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The Mudfoots (Kassidgopadz), c.b. Marcus Sparks

Mud stomping: the most important pastime.

A band of ecological purists who departed Orksport to reconnect with nature.

This clan was founded by Adamlunitar, an orc who grew disenchanted with life in Orksport, left for the woods, and received a message from a river to return to a more natural way of life. He gained a following as a street preacher in Orksport, and Adamlunitar and his followers left for the forests around Orksport. The Mudfoots live in earthen huts and go barefoot all year. Children are communally raised. Occasionally, missionaries are sent to Orksport to spread their message.

The Mudfoots prefer hiding to fighting, and are adept at climbing the tall trees of the forests. Mudfoot philosphy requires no killing except in dire circumstances. Animal killers are forced to become denwatchers for one winter.

Guests are welcome as long as they do no harm. The Mudfoots are friendly, even to dwarves.

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