a way to defeat the Prismatic Horde and believed the oracle instructed them to become kindragons. They also learned true dragons can't find Pale Mountain.
  • The Forlorn elves, long exiled from their homes, eventually followed the Tree of Life from Countermay up Pale Mountain and down again into Fartherall.[1]


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