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Season One Episode List

Sentinel City

Episode 1: Hyperreality Bites

Five strangers are forced into service on a mysterious mission, traveling to parallel universes and occupying the bodies of key figures. Their first world: surperheroes!...of reality TV?


Mysterious agents for an unknown organization visited four individuals: a yoga teacher and secret cat burglar named Aquamarine, the aging rodeo queenRosie Harvin, and prison psychologist Jenika Clarkson. These three were coerced and blackmailed into blindly joining a secret program for purposes unknown.
Around the same time, Crash Jaxun, a professional gamer and hacker extraordinaire, showed up unexpectedly; he claimed to know about the program and demanded a chance to join it. Yet another individual, a technician for the program named Jebidiah Lexingon, was informed that his duties had changed and he would be joining the project as well. These five formed the core team for a mission that injects them into an alternate universe, where they occupy the bodies of strangers.

After a brief introduction to the Project Manager Col. Steve Richardson and Chief Engineer Dr. Samantha Simkins, as well as a vague explanation of the project itself, the pilots were directed into their metapods and immediately uploaded into their first alternate world--Earth 00668, Sentinel City.

The pilots found themselves in a waiting room, in the bodies of superheroes: Lady Veil, Hex Destiny, Mr. Moxie, Riptide, and Bombshell 3.0. These individuals had entered themselves in a competition reality show called American Sentinel, and they were grouped together for the team rounds, starting with a hostage situation in a bank. Unfortunately, a problem with another superhero with a prior claim forced Mr. Moxie to revert to his previous childhood title, Kid Titan, which he'd abandoned after writing a contraversial tell-all book about his experiences as a teenage sidekick.

The judges made a brief visit to the waiting room to welcome all of the contestants. They were:
--Doctor Dynamo, a one-time supervillain turned hero for the second time and a former member of the Sentinels;
--Katrina Callsman, owner of a well known superhero IP; and
--Encino Girl, who wielded the power of the valley.

Following an introduction from vapid host Bryan Seacrest, the newly branded Alpha Squad were sent into the challenge, where they proved less than stellar initially. They never got around to formulating a plan until fully mired in the problem. Some struggled to get into the building, while others were faced with Jackhammer, the Janitor, and the Curler inside. Kid Titan inexplicably began the challenge by punching the outside wall of the bank. Ultimately the were able to stop a lot of bank robbers, but not before Johnny Legion, another superhero with the ability to clone himself, swooped in and rescued the hostages out from under them.

It's only after the excitement of the challenge has faded that the team realize they have no logout interface and no way to step out of these avatars without outside help.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Metapods, Crash Jaxun, Dr. Jenika Clarkson, Rosie Harvin, Jebidiah Lexington, Aquamarine, Hex Destiny, Lady Veil, Kid Titan, Riptide, Bombshell 3.0, Johnny Legion, Col. Steve Richardson, Dr. Samantha Simkins, Doctor Dynamo

Episode 1 Streaming

Episode 2: Earth 00668

Trapped in the bodies of superheroes, the team finds themselves unwitting contestants on America's hottest competition: "American Sentinel."  They are sent to protect a mall opening, but is there something else afoot...?


Following the failure of their first challenge, Alpha Squad sat together and discussed their performance. They came to two points of agreement:
1. Talking together and formulating a united plan is a better way for them to achieve success, and
2. Johnny Legion is kind of a dick.

The team immediately had to revise their list of irritating competitors, however, when Reddit Lad came over solely to insult and belittle them. They exchanged verbal abuse, and ultimately the team used their powers to attack him in multiple small but humiliating ways. The argument was only stopped by an intern stepping in and sending them off on their next challenge: security work at a newly opening Sentinel City Mall.

On the bus over, one of the show staff informs Kid Titan that he's scheduled next for the confessional, and asks if he can get a bit of preliminary interviewing done before. Through the course of this interview, we learn about Butch Baker's career as a private investigator, the infamous Rocketboots Incident, and the event that brought him back to super heroism.

The bus arrives at the mall shortly after. The dedication of the mall was planned to begin shortly, and the Mayor Cynthia John's crew is already setting up, so the team disperse briefly to explore the space, form a perimeter around the mayor, and any possible avenues of defense. As they do so, Kid Titan recognizes a very fashionably suited man standing near the mayor as Armor Guy, a preeminent former sentinel who has a particular beef with him regarding his writings. Reconvening, the team puts together a plan of action, wires a few of Bombshell's nanowasps to act as communication devices, and spreads out to look for potential threats. They listen with half an ear and a handful of salt to Armor Guy's welcoming speech, noticing an odd proliferation of mimes and other street performers. In the midst of the Mayor's speech, the mimes begin harassing some of the security guards, and four of them rush the stage at the same time the team hear screaming from the thirst floor.

Alpha Squad initially prove very successful, taking out most of the mimes right off, despite their ability to conjure walls through mime. The mimes are reinforced by a team of buskers wielding the power of really uncool music, however, and three villains, Chambermaid, Le Resistance, and Punch-and-Judy, used the chaos as cover to carry off a bystander. The team had to split their attention to clean up the remaining chaos in the mall and lasso the monorail serving as a getaway car. The villains are ultimately overpowered in an epic showdown in a monorail car, the hostage saved, but not before Riptide is knocked unconscious and Lady Veil dies and must regenerate.

After a brief moment of consternation as Hex Destiny tried to recall where she left the hostage, Alpha Squad return to accolades and discover that they have rescued no less than the British Ambassador to Sentinel City, Lord John Marbury, Earl of Cray, Marquis of Needham and Dolby, Baronet of Brisee.
For their success, the team members (with the exception of Lady Veil, who's still reincarnating)are given opportunities to briefly advocate for themselves as the next American Sentinel; their speeches are somewhat less than stunning, but well meant and well received.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Reddit Lad, Armor Guy

Episode 2 Streaming

Episode 3: Finger Licking' Dead

The gang must race against a rival squad to defeat a "fowl" threat to Sentinel City.


Little has happened in the week since Alpha Squad's previous challenge. They have been sequestered from one another with no opportunity to talk. Bombshell's nanowasp continues to harass Reddit Lad, who has no doubt had a bit of his own harassment to dish out in return. Kid Titan has noticed that his powers seem to be weaker and a little less reliable than usual.

One of the show interns asked for an interview with a member of Alpha Squad; his conversation with Bombshell was...not perhaps the best interview ever given.

A home world scientist attempted to communicate with the metapilots, but the connection is spotty and unreliable; she indicated that they'd had trouble retrieving the pilots but would keep trying. Jebediah corroborated this, stating that the metapod system is highly experimental.

All conversation ended abruptly with the arrival of armed soldiers, however, who led them to their transit to the next challenge. Aquamarine attempted to seduce one of the guards; she didn't get much information about the next challenge, but did garner herself a fanboy and almost acquired his gun. So the team were left to their musings, as the guards take them to a deserted center city location near an empty mall and leave them in favor of defensive positions around the perimeter. Nearby, the team does notice the presence of two other squads. One was composed of Reddit Lad and the Four Chans; the other was Plan A, consisting of Red Menace, Granny Mabel, Johnny Legion, General Panic, and the Conductor.

Before the teams can respond much to the presence of one another, they were shocked by the abrupt arrival of their challenge: a 50m tall golem fashioned out of assorted food court leftovers into the shape of a chicken.

Reddit Lad and the Four Chans prove less than effective in this challenge; it seems that a largely mindless chicken golem is not particularly vulnerable to psychological warfare. Aquamarine's seduction attempts (yes, you read that right) prove similarly weak. Reddit Lad and the Chans are temporarily incapacitated, and Aquamarine is killed (again). Our team begin eating and shredding as much of the chicken as they can, but it finds a way to regenerate itself from nearby fast food joints. Plan A was conspicuously reluctant to join this fight.

Recongizing the challenge, Alpha Squad paused briefly to construct a united plan. Aiding them was Hex's magic, which told her that the chicken golem seemed to depend on a series of focal points on the chicken's fowl body. Galvanizing them was Kid Titan's knowledge of geography, which told him that a major food distribution hub was a mile away and probably had enough greasy junk to make their foe unstoppable. A combination of grapples, spells, and blasts from the team assailed the chicken all at once, and for the first time it seemed genuinely distressed.

The team was startled, however, when Reddit Lad and the Four Chans launched their own attacks--not against the chicken, but against the female members of Alpha Squad. Johnny Legion also launched an attack, but against Riptide. Bombshell was unharmed, but Riptide had to pause and fight off Johnny Legion clones. Hex Destiny had toentirely redirect her assault onto herself to get Reddit Lad out of her head and away from her powers.

Reddit Lad finally gave up his control of Hex Destiny around the same time the chicken assault began to gain traction. Alpha Squad ripped off one wing and destroy a power node on its chest; Granny Mabel and the Conductor belatedly decided to break with Johnny Legion, uniting to destroy the other wing. In a final coup de gras, Kid Titan used the wrapping tangled chicken to bludgeon the Four Chans, which left it prone and open for Riptide to freeze the legs so the remaining members of Alpha Squad and Plan A could destroy them.

The remains of the magic that animated the chicken coalesced into an Amulet of Life and Death and Life missing a piece, so the remaining teams scoured the food court until they could find the remaining section and reconstitute it.

Before the showrunners can respond to this success, the pilots are unceremoniously sucked back into the metapods and their home world.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: the Four Chans

Episode 3 Streaming

Episode 4: David Bowie's Codpiece

Yeah, it's going to be an a-maze-ing episode: we guarantee it.


The day after our party had been ripped from Sentinel City and returned to their bodies in the metapods, they gather in a blandly beige conference room. The team has been examined both physically and psychologically, then allowed a chance to rest and eat in the entirely adequate but not exactly thrilling Program facilities.

In a briefing with Col. Richardson and Dr. Simkins, the team listened dully as a scientist, Dr. Linnea Johnson, briefed them on the computer readouts and results from their most recent trip. She noted that they had had trouble re-interfacing a given pilot with a particular world more than once, but believed they had a workaround they wanted to test.

When questioned about any insights they've gained from the trip, Crash stated his belief that Kid Titan and Bombshell 3.0 are each "hiding something." He noted that he only remembers Kid Titan's secret when in Sentinel City, however, and that while he was sure about Bombshell having a secret, he was also sure that Kid Titan couldn't tell that she was hiding something. Interestingly, Jenika had no stated awareness of any secret Bombshell might conceal. When questioned about it further, Jaxun stated that this world was detailed in a comic book series he reads, and the in the books, there is no Bombshell 3.0.

While Col. Richardson was eager to see the team return to Sentinel City, he felt that they needed a more experienced pilot to help guide them, codenamed the Operative, who was brought in. The team was less than thrilled by this new addition, even more so when the Operative resisted any invitation to share anything about himself including his name.

The insertion process went relatively smoothly, the players return to their previous avatars. Upon arrival, however, the pilots found themselves in unusual circumstances. Lady Vale and Riptide were in a room that resembles a German beer hall following a barroom fight, complete with a few unconscious people in traditional German garb. Bombshell 3.0 and Hex Destiny were in a small rectangular bare white cubicle with identical doors on each wall. Kid Titan and The Operative's avatar Hashtag Hashtag were in the midst of a fight with a group of animated tiny marionettes, who attempt to charm and garotte them. None of them had the nanowasps Bombshell gave them for communication.

With their characteristic determination, the team began to work their way through the challenges that faced them. Half a roomful of gun turrets was convinced to shoot rainbows instead of bullets; the other half is taken down by a swarm of hungry nanowasps. As the team slowly convene in a roomful of rainbows and defunct turrets, some of them pause to cavort among the colors and others pause to appreciate the view. And then they were off to the maze again.

No sooner do Hashtag Hashtag and Kid Titan escape the marionettes but they find themselves in a rock concert with undead bees.

As the remainder of the team moved on, they discovered a dark room with walls low enough for them to fly up and see the rest of the maze. Unfortunately, that room also had unfriendly balls of walking molten tar. What's more, the whole team was beset by a series of minor difficulties with the metapods causing unexpected buffering. Hex was finally able to draw the tar from herself to make a directional guide to her friends and to the exit, but it took time.

