Orcish Holidays

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Orcish Holidays by month

Slumberdeep (January)


Mad Moon: The first full moon of Slumberdeep is the halfway point of the hibernation cycle

Elderwalk (February)


Watch's End: The New Moon of Elderwalk (approximate), clan elders relieve denwatchers

Recitation Day: The half-moon of Elderwalk, clans recite the names of fallen denwatchers, orcs who died during hibernation, and great heroes.

Whetstone (March)


Sugardoom: March 15th. Candied meats feast honoring the murder of Melanulazrik the glycomancer.

Fortune Favors the Honey: Last full moon of Whetstone, orcs bring gifts (of honey) to fortunetellers to get their romantic futures told.

Newlitter (April)


Tortoise Hatching Day, or Hatching Day: April 15th, clans celebrate new arrivals (tortoise or otherwise). All orcs are treated equally, despite status, during this day

Exodus (May)


Brightmorning: May 9th, A holy day of remembrance, when orcs remember the day they emerged after winning their freedom in the Red Exodus

Stabbadwarf: May 22, A day of remembrance and revenge. On this day, it is good luck to stab (not necessarily kill) a dwarf.

Warwatch (June)

June/Farsax Ru

Day of Mercy: First Monday of Warwatch, commemorates the merciful slaughter of the first human armies. On this day, it is good luck to kill without torturing a human.

Kill it with Fire day: June 23rd, celebrates the birthday of the great sorceress Kanensei. Spellcasters celebrate by setting zombies on fire and drinking very hot tea.

Farwander (July)


Seventh New: On the seventh new moon of the year, Rugget season begins.

Goodsex (August)


Heartripper's Day: August 1st, a day of romantic devotion and revenge. Celebrates a mythical cupid-like creature named "heartripper," who decides the fate of couples and the unfaithful

In the Bag: Full moon in GoodSex, a hazing holiday in which newlyweds are tossed into a bag and not let out until they've copulated.

Kehahul Zurvat Diendudz: August 31st, ??? (Translation pending: Flay Return Life?)

Highsong (September)


Earthmantle Liberation Day, Sept 7th: Commemoration of the Earthmantle Clan's emergence from the UnderKingdoms. Geomancers shake the mountains to remind dwarves that orcs will never be re-enslaved

Fullbelly, Sept 30: festival of thanksgiving and merriment, lasts until October 7th (one week)

Tenth Full, the tenth full moon: Rugget season championships

Roots (October)


Day of Defiance, Oct 10th: Political holiday for those who oppose the Black Spear unification of orcdom

Fullbelly ends, Sept 7th: The Fullbelly festival ends.

Longtusk's Day, Full moon of October: Commemorates the legend of Dagroth Longtusk, who sacrificed his soul to a demon to help the orcs escape.

Dendown (November)


Day of the Undead, November 13th: Orcish necromancers celebrate their undead thralls, grooming them and giving them gifts. Undead and not dead alike party by dancing, drinking, and eating meat.

Slumber's Eve, Full moon in Nov: Slumber's Eve is the last night before denwatchers begin watch.

Slumber (December)


The Long Night, begins on the new moon of Dec: A twelve week trial in which watchers stay constantly conscious to protect the clan. The Long Night lasts until Watch's end.