In the midst of this, a siren and a message came over the PA system, requesting security send a response team to Green Room Alpha to address "a probable code silver" and "multiple code blues."

After a long walk down a road of reconstituted tar, the reconnected team at last found its way to the inevitable feature of any good maze: a large, dangerous (and, as it happens, very refined) minotaur. The team was well prepared, however. A quick spell drew a flurry of string into play from who knows where; a swarm of nanowasps and a cloud of directed steam slowed its roll. Kid Titan's presentation of himself as a human shield may have been the only thing that kept Hashtag Hashtag in the game. That just left time for Johnny Legion to join the fray against them, however specifically focusing on Riptide.

After a moment to get their bearings, the team sprung into action. The string proved perfect for disarming the minotaur, and Hashtag distracted the minotaur with an uncontrollable need to high five. Boiling blood took out four of Johnny Legion's clones. Hex started The original Johnny Legion on a massive drinking binge. And 350 damage to the nethers is enough to take any minotaur out, especially when you can follow it up by dropping him on the remaining clones.

At least the exit doors open and the team is ready to celebrate when a troop of armored police officers take Hex Destiny and Bombshell into custody concerning the death of Reddit Lad. It seems that he and one of the Four Chans was found beaten to death in the Green Room with a nanowasp on the corpses and a bit of soul loss on the Chan. It was also at this moment that the Operative found himself unexpectedly drawn back into his own body.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, James R. Dean, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Marcus, Hashtag Hashtag

Episode 4 Streaming

Episode 5: Permanent Down Vote

With two of their own accused of murder, the MetaPilots seek out the real killer/s. Or are their teammates guilty after all?


The show opened on the police station, where Bombshell and Hex Destiny had been taken for questioning following the suspicious death of Reddit Lad and one of the four Chans. The heroes chose not to resist and were not handcuffed--although considering their abilities, handcuffs probably would've been just a formality anyway. They also managed to convince detectives to question them together, since Hex is a minor, and a quick haiku from Hex made both detectives inclined to believe. The story remained a little far fetched, however, and apparently offers to pinch butts aren't a good way to defend yourself against criminal charges. Ultimately, the detectives were confused by the pair, but took Bombshell's log of her interactions from the period in question and released the pair. Bombshell discreetly left a nanowasp behind for spying.

The rest of the team, meanwhile, had gathered in Kid Titan's rather scruffy office to await the results of the investigation. On the TV, the host, Bob Baker (formerly known as the superhero Titan, and Kid Titan's uncle), was discussing the murders. The American Sentinel showrunners had decided to suspend eliminations for that round in light of them, which made the bottom most contestants, including Lady Veil, potential suspects. Armor Guy came on the show as one of American Sentinel's producers; they worked their way through the usual PR gestures, discreetly avoiding Reddit Lad's less savory behavior, before the interview came around to Kid Titan's book and Armor Guy's declaration that "a man who would stab his fellow capes in the back like that, you just can't trust someone like that. There's no telling what a guy like that's capable of."

Kid Titan managed (barely) to resist destroying the TV long enough to hear the next interview with Dr. Migraine, a former superhero who stepped away from the business following a massive war among supers known only as the Day of Reckoning. Migraine briefly discussed the work Johnny Legion had done with the American Sentinel producers to find himself as a supervillain, then the segment ended.

With a little prompting from an anonymous note and word that their comrades were out of the police precinct, the team resolved to do a little investigating of their own, starting with the morgue. It took a little seduction, some mistaken identity, and a phone call, the team were able to finagle a few minutes of time to discreetly examine the corpses of Reddit Lad and the murdered Chan.

Study of the bodies yielded some new information, if not much. The bodies did seem to have sustained blunt force trauma on the scale of a 900lb rabbit, but no claw or tooth marks. The Chan's blood appeared to have boiled. Both bodies had clear toxicology screenings, and the nanowasps Bombshell left on them reported spikes in their heart rates that occurred just before death, possibly fear related; Kid Titan was able to detect an unusual magical aura on those two bodies, but couldn't identify it.

Hex Destiny slipped into the faewyld and wasn't able to find the missing pieces of the Chan's soul, but did briefly see the soul of an eliminated competitor named Boot Scoot. When the team investigated Boot Scoot's corpse, they found that his chart indicated a death roughly a day ago, shortly after his elimination, from cardiac arrest. They also find the remains of the Seamstress, a competitor killed 3 days prior by fabric suffocation; the Weasel, a washed up superhero who'd been poisoned; and Carpal Tunnel, a superhero who'd suffered multiple slash wounds two weeks ago. Quickly the team come to recognize that each of these victims died in a way related to one of their powers, and that because of time spent apart in the maze and their own brief separation from Earth 06618, they cannot offer any airtight alibis.

A quick scan of the computer yielded some indication that someone in the American Sentinel office requested that most of these deaths not be publicized. Most of them were ruled accidents, suicides, or natural causes.

The team quickly masked any evidence of their visit and headed back to the American Sentinel studios.

The green Room where Reddit Lad and the Chan died were closed off and under guard, but it took little effort for the team to slip past. Aside from a flood of unidentified magical residue and the stench of many a superhero (mostly eau de Reddit), however, the room yielded little of interest. They were at least able to find a smartphone wedged between the couch cushions where the victims died, and among its texts were some plans for Reddit Lad to meet someone in a back alley later on. Bombshell sent a nanowasp off to stake out the meeting and left another behind in the green room to monitor.

Having done as much investigating as they could immediately, the team returned to Kid Titan's apartment...only to get ambushed at the door by a bunch of spider automatons throwing energy blasts. Rip Tide quickly coated several of his teammates in icy armor, while they sprung into action, hacking, hogtying, and smashing the bots. An EMP pulse from one briefly disrupted Bombshell's swarm coherency, but several good punches and slams decimated the automatons' ranks, and Rosie was able to tame two to serve as her mounts. Lady Veil made it into the bedroom just in time to see the portal that disgorged their unwelcome visitors close; any remaining bots collapsed or disappeared.

Kid Titan was understandably shaken that such an attack could be set off in his sanctum, and that the powers behind it were so amorphous that he couldn't easily pinpoint the perpetrator.

Alpha Squad had little time to contimplate the intrusion, however, since a knock suddenly heralded another unexpected guest: Kid Titan's former Radicals teammate, Blue Streak, come to talk to her friend following her note.

GM Breakage count: 1, plus the elusive Christian break
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Dr. Migraine, Blue Streak

Episode 5 Streaming

Episode 6: A Real Losing Streak

A murderous conspiracy is afoot at American Sentinel, and it's up the The Alpha Squad to solve it -- before they're next!


At Kid Titan's office, Hashtag Hashtag arrived just as Alpha Squad were sitting down to talk with Blue Streak, a solidly built, middle aged, black woman with super speed and some sort of special status within the police force. She states that while she has found some evidence that a few officers are "on the take", there doesn't seem to be a lot of clarity about w hat's going on with the rash of suspicious superhero deaths. The team were fairly certain that every eliminated contestant from American Sentinel had died under strange circumstances shortly after leaving the show; Blue Streak knew of 9 more mysterious deaths in the last year: the Ruby Gladiator, who fell on her own sword; Swamp Boy, who drowned despite not needing to breathe; the Leaping Lizard, killed in a hit-and-run; Ms. Matchbox, the victim of spontaneous combustion; Lady Blackbird and Lady Blackbeard, found with their heads in ovens while baking; Teatime, who apparently drank himself to death; Captain Amazingpants, suffocated by glitter; and Captain Kumquat, who suffered an anaphylactic reaction to citrus. Blue Streak noted that up until Reddit Lad and the Chan she had little concrete evidence of murder.

Having finished catching up on the murders, the team engaged in a brief study of the spider bots that attacked them; the machines don't yield much, but are owned by the Broadcasting company that runs American Sentinel and Armor Guy owns the patent for their design.

As they completed their investigation, a call came in from Dr. Migraine, former Sentinel retired after the day of Reckoning. Migraine apologized for the poor treatment Kid Titan had received on a recent TV segment, and requested as a favor, that Alpha Squad return to the show, apparently continuing, to participate in a new scenario the producers have cooked up. The team are concerned about potential traps, but reluctantly agree.

When the team arrive for filming, the producers explain the scenario: unnamed villains have invaded a chemical plant and taken the workers hostage; the team is tasked with the rescue mission, competing for best save against the Triple Double, a new team composed of the two remaining Chans and the Three Pigs. Bombshells wasps scouted ahead while Lady Veil used her teleportation abilities to move the team inside the plant's break room. The spot she chose placed then in amongst about 30 spiderbots, and Harvey was a little too distracted by the nearby food court to help, but the bots were all surprised by the arrival and didn't respond immediately. A series of metapod glitches caused a bit of confusion (apparently Jebediah can be distracted by his own body, if that body belongs to Lady Veil), And the spiderbots demonstrated a new ability to stack themselves up like an 8 legged voltron, but our heroes still managed to hold their own with relatively little damage and a lot of short circuits. In the midst of this fight, however, two supervillains emerged from behind a chemical vat and attempt to suck all sorts of life force out of our heroes.

Some quick thinking on Hex's part turned the spiderbots into her army of actual spider minions for Hex, and one of the two villains, DessiKate the mummy, couldn't withstand the sudden flurry of blows that greeted her. When screams started coming from outside, even the remaining supervillain, a child called Chatterbox, seemed rattled, and the team left the plant without her...just in time to see a monstrous 50' Grey Squirrel face off against the Triple Double. It grabbed and beheaded one of the Chans, then vaporized a Pig.

Springing into action, the team hurried to neutralize the threat. A surge of water freezing around its nether region slowed it down. One of Aquamarine's special seductions severely distracts it, despite the species barrier. Hex at least cast a spell, and shrank Squirrel Nutkin down to an entirely manageable size. Apparently the squirrel was intended as a challenge for the show, but broke free (or was released) and began wreaking havoc.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of:

Episode 6 Streaming

Episode 7: Johnny B. Good-ish?

Approached by an old foe seeking help, the Alpha Squad must decide how much risk to take in search of the truth.


In the aftermath of the most recent attack, the police were trying to determine how and why exactly the squirrel got loose. For once, Alpha Squad were not implicated. The most recent news had the show suspended pending investigations and street protests launched against the show and the superhero community in general, so the team had returned to Kid Titan's office to recuperate.

The team was understandably curious that in the fight, Kid Titan had manifested abilities he'd never used before. And so, reluctantly, Kid Titan explained about the intergalactic legacy that is the Titan Matrix, and his suspicions about his uncle having felt his death and then seeing him alive again. He was understandably also concerned that the rest of the intergalactic Titan Force might be heading their way and might consider Kid Titan nothing but a common breaker of intergalactic law, but felt secure that they probably wouldn't arrive too soon.

Kid Titan noticed then that he had a voicemail from Dr. Migraine; in it, Migraine apologized profusely and expressed great regret for what had happened, claiming that "All I ever wanted was peace." Before they could respond to that voicemail, the team are again interrupted, this time by the arrival of Johnny Legion, carrying the body of one of his duplicates and clearly panicked. Rosie had just enough of awareness of danger to warn everyone to duck before bullets stream through the window, murdering the standing Johnny Legion.

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: The Hack Attack

Episode 7 Streaming

Episode 8: Collateral Damage Is A Given

Hunted by assassins while seeking shelter at the "American Sentinel" studios, the Alpha Squad find themselves under siege and responsible for the safety of countless innocent civilians.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of:

Episode 8 Streaming

The Kingdom of Yosemite

Episode 9: Gunmen Of The Apocalypse

Ninja Emily Dickinson. Steampunk Richard Gatling. Druidic Johnny Appleseed. And a herd of zombies… or is that called a “shuffle”?

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Strix, Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Dona Maria Vasquez de Villa, the Agent, King Teddy Roosevelt, Nick Krieger

Episode 9 Streaming

Hell Is Other People And Maybe Zombies by Paxamo

Marshmallows, Tea, and Apple Trees by Paxamo

Episode 10: It's Good To Be The King

Having found their quarry, the team must find a way to convince him to return to his native reality. But getting Teddy Roosevelt to abdicate the throne of Yosemite won't be easy...

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Lisa Coronado, Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Slou Foot Sue, Tessa

Episode 10 Streaming

The King And I...And Zombies by Paxamo

Episode 11: The War Of Eastern Aggression

The citizens of Yosemite are under attack -- and only Ninja Emily Dickinson, SteamPunk Richard Gatling, Druidic Johnny Appleseed, "Not a Myth Anymore" Slou-Foot Sue, Aeronaut Orville Wilbur Wright, and King Theodore Roosevelt can save them.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Lisa Coronado, James R. Dean, Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Wilbur Orville Wright

Episode 11 Streaming

Heads Up And Eyes Forward by Paxamo

Episode 12: Smoke On The Water

The team finds itself facing a new threat while trying to protect an old ally: King Teddy Roosevelt is ready for war, and they have no choice but to join him. Note: the GM breaks more easily and dramatically when he's tired.


Under attack from a strange monster made of folk, the team must jump back into action quickly and rethink their strategies; touching the monster seemed to cause sickness, and thrown weapons passed through it unharmed. Nothing seemed to have much effect until Gatling threw some methane and fire at it. In the midst of the fight, however, the monster revealed itself as a middle aged man, accosted the team for participating in the Project...

...And then was lost, as Crash, Jebidiah, and and Jenika were sucked back into their metapods. They were unharmed, but Marcus' metapod was smoking, which the technicians explained only as "unforseen consequences" of a "technical glitch" and refused to discuss further. In Marcus' place, the Project team saw fit to send Rosie Harvin to join the team again, and they were immediately re-injected back into the Kingdom of Yosemite.

When they returned to their avatars, the team found themselves by the side of the lake, under a crescent moon in late autumn. Most of the team were unchanged, but Johnny unexpectedly appeared to be in his 80's, and Rosie inhabited the Body of one Annie Oakley. King Teddy was in mid speech, attempting to rally the troops. He and Teddy's cousin Franklin finished their speeches, and the team quickly discern that their team are intending an amphibious assault on Lake Tahoe, take down a target known as A.C., and attack a hydroelectric dam there. The war continued--a conflict known variously as The War Between the Sides of the States, The War of Eastern Aggression, and the American Civil War: Electric Bugaloo.

The team begin the process of stealthily sneaking into the enemy camp, but inexplicably paused when Annie and Teddy insisted on a shooting contest. Emily was able to scout ahead more quietly while Gatling babysat the team, at least,

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Annie Oakley

Episode 12 Streaming

Taking An Action by Paxamo

Episode 13: (Un)Dam It

The Industrialists have completed a new form of power plant capable of turning the war's tide, and it's up to the team to pull the plug.  But first, they'll need to seek help from a pair of old friends...also gorillas.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of:

Episode 13 Streaming

Single Player Mode by Paxamo

Episode 14: The Nick Of Time

A hydroelectric threat in the middle of a desert & a metapod pilot unwilling to come home: The American Civil War 2 (Electric Boogaloo) is about to go off the rails for good...

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of:

Episode 14 Streaming

Little Miss Sure Foot by Paxamo

Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5

Episode 15: Galaxy Force 5 Chapter 1: The Prince's Diary

The team is inserted into a new Metaverse, one where Magical Girls and technology rule the day. Old allies and new join forces to become to face off against the greatest power this galaxy has ever seen!

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Lisa Coronado, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of: Zelenia, Elliana, Ricci, Vega, Chad, Brad

Episode 15 Streaming

A Chad By Any Other Name by Paxamo

Episode 16: Galaxy Force 5 Chapter 2: Kiss From A Rose

As Magical Space Galaxy Force 5 attempt to repair and rebuild Glamatron Base, they also attempt to understand Chad and his fascination with his turkey leg "Brad". Things become more complicated when everyone's parents show up for a visit.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Lisa Coronado, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 16 Streaming

Base Values by Paxamo

Episode 17: Galaxy Force 5 Chapter 3: Clear And Present Rangers

The Sparkle Sisters, and Chad, prepare to enter the ultimate Battle of the Bands! They also discover hidden secrets and new realities over cherry pie at Joe's Diner.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Lisa Coronado, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 17 Streaming

Secrets And Cherry Pie by Paxamo

Episode 18: Galaxy Force 5 Chapter 4: Battle Of The Bands Royale Part 1

Galaxy Force 5 finally heads to the Battle of the Bands to compete as The Death Sparkles. Once there they are finally confronted with Dark Queen Lorrianna and her evil plans!

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Lisa Coronado, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 18 Streaming

Sparkle Sisters Before Space Misters by Paxamo

Episode 19: Galaxy Force 5 Chapter 5: Battle Of The Bands Royale Part 2

The team meets Lorrianna in a final confrontation in a desperate fight for the galaxy. Old friends return to aid them and secrets are revealed.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Lisa Coronado, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil, Matt Vancil First appearance of: Princess Theodora aka Rushmore Voltron

Episode 19 Streaming

Return To Sentinel City

Episode 20: Supervillains Wanted

Having escaped from The Program, the pilots find themselves in the employ of The Founders. With more questions than answers and sent back to a previous metaverse, the team finds that trouble comes in all sizes.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 20 Streaming

The Sound Of One Flea Hopping by Paxamo

Episode 21: Little Heroes; Big Problems

The team must discover a way to unshrink themselves, deal with Bombshell's newfound godhood, and keep Johnny Legion's man bun in check. And this is all before they find out who is behind the murders in Sentinel City in the ultimate betrayal.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 7?
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Matt Vancil First appearance of:

Episode 21 Streaming

Tears, Cherry Pie, And Why by Paxamo

Episode 22: A Splitting Headache

In an effort to restore Blue Streak's mind, Alpha Squad turns to Kid Titan's ex-girlfriend, Doctor Migraine's daughter Molly. In doing so they must venture into Blue Streak's subconscious and defeat the demons within.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Kelly Fuson First appearance of: Molly

Episode 22 Streaming

Episode 23: So Close...

Having rescued Blue Streak, the Alpha Squad turns their attention to Doctor Migraine and the mysterious "LV". They soon discover a shocking secret that could literally change the world, just as some people who look very much like them show up on television...threatening to destroy everyone.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 23 Streaming

Episode 24: ...So Far | Season One Finale

Alpha Squad rushes to the Sentinel City Medical Center to confront the imposters posing as them. They face off against Malpractice, Inc. before finally confronting Doctor Migraine about the truth behind Sentinel City.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Ferguson Wagstaffe, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 24 Streaming

Message Waiting by Paxamo

Bridge To Season Two

Episode 25: Training Daze

Travel to the world of Questlandia, where plot holes and Bruces abound. A small band of adventurers must defeat their foes...and marry a princess. Probably.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Kelly Fuson; Players: Laura "QQ", Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 25 Streaming

Episode 26: Welcome To Questlandia 2: Electric Boogaloo

A group of intrepid heroes (?) must travel forth in search of the necklace of power, which is held by a powerful dragon. But first they need to get out of this jail cell...

Summary text here

GM Breakage count:
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Matt Vancil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe First appearance of:

Episode 26 Streaming

Season Two Episode List

80s Invasion

Episode 27: 12 Angry Humans

Two new metapilots join Rosie, Aquamarine, and Nick on their latest mission for The Founders. They find themselves inside the avatars of members of a jury about to deliberate on a murder trial. And then the aliens appear.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Matt Vancil, Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Ben Dobyns, Shawn Franklin First appearance of: John Stone, Scott Thompson

Episode 27 Streaming

The Beauty Of Being Brave by Paxamo

Episode 28: Old MacDonald

The team travels out of the city, seeking shelter from the aliens in nearby farmland. They soon find out that things are not as they appear to be...and these drinks taste weird.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Ben Dobyns, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 28 Streaming

Episode 29: Da Capo al (dol)Phin, eh?

Having discovered that the Reynolds family is not what they seem, the team pools their resources to fight back against the invaders. When one of their own turns on them, with dire consequences, they must seek refuge at a familiar diner...

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Sarah Sanders-Ode, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Ben Dobyns, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 29 Streaming

The Reality Of The Situation by Paxamo

Episode 30: Cheesy Goodness

Reeling from the revelations bestowed on them at Joe's Diner, the team devises a new plan to fight against The Founders AND The Program. Returning to the metaverse, they find themselves battling aliens while onboard a cruise ship in open water...and a wave is coming.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Matt Vancil, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Vanessa Postil, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 30 Streaming

Where The Shadows Fall by Paxamo

Episode 31: MacGuffin Acquired

Rosie and Aquamarine are reunited with Crash, and joined by new member Nathan Hill, in a new bid to take down the alien mothership. While onboard they discover just what The Founders are looking for in this world, as well as the dark secret of what came before.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Vanessa Postil, Kesan Holt First appearance of: Nathan Hill

Episode 31 Streaming

For The Want Of A Tri-Denture by Paxamo

Episode 32: Founders Day

Having defeated the alien invasion, the pilots return to the real world to finally get some answers. They soon find themselves under attack from a dire enemy with consequences none of them could have ever imagined.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 32 Streaming

One More Chance by Paxamo

Return To Fartherall

Episode 33: ...And Fartherall That Jazz

While hiding onboard a yacht, the metapilots are sent into a strange new world unlike any they have seen before. Landing in new avatars the team sets off in search of a missing toddler demigod and her boppy.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Matt Vancil; Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Vanessa Postil, Kesan Holt First appearance of: Alice "Alpine" Rose, Sister Opal, Harzoul the Incredibly Evil, Zelle, Umbra

Episode 33 Streaming

Moral Ambition by Paxamo

Episode 34: Fartherall Is Just Another Brick In The Wall

The team is joined by Jenika and Thomas, and almost immediately waylaid by one of the new avatar's personality quirks. Will they ever get through the genocide and diplomatic gaffes, so that they can begin searching for Amalia and her missing items.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Matt Vancil; Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Vanessa Postil, Kesan Holt, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode First appearance of: Snowball

Episode 34 Streaming

The B Word And Other Problems by Paxamo

Episode 35: Fartherall The President's Men

Progress is finally made in the search for Amalia and her missing items. However, just as things are looking up the group runs into a new rival, and an old enemy.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Matt Vancil; Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Vanessa Postil, Kesan Holt, Chris Ode First appearance of: The Doom Pah Pahs

Episode 35 Streaming

Heads Or Tails by Paxamo

Episode 36: Fartherall The Good Things

Having collected the godling's binky, the band of adventurers sets off in search of a stag and a blankie. Along the way they discover hidden truths about a member of the party, and confront Amalia's darkest fears.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: Matt Vancil; Players: Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode First appearance of:

Episode 36 Streaming

Homeward Bounding by Paxamo

Episode 37: Fartherall In The Family

The band of adventurers must combat Amalia's nightmares in order to recover the godling. Destinies and familial ties are revealed, and the Hallowed Milk is obtained...somehow.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Matt Vancil; Players: Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Kesan Holt First appearance of:

Episode 37 Streaming

Walk The Line by Paxamo

Episode 38: Fartherall Good Things Must Come To An End

The group rushes to complete their mission in Fartherall only to have things unravel in unimaginable ways. Scrambling to salvage what has been lost, they uncover deeper secrets about The Founders and The Program.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Matt Vancil; Players: Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Kesan Holt, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 38 Streaming


Episode 39: Sequelibrium: Jingle Hells

After discovering hidden truths about themselves and their new MetaCave surroundings, the team enters The Arena. Once inside they are thrust into a world where bad guys have terrible accents and the heroes punch everyone.

Summary text here

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Vanessa Postil, Chris Ode, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Kesan Holt First appearance of: Elizabeth Stephens, Cop Boxer, Austin Stephens, Helldealer, Alex Carter, Princess Barbaria of Barbaria, Sheriff Jake Dallas

Episode 39 Streaming

BFFs by Paxamo

Episode 40: Sequelibrium: Back In The Saddle Again (Masters Of The Metaverse LIVE From ZOE Con) | Season Two Finale

The battle for Colbie, OH rages on while the team back on Xerates' Island find themselves confronted with an old friend turned foe. The Arena reveals its greatest secret yet and things will never be the same.


Thomas, Nathan, Aquamarine, and Rosie have been sent into a strange new metaverse known as The Arena. According to the ancient Spartan, Xerates, this is a mission specific world that must be completed before the pilots can move on to the world of caged gods and save the world.

Inside the Arena it’s the 1990s in Colbie, OH and movies are taking over the town. Each pilot’s avatar becomes possessed by a movie character which take control at random moments depending on how much damage they just took. Nazis and dinosaurs are invading and that’s not even the strangest thing that’s happening.

Meanwhile, back on Xerates Island, Nick, Jenika, and Crash are waiting for the rest of the team to return when there is a literal knock on the door…or rather several concussive blasts. Opening the door they are shocked to find that it is a tactical team from the Program, complete with pilots with powers, lead by none other than Jebidiah Lexington. He attempts to discover the whereabouts of the rest of the team, specifically Thomas, before Nick finally convinces Crash to stop talking. Left with no other choice, Jebidiah readies his team to attack…and stands up from his wheelchair.

The island suddenly lurches and waters rush in. The island is sinking, apparently, and taking everyone with it. A wave sweeps Jenika off her feet, even though she is in swarm form, and knocks her into a nearby meta pillar. As she is launched into The Arena, Nathan is ejected back into the real world. Once inside Jenika is surprised to find that the avatar Nathan was in, the one she is know inhabiting, fades away leaving her real self behind. Aquamarine’s avatar also drops away and the two women stare in shock at a large pink dome in the distance. A barren wasteland surrounds them and on a sign…four little worlds. “Welcome to Sentinel City"

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle/Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Chris Ode, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Kesan Holt, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Matt Vancil, Christian Doyle First appearance of:

Episode 40 Streaming

Season Three Episode List

IMPORTANT...Season Three of Masters Of The Metaverse included the introduction of Project: Metaverse as a parallel and alternating storyline. All episode summaries of Project: Metaverse can be found here.

The Arena

Episode 41: Let The Fallout Begin


The pilots must grapple with their new reality. As they fight for survival they encounter strange new creatures...and a new friend.

Its been months since the battle on Xerates island. Jenika, Rosie, Aquamarine, and Crash have been attempting to survive in the wasteland that its The Arena. What happened to Nick and Nathan is unclear, and Thomas was taken offline by mysterious force. Left alone, they travel the wasteland looking for anything that will help them get home. The dome surrounding Sentinel City is impenetrable and so they walk. One night, Aquamarine hears voices and is shocked to see Tessa and a strange man step into a portal and vanish. It appears that they were searching for the group even as The Program hunts them and our pilots. Rosie channels Hex and is able to leave an invisible trail that only Tessa will see in the hopes that the next time she comes looking for them, she will follow it. The group continues walking and soon encounters a large group of mutant bat creatures which they battle and defeats through...various means. They find the remains of Mount Rushmore and a metal door which leads into a fallout shelter filled with huge cockroaches. After exterminating the pests, the group is shocked to find that the shelter contains George...a sentient and mobile slushy machine.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 41 Streaming

New Best Friend by Paxamo

Episode 42: Domed If You Don't, Domed If You Do...

As the pilots struggle with the reality of The Arena, inside Sentinel City something is amiss...and Butch Baker, Hex Destiny, and Bombshell 3.0 need to find out what it is.

Its been a year since the final showdown with Dr. Migraine. Butch has married Molly, Hex and Bombshell has new jobs, and everyone has moved on. Well, not everyone. Still obsessed with finding out the truth behind the dome, Butch continues to question the truth of his reality. He also is talking in his sleep, leading Molly to ask him who Abigail is but he can't remember. During a party that night, to celebrate the return of The Next American Sentinel, Hex declares her belief in Butch and his assertion that things are not as they seem...and is immediately shot. The team scrambles to find the assailant, who is revealed to be none other then Griefer. Who turns out to be an android. Feeling things are getting stranger, and with reality winking in an out every once in a while, the group heads to the hospital to visit Riptide who has chosen today to finally wake up from his coma. Riptide provides no insight and the team notices more strange things as they travel back home. They are set upon but Woo Girls, and Naked Mole Rats, and it is during this encounter that the system resets and they finally catch a glimpse of their reality. They are being held captive by Dr. Migraine and Riptide, kept asleep in a world that doesn't exist. In a desperate attempt to wake up, Butch allows himself to be shocked by HAL. His body spasms and falls to the ground in the real world, as Bombshell 3.0 opens her eyes.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 42 Streaming

Living The Lie by Paxamo

Episode 43: The End Of Everything

Inside a vault deep in The Arena, the pilots come face to face with some dark truths about the world as they knew it...and The End Of Everything.

Deep inside the newly discovered vault, the team of pilots uncovers a journal entitled, "The End Of Everything: A Life Lived". It details a great pandemic that swept across America, killing nearly everyone. It speaks of a mysterious "she" who tried to defeat death by creating life unending. Further along they find the remnants of a chapel dedicated to someone or something who looks like they are in swarm form...and then the zombies wake up. Fleeing from the shambling masses, Rosie is bit. The team rushes out to the tram station, and powering up the car, escape the vault and it's undead horrors. Back outside in the wasteland that is The Arena, the are met by a flying scavenger named Tony. He agrees to take them safely to the city on stilts in exchange for George The Slushie Machine. It seems that George is quite valuable to "the ones on high" who seek out such items because they "want to remember". That night, Rosie locks herself in her cabin and begins committing as much of her knowledge about the metaverse to the journal in case she becomes a zombie, otherwise known as one of "The Lost". Her work is interrupted by the arrival of air pirates who attack Tony's ship. The team meets on the deck to combat the salvo as best they can...which is when Jenika goes into swarm form. Rosie feels a pain in her arm and looks down in time to see a string of nanowasps streak out of her wound and head off toward Jenika. Crash uncovers a pair of rocket boots and uses them to take down the lead ship, causing the rest of the pirates to flee. Jenika re-materializes on the deck as the pursuing swarm of zombie nanos falls to the ground, scattering helplessly along its surface. Tony, the airship pilot, suddenly shudders before breaking into a Thomas takes control of him.

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 43 Streaming

You Might Be A Zombie If... by Paxamo

Episode 44: The Family Business

Butch, Hex, Bombshell, and Lady Veil pitch a desperate fight again Dr. Migraine's control. They soon learn that nothing is what it seems and that things are far more complicated than they first appear.

The pilots are thrilled to see Thomas again, especially when he reveals that he has a plan to help them get back home. They simply need to find a way inside Sentinel City and travel to Joe's Diner. But how can they get inside with the dome still in place? Thomas also reveals that the wasteland they are currently in is in fact Earth 668, but 400 years in the future. Meanwhile, back inside Sentinel City, Bombshell comes to in Dr. Migraine's prison and manages to wake up Lady Veil. Together, they begin fighting Riptide and Dr. Migraine...while using an unconscious Butch as a blunt object. Inside the dream world, Hex and Butch find themselves up against Malpractice, Inc., a group of old foes who are hell bent on their destruction. From the heavens, Dr. Migraine monologues about how Butch should have just been happy and stopped fighting. Fed up with this charade, Butch kills Code Red and proceeds to attack the rest of the group while Hex destroys Candy Striper. Back in the real world, Bombshell and Lady Veil work together to summon Titan. Titan is more than happy to fight evil, once he has control of his own body. Shrugging off the various attempts at mind control, Titan punches Dr. Migraine into the wall...shattering the illusion world and waking everyone up, including Riptide. The group flees the prison and returns to Molly's house where they learn some startling news. Dr. Migraine has been resetting time and everyone's memories for over 400 years. Stunned, the group hurries to the home of Balthazar the Black in an effort to uncover the power source behind the dome. There they find the decayed corpse of Titan, hooked up to various wires and computers. As Hex moves to unplug him, Blue Streak, under the control of Dr. Migraine, appears and warns her not to do anything. Dr. Migraine is cracking up but he still believes he is doing the right thing. He requests that the group stands down and lets him reset again. They refuse and as Butch attempts to overcharge the computers holding Titan, Hex uses her magic to see into the past...revealing what really happened to Titan the day he died on Mount Rushmore. Back in the wastelands, the pilots have arrived outside of Sentinel City. Crash leaps off the airship in an attempt to punch the dome...which suddenly flickers and disappears. Emerging from inside the Sentinel City Bank, he rejoins the others as they enter Joe’s Diner.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 44 Streaming

Fool Me Once by Paxamo

Back To Realities

Episode 45: Project: Metabork

Having found a way back home, the pilots are joined by Nick and learn some disturbing news about The Program. They travel to a world of joy that has been broken by other pilots...or would that be borken?

Inside Joe's Diner, the pilots decide on their next move while Crash suggests going back out into Sentinel City to find their former avatars. He's concerned that they will be scared due to the dome coming down but soon remembers that Joe's only lets you go where you need to go, not where you want to. Rosie decides to remain in Joe's Diner for the time being, to catch up on some rest and food, and the others head out the door and find themselves in New York City. They're home! They are met by Thomas, who directs them to a Founders safe house nearby. Inside, they find Nick who has been waiting for them...and slowly decomposing in the new body/corpse he's taken over. The group is informed about the existence of a new tool used by The Program...Project: Metaverse. There are around three hundred people in various stages of training and an inside informant for The Founders believes that they are planning to send these people after the original group of pilots. Climbing into pods, the team is sent back to a world that was previously visited by members of Project: Metaverse and damaged by them. They are tasked by The Founders to right any wrongs they find and heal the metaverse if possible. Once inside, the pilots find themselves in the land of Borks and set out to discover what terrible tragedy occurred. They discover the former Knights Of Borkdom and learn the awful truth. Meanwhile, Crash is disturbed by the actions of not only the pilots from Project: Metaverse, but his own team as well. He feels that they are making this world and avatars worse instead of better...that they are making them as broken as they are. Thomas appears and alerts them that there is a possibility that by tracking and gathering data on several different avatars inhabited by the members of Project: Metaverse, they could conceivably track the pilots and uncover their location. Jenika realizes that this also holds true for them and it might be something that The Program is already doing. The team brings all the former Knights Of Borkdom together and using the powers of Princess Ricci and Hex Destiny, thanks to Rosie who returns briefly to help, they are able to turn back time and undo the damage done to this world. As they prepare to leave the land of the Borks, many questions still remain. Who are the members of Project: Metaverse? Why is The Program training three hundred people to track down four? What world will they end up in next?

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Matt Vancil, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of: Borky Bob Borkton, Bergie The Duchess Of Bork, Bjorn Bjork, Dr. Borker Borkstein

Episode 45 Streaming

For Better Or Worse by Paxamo

Episode 46: Objects In Mirror...

Flashing back several months in the past, Nick attempts to reunite with his missing teammates after the events on Xerates Island. Along the way he learns some disturbing information about a possible mole in the group and something called Project: Metaverse...

Flashing back several months, we join Nick who is searching for his missing friends. After Xerates' island sank, Nick hid inside the mind of Jebediah Lexington and managed to escape. Commandeering a new body he found his way back to The Founders, only to be met with a chilly response. Frustrated with their lack of trust and cooperation, Nick slipped his leash and went on the run. He began receiving mysterious text messages on a burner phone that suddenly appeared, messages from an anonymous source who wants to help him recover his missing team. He enters a coffee shop and mets two men, Patric and Bruno. Patric is a demolitions expert while Bruno is ex-military/spec ops...and seems vaguely familiar to Nick. These men have been hired to help him rescue his friends and the three set off to a Program safe house that Nick found in Jeb's memories. Arriving at the safe house, Nick uncovers the armory which they raid. At dawn, pulling over to a roadside diner for breakfast, Nick and the others make plans. It isn't long, however, before several familiar black SUVs pull into the parking lot. The trio makes a run for it and manages to pull out in front of them. Back on the road, the men are soon being followed by several black SUVs which they manages to evade for a time before they hear the sound of approaching helicopters. Nick commandeers one of the pilots and causes the chopper to crash into its oncoming backup. Patric and Bruno are stunned as the men continue their game of cat and mouse. Nick has received a message on his phone saying that the pilots will arrive in one week's time in New York City, so the group heads there. Arriving in the city, they get the address of a Founder's safe house. Approaching the front door, they hear the sounds of muffled gun fire and discover agents from The Program and The Founders in a protracted gun fight. Nick, Patric, and Bruno intervene and help the Founder's agents to escape, retrieving a thumb drive from one of them first. Nick then questions the renaming Program agent who reveals the existence of something called Project: Metaverse. Patric fills Nick in on the details, as well as pulling up information about the missing pilots who all went missing at the same time, about a year and a half ago. It is also discovered that pilots from Project: Metaverse have connections back to the original pilots. Wyatt Maxwell was in the same prison that Jenika worked in, Maddox McPhernon worked security for Aquamarine, and Brony was the rival of Crash. Only Andi Jaymes has limited available information, almost like someone made sure it couldn't be found. The thumb drive they obtained reveals a report from Tessa to the Founders, stating that her informant TOM has come across information that either Rosie, Jenika, Aquamarine, Thomas, Crash, or Nick are compromised and actually working for The Program. Nick struggles to comprehend all this when he has a flash of memory. Standing in a room with a drink and a cigar, talking to a much younger Jebediah who says "So you see Mr. Krieger, this is exactly what we need to do." His phone buzzes with a grainy picture of Rosie standing with Nick in Times Square, dated 26 hours ago. After some research they discover that another Nick Krieger has a hotel room downtown. Arriving outside the hotel, Nick convinces Patric to rig him to explode just in a cab pulls up and another Nick gets out and goes into the hotel. A few minutes later, several black SUVs pull up and a tactical team enters the building. Nick approaches the front dest and obtains a room key, while also using the courtesy phone to call the hotel room and warn the other Nick of the impending attack. Nick, Patric, and Bruno take the stairs and make their way up, fighting off Program goons. They make it to the hallway outside Nick's room and the door opens, revealing a second Nick who immediately starts to flee. As Patric and Bruno attempt to deal with the Program team, Nick jumps into other Nick's mind to try and convince him to come with them. Nick refuses, insisting that it's all a Program or Founders trick. He tells Nick to meet him at the mountain with faces if he really wants to learn more, and then leaps out of his body. Nick is left to flee with Patric and Bruno as emergency services close in. His phone buzzes once more when a text from the anonymous number. "Pilots arrive tomorrow. One is compromised, trust no one."

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: James Durham; Players: Matt Vancil, Christian Doyle, Mark Thomason First appearance of: Patric Lanowitz-O'Kelly, Bruno Hamilton

Episode 46 Streaming

The Principle Of Non-Attachment by Paxamo

Episode 47: ...Are Closer Than They Appear

Several weeks after Nick confronted other Nick, Bruno is on a new job from his anonymous contact. This time he's paired up with John Stone, a man looking for his brother who is involved with Project: Metaverse, and Cole, a British hacker with connections to Nick Krieger.


Weeks have passed since the events in New York City. Nick has gone off somewhere in an effort to meet his other self, Patric has disappeared on his own mission, and Bruno is doing jobs for an anonymous texter. His latest one has him teaming up with a British gentleman by the name of Cole in order to help someone named John Stone. John has recently gone AWOL from The Founders after discovering that his brother Eli is taking part in Project: Metaverse. Unwilling to leave him in the hands of The Program, and know that The Founders won't intervene, John has been scouting the island where the Project: Metaverse facility is housed for several weeks. His plan is simple, get in, get Eli, get out. This is complicated however when the trio receive intel that The Program is beefing up security on the island and a new shipment of fifty guards is expected any day. The men decide to take a chance and join the security team, replacing three other members who Bruno manages to convince/blackmail into staying home. Before heading out, they procure disguises and fake IDs before boarding the ferry over to the island. While onboard, they notice that there is very little scrutiny given to the passengers. No metal detectors, no pat downs, nothing. It's almost like they don't care what you bring to the island as they don't expect that you will ever leave it. John, Bruno, and Cole also realize as they talk that they all know a man named Nick Krieger. Cole has been talking on the phone a Nick Krieger and doing jobs with him for an anonymous source for the better part of three years. John remembers Nick from his time with The Founders and cannot believe that he would be working for The Program or anyone else. And Bruno remembers a ranking officer in the army who was involved in dark ops...back in the Vietnam War. And that's not all...Bruno also recalls that Nick Krieger was working with a young colonel by the name of Jebediah Lexington. Upon reaching their destination, the three men are placed on a security detail and begin patrolling the island while under strict instructions to avoid the main facility at all costs. So, of course as the sun sets they head to the main facility. Bruno, Cole, and John are trying to work out the best way to get past the woman behind the desk and her security detail when a sudden noise grabs their attention. Within minutes the island is being assaulted from all sides by members of The Founders. Using the chaos to their advantage, the group finds a way into the main facility and to the secret floors below. Reaching the main server point, Cole hacks into the system and begins downloading terabytes of information into his hard drive. Meanwhile, John has located his brother...just in time for security forces from The Program to find them. A fire fight breaks out and the trio manages to escape with minimal damage. They are about to head out to extract John's brother when the doors fly open and a man wearing the nametag "Henrich" floats into the room and begins to lay waste to their attacks. Little seems to affect him and it soon becomes clear that Henrich is powered by something more than normal strength. Cole looks at his computer screen and notes that Henrich is the top player in Project: Metaverse, alone with no other team members. Thanks to some trick shooting and grenades they manage to wound Henrich enough to allow them to escape. Cole grabs his hard drive, and he and Bruno head to the roof having received a radio signal from Patric, who flies in with his newly transformed Winnebago. John heads off in search of his brother and is left behind as Patric takes off, the battle on the Project: Metaverse island raging on.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Jim Clawson, Shawn Franklin, Mark Thomason First appearance of: Cole

Episode 47 Streaming

Galaxy Tails

Episode 48: The Ties That Bind

Bruno is on a new mission to save the son of his old Colonel...Crash Jaxun. Intercepting Thomas, Crash, and Aquamarine in NYC, Bruno must face off against Program Tactial Squads all while trying to find out what happened to his missing granddaughter. New information comes to light and secrets are uncovered, and the pilots have to save the brother of a member of Project: Metaverse.


Bruno Hamilton races toward New York City...or as close to racing as he gets. He has been told by his anonymous source that the son of his old friend, Colonel Jaxun, is in danger and needs to be rescued. Careening to a stop next to them, Bruno orders Aquamarine and Crash to get into his car. They do so and Bruno heads off, Program assassins in hot pursuit. They are soon joined by Thomas, much to Bruno's confusion, and the team manages to fight off their attackers through skills that don't make much sense to Bruno. After switching cars, they have a chance to regroup and Bruno fills them in on what he knows. He has been sent to retrieve Crash because he was told that the survival of Colonel Jaxun's son is imperative to the survival of his missing granddaughter...who is also somehow connected to the Metaverse. Once Crash is safe, Bruno is to lead them on a rescue mission to save the "McPhernon boy" from The Program. He also informs them about the existence of multiple Nicks, Project: Metaverse, and the events of the last several weeks (i.e. death, murder, destruction, and Henrich). Further, Bruno has just remembered that the man they saw in the Project: Metaverse facility, the one with the nametag "Henrich", is the spitting image of the Nick Krieger that he knew in Vietnam. That Nick Krieger was working with Jebediah Lexington, a CIA spook. Bruno was working with Colonel Jaxun, Crash and Tessa's father, someone who he still believes is alive. Crash is both surprised and excited by this as he had been under the impression that his father was dead, a fact made doubly confusing a few weeks ago when he received word from Tessa that she was going out in search of their father. Aquamarine and Thomas are very disturbed but the news about Nick and Project: Metaverse but further conversation is put on hold as they reach the area where the "McPhernon boy" is being held. It looks like they are too late, as a convoy of black SUVs is seen leaving the area. Thomas stays behind to check out the surrounding warehouses while the others chase after the retreating vehicles. Inside a warehouse, Thomas finds a note on the back of an old comic book page. "I miss you Maddie..." Thomas returns to the others and relays what he has found. This triggers Aquamarine who remembers that she had a bodyguard by the name of Maddox McPhernon who had a special brother named Mac. Finally catching up to the convoy, the pilots attack and manage to secure Mac through methods varying from action movie style weapons play to unexpected seduction. Mac is initially frightened of the newcomers but eventually warms up to Crash and Aquamarine. They load into their car and speed off just in time for more Program assassins to swoop in. Fighting off SUVs and helicopters, our team makes it to the border and heads into Canada. There they are lead to a garage with a large Winnebago inside. As Bruno greets Opal and Patric, the others observe that the camper contains Jenika...and metapods.

GM Breakage count: 6
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Mark Thomason First appearance of:

Episode 48 Streaming

Dear Bruno by Paxamo

Episode 49: Galaxy Tails; Episode One | Outfoxed

The team is reunited and learns some new information about the Metaverse and the strange things that are happening. Leaping into a new metaverse, they find themselves in the bodies of cartoon creatures who must save the galaxy!


Reunited with Jenika, Thomas, Crash, and Aquamarine head off into Canada with Bruno and his sentient winnebago. As they travel, they learn that Patric obtained not only plans for metapods from an anonymous source, but a thumb drive as well. This thumb drive can only be opened by Thomas, who does so, revealing a letter from none other than TOM. TOM asks Thomas for help in his efforts to save the metaverse, telling him that a great disaster is coming and the only way to stop it is to collect various anomalies throughout the metaverse. The rest of the team discuss this information and question Patric further about his anonymous source. Patric informs them about Project: Metaverse, the assault on the island facility, and the involvement of Cole. Crash, upon hearing this name, has a very visceral reaction but won't say much more than that Cole is a "bad person". Thomas is very concerned about the existence of TOM and of Project: Metaverse and is not convinced that that they are being asked to do is in their best interest. The others insist that the only way to find out is to get into the pods and travel to the next metaverse. Thomas finally agrees and gets in, but not before setting a search running on any information about TOM, Project: Metaverse, and Jebediah Lexington. Leaping into the metaverse, the team finds themselves in the anthropomorphic bodies of Captain Kitt Foxman and his crew. They seem to be part of a show called "Galaxy Tails", complete with narrator and commercial breaks. In fact during the commercial breaks, the pilots are unable to access the thoughts and memories of their avatars and have to wait for the show to start again before they can connect again. In the course of their adventures, the Galaxy Tails crew encounters Admiral Sliss of the Chameleon Empire, as well as a strange object, the metal, non animated logo of Titan. They safely retrieve the logo and defeat Admiral Sliss, returning to Mamalon Prime for a well deserved break. Their rest is interrupted by terrible news! The Young Adult Non Genetically Modified Turtle Ninjas have stolen the logo and disappeared! Who can stop them? Clearly, only Capt Kitt Foxman and his intrepid crew!

GM Breakage count: 6
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of: Professor North, First Officer "Presto" Preston, Security Officer Sojourn, Captain Kitt Foxman

Episode 49 Streaming

Heart Of Cole by Paxamo

Episode 50: Galaxy Tails; Episode Two | Fox Trap

The Galaxy Tails crew set out to retrieve the missing object from the clutches of the Chameleon Empire! They soon discover that all is not what is seems and Kitt begins to undergo a mysterious transformation...


The intrepid crew of Galaxy Tails receives word from the Planet Dojo about a great martial arts competition. Sojourn is tasked with choosing an apprentice via any method she chooses. She does so thanks to the power of Mac and Cheese, video games, and missing stuffies. Kitt is chosen as the apprentice, much to Presto's chagrin, and the crew finally arrives on Planet Dojo. Once there, it isn't long before the crew finds themselves in a fight with the Non Genetically Modified Young Adult Turtle Ninjas. The two sides are fairly evenly matched and the fight is eventually broken up by the local mole rat militia. During the welcome dinner, the team takes their leave in an effort to track down the missing object which is believed to be somewhere on the planet. The tracker devised by Professor North eventually lead them into the sewers where they once again are confronted by the Turtle Ninjas. In the midst of the fight several canisters of knock out gas are thrown onto the scene and the avatars pass out, just in time for a commercial break. The team awakens on their way into a Chameleon Empire dungeon in the arms of the monitor lizard soldiers. Kitt Foxman expected this all along and had a everyone is only pretending to be asleep and Kitt launches into an attack, joined shortly by the rest of his team. The monitor lizard guards are soon replaced by two extremely large alligators. These humungous lizards are no match for Kitt Foxman and his crew naturally and the fight soon turns in their favor as the object is finally located nearby. However, in the course of the conflict, the containment shield has been damaged and a red glow is beginning to emit from the mysterious object. Kitt Foxman picks it up and the crew rush to their ship to make a hasty escape. Once back aboard their vessel, Kitt is surprised to find that his paws are now furry and no longer made of paint. In fact, he is able to wipe the paint off of the walls nearby, exposing the lack of atmosphere outside. Presto hits the turbo as the crew races off...with Admiral Sliss on their heels. All seems lost as the crew flies into an asteroid shield. Presto sheds to armadillo shell as the ship goes full possum for a final desperate burst of speed. It seems like they are about to escape from their pursuers when a giant space squid looms into view in front of them...

GM Breakage count: 8
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 50 Streaming

Episode 51: Galaxy Tails; Episode Three | The End? | Season Three Finale

It's a race against time as Kitt realizes that his "reality based" attributes are destroying the animated world of Galaxy Tails! The truth behind the mysterious object is revealed and the world is forever changed...


Fred the Giant Space Squid opens his mouth and gently releases the Armadillo, unharmed. Kitt thanks his friend and poker buddy for helping them, and requests that Fred covers their escape with some space ink. Fred obliges and the crew race off back to the Planet Dojo. While North and Presto attempt to discover more information about the mysterious object, Kitt and Sojourn get down to business to defeat the other Tai Kwon Slow apprentices at the tournament. As they travel, Kitt becomes more and more confused and disillusioned with his animated his body becomes more and more real. Suddenly everything goes blue and a woman's voice comes from nowhere saying "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact your service provider for more information." The blue fades and the Armadillo arrives on Planet Dojo. Kitt fights the other apprentices with increasingly disturbing results. Wherever his real parts touch, the animated world is torn apart. The crowd is also being impacted as they are becoming more confused with each passing moment, as are Sojourn, Presto, and North. A great tear opens up in the world and The Destroyer, a giant space worm (yes, a space worm), crashes through the scene. North convinces Presto to fly the ship back to rescue Kits and Sojourn...just in time for him to fly it directly into a large hole that Kitt just created with his real hands. Trapped under the space worm, North deploys the tail spear and Presto skewers the worm, rescuing Kitt. Sojourn is pulled from the mouth of the worm by Kitt, and the crew races off as a new hole opens up and mosquito men begin pouring out. Thomas and Jenika move away from their avatars and relay to the others that the item is a part of the Titan Matrix. It bears the logo of Kid Titan and it is currently empty. What's worse? The crack was there well before the Galaxy Tails crew ever found it. Which means that someone else has part of the Titan Matrix aside from Kitt, who is now completely real except for his head. Crash realizes that Admiral Sliss must have the other half and the Armadillo heads off for their final confrontation. Inside the hangar of the Chameleon Empire vessel, Admiral Sliss is revealed to be completely real, except for his tail. A fight breaks out and as Thomas uses the weapons on the smaller space craft to annihilate the other Chameleon Empire officers, Sliss uses his ultra vision on Kitt. When the smoke clear, Kitt is still there but he is now clothed in pieces of Kid Titan's old costume. Crash devises a plan to make Admiral Sliss tell them how he got his power in the first place and convinces the others to play dead. Sliss monologues and tells them everything, which gives Crash an opening. He tells Sliss that he can't have the true power of the Titan Matrix unless he activates it and takes the oath. Sliss begins to do so but Crash interrupts him saying "I accept!" The power of the Titan Matrix flows into Crash and destroys Sliss. Reeling from these developments, the others are stunned when Crash tells them his plan for saving all of Mammalon Prime. He divides the Titan Matrix among them all and using their combined powers of a dome is created to keep all the worlds of Mammalon Prime safe. Disturbed by what has happened and what it means for the future of their time in the Metaverse, the pilots return to the real world. Crash is sleeping soundly while Thomas is nowhere to be seen. Bruno lies on a bed nearby, badly wounded. Nick lays on another bed, awake and in a new body. And somewhere between this world and the Metaverse Thomas meets a man in a Hawaiian shirt...

GM Breakage count: 6
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 51 Streaming

Heart Of A Hero by Paxamo

Season Four Episode List

The Iron Fae Realm

Episode 52: The Iron Bride


The pilots are reunited with an old friend and encounter a stranger who knows more about the Metaverse than they ever thought possible. Once inside the Metaverse, they find themselves in a world of dark elves and cold forged iron.


It's been several months since the events of Galaxy Tails. The pilots are holed up in an abandoned animal hospital, and they're starting to go a bit stir crazy when Bruno arrives with two hooded figures. Removing the masks, the group is confronted with Rosie and a mysterious man in an orange jumpsuit. Rosie had been on the run, trying to live a normal life, when a kill squad picked up her trail. Bruno and his team intercepted on orders from Nick, and brought her in. The other man was also on Nick's shopping list. His name is Ronald Zenda and he is a serial killer scheduled for execution, but his face doesn't match the ID photo of the prisoner called Ronald Zenda. Moreover, upon talking to him, he reveals himself to be a class four licensed metapilot, hailing from a different Metaverse altogether. He has a great deal of knowledge, especially when it comes to the new metapods. They have all been brought together at the behest of Nick, who claims they are all looking for the same things to complete their various projects. Namely, a metaled (the pilots) and a machine that can siphon items from one Metaverse to another (Ronald). The group question Ronald further about the various classes of metapilots. For his part, Ronald is stunned to discover that every person standing before him is a Class Five Pilot. It's impossible as Class 5s are not bred naturally and should never occur in this high a number in one world. Moreover, none of these pilots bear the physical markers of a Class 5...well, except that one kid named Crash. The group finally decides to get into the pods and head into the Metaverse. Once there, they find themselves in a world overtaken by dark magic. The Fae are here and they rule over everything. Bedlam has claimed the majority of the human population, and the only thing standing between the Fae and total domination is a man called The Iron King...and cold forged iron. They are put into the avatars of residents of Youngstown, OH or rather what remains of it. The daughter of the town mayor is set to be betrothed to The Iron King. Strangers known as The Wayfarer and Jack, apprentice of the one called The Blacksmith, arrive to help guide her on the journey but all plans are waylaid thanks to the arrival of a Fae envoy. The Duchess is coming and she has a request for the soon to be put on a collar of possession and bind herself to the fae. The reason soon becomes clear. This young girl, Gina, can mold metal with her bare hands meaning that she can create cold forged weapons at an incredible speed. Unfortunately, in an attempt to deceive the fae and escape to The Iron King, the group manage to insult the Duchess. She in turn attacks Youngstown with all her forces. A bitter fight breaks out, Ronald's avatar of Jack losing his arm in the process (don't worry he should be fine), but the fae are finally driven back. They now need only survive until morning when the Wayfarer can find the path and take Gina on her way...


GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Chris Ode, Sarah Sanders-Ode, James Durham First appearance of: Ronald Gabriel Zenda, Gina, Giuseppe, The Wayfarer, Jack

Episode 52 Streaming

Last Looks by Paxamo

Me, Myself, And You by Paxamo

Episode 53: A Summer Wedding

On the run from The Wild Hunt, the group meets up with Jenika and uncovers hidden secrets about the Fae. Upon meeting The Iron King a terrible choice must be made, and Ronald reveals a part of his past.


Outside the metapods, Crash suddenly alerts Jenika to a problem. Something has happened to Ronald in the Metaverse and he is now dying. Jenika enters the first available pod and finds herself inserted into the avatar of The Whisper, a fae of the Summer Court sent to kill the Wayfarer and her party. Jenika manages to rest control away from her avatar, with some timely intervention from the Metaverse, and the group continues in their rapid escape from The Wild Hunt. However, Jack isn't doing so well and it soon becomes apparent that something will have to be done. With the use of some nano wasp technology, and Gina's ability to cold forge steel, Jack is outfitted with a brand new cold iron arm. However, Ronald is now in control and he seems reluctant to talk about what happened during his time as The Blacksmith. The party finally reaches the city of the Iron King. They are surprised to find that not only is a a fairly nondescript young man in his early twenties, as well as being Scottish, but he is also working as a spy for the Winter Court. He was told that Gina would not survive the journey and is both delighted and surprised to find that that is not the case. Unfortunately, the Wild Hunt is at the gates, and the king takes his leave to go and attempt to get them to leave. Once alone, the group decides that in order to save Gina and every other human on the planet, they must help the Summer Court take control of the playing board. This means that they must kill The Hunter, the leader of the Wild Hunt, which will enrage the queen and draw her out. Unfortunately, the only way to harm The Hunter is to true name him, something that only The Blacksmith can do. Ronald refuses, saying that every time Jack puts on the hood he loses a piece of himself to whatever the creature inside the cloak is. Ronald reveals that he has lost avatars before and he is not willing to go through that again. When pressed, Ronald tells the others that if they try they can reach out with their minds and sense their past avatars. He tells them of how Rhodes ripped him out of his avatar and forced him to watch as the avatar died. Several ideas of alternative plans are thrown out but none of them stick. Finally, they begin to make their way to the front gates to see what is going on. Once there, they see that The Hunter and The Wild Hunt are drawing closer. Jenika accidentally taunts them with a flipping knife, while the others are trying to build a murder car, and the horde attacks. Thomas, taking matters into his own hands, forces Ronald back over to avatar and Jack dons the hood of The Blacksmith once again. The others wage battle against The Hunter as Thomas pulls a scroll from a loot box and sends a message to Crash, asking him to pull Ronald out of the Metaverse and his avatar. Before he sends the message however, he hears the voice of a man by his ear. It is Rhodes who tells Thomas that "This is your one." before he disappears. The message sent, Jack true names The Hunter and drops dead...Ronald pulled from his body while full avatar. The others fight and manage to severely wound the now named Baldur. Thomas runs him over in his murder van and is surprised when he hears a knock on the door.


GM Breakage count: 0
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Chris Ode, Sarah Sanders-Ode, James Durham First appearance of: The Whisper

Episode 53 Streaming

Episode 54: Scenes From An Interdimensional Diner | SPECIAL EPISODE

We finally catch a glimpse of what took place under the dome in Sentinel City during the 400 years of lost time. A being that should not be real is trapped alongside Butch, Abbi, Bombshell, and others, and must try to fix what continues to go wrong...


Under the dome of Sentinel City, a being known as The Chronicler has become trapped in an endless loop of reality. This is strange for a number of reasons, not least of which is because she should not be real. The story, it seems, is stuck. In the first cycle, Butch and Bombshell are fighting crime...though Butch is reluctant to do so. He doesn't want to do this any more, in spite of Bombshell's prodding. The Chronicler watches as this sequence of events happens over and over and over again. Finally, she decides to try and help. She spies her chance when Butch and Molly have an argument in Joe's Diner, Molly dismissing Butch's concerns over a conspiracy happening to make every day the same. Hollywood distracts Molly while The Chronicler makes her way outside to speak with Butch, encouraging him to continue with his search for answers. Another hundred years pass with no change. Then one day, The Chronicler bumps into a young woman and is flooded with memories. This woman, Mary Beth, lived outside the dome. She was part of a search and rescue team, looking for survivors after the nuclear blasts destroyed everything. She was enveloped in the remains of the cloak of The Shroud and was sent into the dome at the command of Cytron, who sent word to Migraine. Mary Beth meets her best friend, Abbi, in Joe's Diner and the two discuss their days. Several cycles pass, each one bringing a new role to Mary Beth. In one she is a bank teller who is killed during a villain attack when bullets ricochet off Butch. Once the fight is won Butch retreats to Joe's Diner where he commiserates with Hollywood and The Chronicler. He does not want to be a hero nor does he believe himself to be one. More cycles pass, this time with Butch being pummeled and crash landing in Mary Beth's apartment. She hides him from the villains while Bombshell takes care of most of them. Butch regains consciousness and manages to take care of those that remain. He and Mary Beth go to Joe's Diner and talk. Hollywood directs them to The Chronicler who offers some further clues to Butch, who is beginning to feel there is a voice inside of him giving him focus. In the next cycle, Mary Beth has become the super villain Lady Veil. Along with her sidekick, Rita Riot, she is attempting to complete her evil plot when Butch and Bombshell arrive. A fight breaks out and the heroes get the drop on Lady Veil. Abbi/Rita Riot becomes enraged and attacks Butch with a Fury Punch. As she strikes, their eyes meet and they both remember everything. Mount Rushmore, all the cycles, Crash, Andi, everything. Another loop resets but this one ends with the dome coming down. The Chronicler fades back to where she came from as the residents of Sentinel City grapple with what comes next.


GM Breakage count: 0
GM: James Durham; Players: Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Chris Ode, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Paxamo First appearance of: The Chronicler

Episode 54 Streaming

Hello Goodbye by Paxamo

The Metapocalypse

Episode Fifty-Five: Lost And Found

The Metapocalypse has begun. Jenika, Wyatt, and Aquamarine find themselves in a new Metaverse, on the hunt for a mysterious artifact that TOM needs them to find.


Wyatt, Jenika, and Aquamarine find themselves washed up on a desert island, in a Metaverse that they have never been to before. Also concerning, Maddox is not with them. Wyatt has some uncomfortable moments with the two remaining pilots, as he explains just what he and the other Project: Metaverse pilots have been up to during their time in the Metaverse. Thankfully, TOM interrupts this interrogation with some distressing news. Not only are the pilots not in the world that he intended them to end up in, but he is not entirely sure where Maddox is. She is somewhere in the current Metaverse, he just needs to find her. While he hunts for Maddox, TOM instructs the others to search for an artifact that is somewhere on this island. Once the artifact is found and studied, Jenika, Aquamarine, and Rosie will be able to reconstruct it back in the home Metaverse. TOM disappears and the pilots suddenly find themselves confronted by a swarm of giant crabs. Wyatt and Aquamarine lean into their avatars to help, while Jenika swarm forms and explodes one from the inside out. Once the crabs are dealt with, the group heads inland...only to be surrounded a group of less than friendly natives. While Jenika wants to play goddess, the others convince her that running is the better option. As they flee, Jenika notices that all the tribesman avoid the water at all costs. A quick experiment reveals that it is likely flesh eating...or at least shoe eating. Finding a hiding place, the pilots are met again by TOM who directs them toward a plateau which is near where the artifact can be found. As they travel, Wyatt encounters a giant frog...from the inside. Once they extract the butler, aka Wyatt's avatar, they find themselves in a strange place. Ahead of them is a wrecked Spanish galleon, one that appears to have been dropped from the sky. Exhausted from a days worth of peril, the group takes their rest. They are awakened in the morning by the sound of dinosaurs grazing nearby. After watching a baby dinosaur learn the hard way that Mother Nature isn't always kind, the pilots reorient themselves and try to head off again in search of the artifact. And then it starts to snow. And snow. Per TOM, the Metaverse is here and currently freezing the river solid. Traveling along, the blizzard eventually slowing, the group discovers Amelia Earhart's plane. And another dinosaur. The pilots flee, quickly, until they run into the horse sized ants. Flame throwers and ant seduction happen. Yes, really. Aquamarine helps her companions ride on her new ant friend, and the pilots head off in what they assume is the right direction. After a time, something moves in the bush around them. A second group of natives appears, much smaller and nicer than the first, who escort the pilots to their village. And there, in the center, is Maddox and her avatar...


GM Breakage count: 0
GM: James Durham; Players: Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Luke Amundson, Christian Doyle First appearance of: Griffly, Rebecca Santiago, Dr Sandra Crain, Lieutenant Marjorie Saintcloud

Episode 55 Streaming

Episode Fifty-Six: Damned If You Do

Maddox is reunited with the others and they set off in search of the mysterious artifact. But what the island reveals about itself and its inhabitants might be an even bigger discovery...


The group is reunited with Maddox, who is having some trouble wresting control from her avatar. They finally head off in search of the artifact that TOM has sent them to find. Jenika recalls seeing what appeared to be a suburban house nearby. When they approach the front gate, riding on Aquamarine's pet ant, they are met by none other than Jimmy Hoffa. Jimmy gives them some fruit, some directions to Sasquatch Pass, and some advice. No one has ever returned from where they are heading, he thinks it would be better to avoid the whole thing. The pilots thank him for his time and press on. They soon encounter the sasquatch, who is less than thrilled at the arrival of visitors. He throws several large boulders at them until Jenika manages to drug him with plant smoke. Happily munching on some jackfruit, provided by Maddox, the sasquatch lets them know that the desert that sits between them and the temple that houses the artifact is impassable. And in case anyone thought about taking to the sky, there are giant birds that will eat them. TOM appears and surmises that the desert causes great amounts of despair in the those trying to cross. Before they can begin though, they are held up by Rhodes, who appears and admonishes them on their behavior in the Metaverse. He issues them tickets and says that it is their last warning, before disappearing once again. The group devises a plan to have the ant push them down a hill in a very large ball, which will hopefully propel them across most of the desert. It does, but not so far that they are able to avoid the waking nightmares that plague them. Jenika sees Alison heading to the electric chair, Maddox hears the cries of Mac, Aquamarine's mother taunts her, and Wyatt sees the judge sentencing him to prison. A warming sensation on his wrist reminds him that his father's watch is still with him, as is his father's spirit, and Wyatt is able to resist the despair. Helping the others come out of the grip of sorrow, Wyatt and the rest of the pilots make for the temple. Once inside they must fight man eating socks...yes, really. Aquamarine handles the socks with little issue and things are looking up. Until the zombies from Roanoke show up. These prove slightly more tricky to deal with but Maddox taunts them into submission. Heading toward where they believe the artifact to be housed, the group is confronted by an Atlantean who tells them they do not belong there. They engage in combat and manage to take the sea man's head off. Finally reaching the vault inside the temple, a lone Knight Templar attempts to stop them...but dies of a heart attack once Jenika glows and levitates for him. The artifact is a simple wooden chalice aka a holy grail which per TOM is needed not only for the device they must build, but also to return Thomas to his body. As the others begin to study it, the island shakes terribly and Jenika spies a cardboard box in the corner. In it she finds army medals, a 1960s yearbook, and a photograph of Jebediah, Bruno, Colonel Jaxun, Nick Krieger, and Dr. Simon Lane with the words "Fire Base Valley Forge, Vietnam 1974". The artifact examined, the world goes to white light and the pilots come out of their pods. Bruno marches over carrying a machine gun. "You better remember who and what you're fighting for!" he barks. An assault team is on the way and it is time to move.


GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Luke Amundson, Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver First appearance of:

Episode 56 Streaming

Good Enough by Paxamo

Episode Fifty-Seven: Semper Fidelas

Rosie, Crash, Brony, and Andi are sent to a new Metaverse by TOM. Once there, they must find a map to the Metaverse...and a secret is revealed.


Rosie, Crash, and Brony are sent into a new Metaverse where they meet Andi Jaymes, who has been piloting her avatar for months. They are all genetically engineered super soliders sent out on a suicide mission to try and destroy a galaxy ending plague once and for all. TOM appears and informs them that they need to find a map to the Metaverses which he believes is somewhere in this world. He cannot be more specific or tell them exactly where to find it however, much to Rosie and Andi's chagrin. For his part, Crash is increasingly feeling a sense of deja vu and begins to wonder why it all feels so familiar. The group heads down to the planet and is immediately met by a horde of plagued creatures. Their massive weapons and exosuits quickly take care of the mindless beings but Crash states that there will likely be more. Which there are. The soldiers encounter more beasts and dispatch them all just as easily. Crash is becoming increasingly frustrated with the other pilots who are insisting that there is a chance to do some good in this world, as well as with his own avatar. He eventually goes full pilot stating that he is done with his avatar who has "nothing but a silly accent." He also reveals that he has spent a lot of time in this Metaverse as a younger man. TOM continues to be a bit less helpful than he usually is and seems distracted. He continues to encourage the pilots to seek out the map and continues to be unable to give them more specific directions. He tells them that the core of the planet is not only the source of the plague but that it is also the source of power which is interfering with his ability to pinpoint the location of the map. The pilots finally enter a cavern filled with eggs and a large creature. These are hunters and they are the only creatures that can hurt a genetically engineered soldier. The pilots use various avatar powers and weapons to destroy not only the mother but her eggs as well. Standing, covered in slime and ooze, the pilots consider what their next move will be...

, w.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Andy Dopieralski, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Talon Broadword, Rex Patriot, Chimera Blaze, Valkyrie Storm

Episode 57 Streaming

Breaking The Surface by Paxamo

Episode Fifty-Eight: United We Stand

The pilots and TOM race against time to save a dying Metaverse while recovering a hidden map. Meanwhile, Zenda isn't quite as he used to be...


Crash, Rosie, Brony, and Andi regroup after destroying the Brood Queen, and TOM reappears. He is clearly under a great deal of strain from watching so many different pilots in so many different worlds, as well as keeping Rhodes at bay. However, he has come to the decision that not only must the avatars survive, but the Metaverse they come from must as well. He has a plan and a loot box to make that happen. The pilots move forward and encounter an old navy ship, crashed into the core of the planet. Inside they find many corpses, one of whom stands up and fires a rocket launcher at them. Animated by some form of green energy, which is distinctly different than the plague, the corpse attacks Brony who retaliates by obliterating many of the other bodies nearby. Rosie and Andi follow suit, while Crash calls down a loot box with several proton packs and a ghost trap. The team combines their ghost busting powers to trap whatever the green glowing energy is and head off. Wading through green plague goo, the team is attacked by a giant tentacled creature. Through teamwork, a lot of crazy guns, and some not so human reflexes, they manage to dispatch the creature fairly quickly. TOM reappears and directs Crash down the giant hole from whence the monster came, stating that the map they seek is down there. The other pilots are to continue on to the planet's core in order to destroy it and save the current Metaverse. After an epic group hug, Crash departs and enters a huge stone chamber covered in carvings. At the center of the chamber he finds a glowing source of light, color, and peace...until something much more dark and sinister appears. A former avatar, a former dead avatar, of Crash's appears. "We hoped that you would return to us, Jaxun. You will be our ticket out of here..." Crash uses the combined powers of all his past avatars to overpower and destroy this foe while the others take on a large group of plagued insects and a lava worm. Rosie summons Mercy and passes it to Andi, who rides the giant worm into the heart of the planet and uses the soul sword to kill it. TOM appears, leading Crash along behind him, and uses his loot box to transport all the pilots and avatars away, but not before Brony opens the ghost trap and releases the green light into the core. Back in the real world, Andi awakens to hear that not only has TOM found her grandfather, aka Bruno Hamilton, but that Abigail is waiting for her. Rosie, Crash, and Brony exit their pods to find themselves in the middle of a fire fight with The Program. Brony and Crash team up in the most epic Bromance ever, and Rosie uses her considerable skill to take care of the strike team. As the smoke clears, Zenda wakes up. Except he isn't Ronald Zenda any more. Crash calls him an avatar...because his body is controlled by Jack from the Iron Fae Realm.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Andy Dopieralski, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 58 Streaming

Waiting For Me by Paxamo

Episode Fifty-Nine: The Sky Is Falling

It's been six years since the dome came down in Sentinel City. The avatars are not quite as we left them as they face a new and much more dangerous threat that could destroy everything.


Rosie, Andi, Brony, Aquamarine, and Jenika are sent back to the Metaverse of Sentinel City as TOM believes that it is in this world that the threat to the Metaverse resides. It's been six years since the dome came down around Sentinel City. Hex is nineteen and along with Lady Veil, Abbi, Balthazar, and Johnny Legion, sits on the council that now leads the city. Butch and Bombshell left six years ago, in pursuit of Migraine, and have not been seen since. New developments in the form of technological growths appearing on the surface of the planet are the latest cause for concern. Abbi, Veil, and Hex are about to start their daily meeting when Johnny, Hex's crush, arrives with news. Bombshell has returned but without Butch. Abbi asks after the former Kid Titan but Bombshell has had no contact with him for months, having left after the trail for Migraine went cold. She had her own mission to complete. Finding Cytron, Bombshell learned the truth of her origin. She is a single self replicating nano wasp left in Sentinel City by Cytron in order to spy. For his part, Cytron is responsible for the zombie plague that ravaged the landscape outside of the dome. Depressed, he tells Bombshell to do better than he has...and then goes off to sulk in Australia. Bombshell tells all of this to her friends along with some disturbing news. In her travels, Bombshell spied tall spires thousands of miles high. As she drew closer, tiny humanoids appeared to be building them. However a feeling of dread and repulsion prevented any closer examination. While they are taking in this information, The Astronomer arrives with dire warnings. A field of debris has gathered in the skies over Sentinel City and are set to begin a 48 hour barrage of the city within the next three days. It's around this time that Ezekiel the Undying arrives having just been arrested by Johnny Legion. He has come asking for help with a vampire infestation that threatens to wipe out the primitive civilization of humans that he is coaching towards viability. More pressing matters take precedence, and Bombshell and Abbi head off to the nearest spire to investigate while the others attempt to build a debris destroying laser and coordinate an evacuation of the city. Once again the feeling of unease and repulsion prove too much for either Abbi or Bombshell, and they are unable to get close to the structures. They do however take some geological samples...and spot a megastorm heading toward Sentinel City. In fact it will hit as soon as the debris starts falling. Hex travels to Joe's Diner in the hope of gaining some answers but Hollywood is tight lipped. Regrouping in the city, Ezekiel is disturbed by the samples Abbi and Bombshell have brought back. They show the signs of a terrible and ancient being named Kronos, who can unmake reality with his will alone. And he hates Titans, telepaths, and is none too fond of Ezekiel. Abbi is the most powerful telepath in the city currently, as both Migraine and Molly have disappeared. Plans are made to save the city and the people within it. Andi/Abbi uses the powers of Angel (her former avatar) to multiply Bombshell eighty times using mirror magic. Bombshell/Jenika increases that duplication due to powers taken from Johnny Legion. She then channels her former avatar of Elliana and uses the power of the sun to turn all the hail and snow within the megastorm to rain. Her thousands of nanowasps then force the water down into the ocean, thanks to the duplicated power of Riptide. Hex/Rosie and Lady Veil/Aquamarine use their prior avatars of Zelenia and Geena respectively, to craft the debris into a moon for the moon. The city safe from disaster and the people evacuated, Hex feels a call for help. Balthazar is in danger and needs her. She teleports to him instantly in Atlantis and is met with a wall of water, as a tsunami bears down on them.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Andy Dopieralski, Helen Roundhill, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 59 Streaming

Things Left Unsaid by Paxamo

Episode Sixty: Photographs And Mirrors

Hex races to her grandfather's side only to find Maddox, Thomas, and Crash. But no one is as they used to be and Butch has been far more damaged than anyone could know...


Hex and Balthazar are reunited in Atlantis, just in time for a massive tidal wave to threaten them all. Thomas appears in a new avatar, and that isn't the only thing that has changed. His mind is bursting with the knowledge of the Metaverse as his physical body has been restored to him in the home world. While the group discusses options, a loud banging draws their attention to the bowels of the city. There they find a haggard and imprisoned Butch Baker, his memory completely wiped. Luckily Crash is there to help him and give advice, and seems to be starting to help Butch recover the pieces of his mind that were lost. After freeing Butch, the team goes down the hall to release Maddox from her prison, as Skinwalker has been being held and experimented on for some time. The group then turns their attention to the approaching wave which they are able to defeat with a combination of magic, death metal screams, and punching. Butch begins receiving information from HAL and discovers that not only is Kronos back, but that he is the last of the Titans. Pieces of his memories return and he tells the others that he found Migraine, who was being used to power a battery of some kind in order to hide the island of Cuba which is where all the psychics from Sentinel City are currently hiding. Hex tells Butch about the spires and they decide to head off toward one of them. Butch recalls that the spires are used by Kronos to amplify his powers and will eventually lead to the complete destruction of the planet. Approaching the nearest spire, everyone but Skinwalker feels the discomfort. Hex and Balthazar recognize it as dark face magic, specifically magic from Titania...Balthazar's ex and Hex's grandmother. Butch goes into his Titan form and is able to resist the repulsion. Just as they are able to close in on the structure, a large watery hand emerges from the ocean. Riptide appears, summoned by the power of friendship and Thomas, standing seven feet tall and holding the trident of Poseidon. He has become a hand of Kronos and strikes Titan with the mythical weapon, causing the hero to bleed. Thomas manages to unsummon him as the others grab the trident. Titan continues his approach to the spire, with Rosie directing him as to the best place to hit. He does so and the tower collapses, as Balthazar sends a message of support to Titania. The spire down, Hex can tell that the field of repulsion is not weakest in Japan. It is now that Balthazar has a premonition...the spires still stand and Kronos rules the world. The ancient being looks at the sorcerer and says, "You're too late."

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Chris Ode, Luke Amundson, Jess Weaver First appearance of: Cicero T'Squaii

Episode 60 Streaming

Breaking Up by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-One: Friends, Family & Other Hazards

Butch and Abbi are reunited as they race to take down two of Kronos' spires. Teaming up with Balthazar, Hex, and Ezekiel, they must face old foes and lost loves in their fight to save their world.


Butch is reunited with Ezekiel and Abbi, thanks to Hex and Balthazar, but there is no time for talking. The jet that they borrowed from Armor Guy comes under attack near the coast of Japan. Hex and Balthazar fly out, while Butch carries Ezekiel and Abbi to safety. They fight off giant metal hamster balls and everything seems to be taken care of...until a round the size of a garbage can is fired from downtown Tokyo, heading straight for Hex. Harvey jumps in the way, taking the damage, and retreats to the Fae Wyld to heal. Enraged, Hex takes off toward the source of the shot with the others close behind. They find the city covered in reflective metal panels. As the others attempt to find off the attacks of giant Macro Wasps, Hex heads to the source of the shots. She finds what remains of Griefer held in the center of a giant robot. Griefer begs to die and Rosie takes over. She demands information as a giant tentacled monster appears in the ocean nearby. The beast reaches out and rips Griefer and her metal prison into the ocean. At the last moment, Rosie uses Mercy to kill Griefer. She then flies back to the others. Crash acknowledges that the Metaverse is the likely source of the beast that just saved them. He also urges Rosie to talk to Hex and she won't be there forever to keep her from making mistakes. Butch uses his Titan powers to take down the spire and it becomes clear that the one in St. Petersburg is the next weakest one. Approaching the area, Balthazar and Hex feel Titania's touch. Upon landing, the team is sucked into various illusions. Hex and Ezekiel see various scenes from their lives, while the others are back on Mount Rushmore with General Mayhem. Abbi begins to become overwhelmed by her empathy and Butch attempts to calm her. At that moment he becomes fully Butch, Crash leaps out to an unknown location. Butch assures Abbi that she remembers him as he remembers her. The illusion shatters for everyone and they finally see Titania as she is. Wrapped in chains, covered in wounds, the fae queen stands prisoner by her spire. Balthazar attempts to appeal to their shared past and Butch wraps her in chains to prevent her from sending any more power the spire. Abbi channels Andi and causes the spire to vibrate before using Angel's magic and her own powerful empathy to heal and soothe the otherworldly woman. The chains break and Balthazar and Hex remove the runes holding Titania prisoner. Balthazar kisses her forehead and sends her back to the fae wyld. Ezekiel recovers some vodka as the group gathers for a rest and a drink, wondering how the other group is getting on with taking down their spire. Meanwhile, Butch and Abbi wander off for some quiet time together.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: James Durham; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Luke Amundson, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of:

Episode 61 Streaming

Talk To Her by Paxamo

Watching The Sunset by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-Two: Dust To Dust

Thomas, Jenika, and Maddox travel to Egypt in an attempt to take down the final spire. What they discover reveals new information about Kronos...but at what cost?.


Maddox, Thomas, and Jenika are sent to Egypt in an effort to take down the final spire. As they travel, their Atlantean vessel is beset by small clay golem-like creatures. They seem particularly drawn to Thomas and nearly kill his avatar. Bombshell and Skinwalker take care of the majority of them, with Skinwalker finding that they are prone to simply sitting and staring at her. She ingests six of them, absorbing them into her form, and finds that she becomes bigger and heavier as a result. Traveling on, Bombshell notes that the spire should be directly in front of them and yet they can see nothing. Maddox shifts into a Sandworm and carries the party through the massive sandstorm that surrounds them in the hopes of finding the spire. Things seem to be going well when a giant sand hand lifts the entire party out of the sand and begins strangling the sand worm. Bombshell uses her nano wasps to freeze the hand while Cicero and Skinwalker damage it. As the hand freezes so do the rippling sand dunes that surround them. The team can now see a beautiful oasis, surrounded by perfectly carved sandstone sculptures of every shape, size, and type. The team travels to the oasis and encounters a young boy made of sandstone. He cannot remember his name or how long he has been there. The only thing he can recall is that sometimes the red hooded man comes and sits to watch them, but he does not know who this man is. Everything in the oasis has forgotten who and what they were. The boy does remember the spire but he says that they "can't see it any more". He does not know why. It appears to Jenika that these may all be living embodiments of memories. The team attempts to bring the boy with them but as they leave the oasis, he turns into swirling sand blows away. As they continue on, the spire suddenly returns to view. From the ground arise man sized hands that now surround them in the sands. Between and holding and rock/paper/scissors, the team manages to destroy the hands that try to hold them down. Skinwalker absorbs several of these hands and becomes even larger and more dense. The trio continues on toward the spire and find that the closer they come to the spire the less and less the feeling of repulsion becomes. Suddenly, from seemingly out of nowhere, two sword blades pierce Bombshell. Several nano wasps fall dead and a red cloaked figure appears behind Bombshell. The mystery swordsman takes several more swings at Bombshell and more nano wasps fall dead. Thomas summons a Scroll Of Mage's Disjunction from another Metaverse (probably Questlandia) and casts it on the spire. The spire comes apart and falls and as it does, at the very top of it, a body is seen falling from where it had lain above. Cicero fires his force gun and manages to keep the body from hitting the ground at terminal velocity. Bombshell body slams the swordsman with her nano wasps, revealing a human looking person underneath...whose skin is stitching itself back together. And he looks very familiar to Bombshell...he also is looking at Bombshell with extreme hatred. Thomas/Cicero suddenly disappears completely. Maddox calls for a loot box and one appears, along with TOM. She asks for a virus to put into the eyes of the mystery attacker. The virus eats away at the flesh on the body and reveals a metal skeleton underneath. Thomas finds himself in a massive black geometric chamber. The wall contain dozens of humanoid figures, Poseidon, Cytron, and others, half consumed by the black surface around them. A red eyed figure sits on a throne...Kronos. As he launches into a monologue, Kronos reveals that he is the one who created Project: Metaverse and that he has taken over the body and mind of a pilot in their home Metaverse. He destroys the trident of Poseidon and sends Thomas into a mind prison, a half flooded room which contains the minds of the others being held in the walls.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Jess Weaver First appearance of:

Episode 62 Streaming

The Death Of Hubris by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-Three: Paint It Black

Balthazar's premonitions lead Bombshell, Lady Veil, and Skinwalker deep into Kronos' territory. Once there, they discover a darkness that might just consume them all...


Bombshell, Skinwalker, Balthazar, and Lady Veil have gathered the survivors of Sentinel City in Rome. They are waiting anxiously for word from Butch, Abbi, or Hex but have received none. Balthazar has even lost his connection with Hex...and he has been having premonitions night after night. A terrible thing is coming, an event that could spell doom for them all. He has tried countless ways to combat this fate, finally arriving at one possible solution. He convinces the others that they must leave the safety of Rome and head directly to the heart of Kronos' territory. The others are hesitant at first, especially since Balthazar is not able to give them any specifics due to a risk of changing the outcome, but they finally agree. Bombshell leaves a container of nanowasps with Johnny Legion and the group sets off. It isn't long before they encounter more golems, this time made of some gelatinous substance. As they attack the group, Bombshell dries them out while Skinwalker absorbs more of them...only to find her body is no longer under her control. It's only when Maddox takes over that she is able to stop attacking her friends. Bombshell and Balthazar work together to remove quantities of the swallowed golems as Skinwalker shrinks in size and density. Eventually they have removed enough that Skinwalker is able to control her own body. After some soul searching, Maddox and Skinwalker decide that it is better to purge the remaining golems and return to her normal size and weight. Just as this is being accomplished, a swarm of flying nano wasp like golems appears and begins to bear down on them. The group flees in a train made of Bombshell and eventually reaches the place where Balthazar senses that they must intervene. They find various machines digging a large hole, half a mile wide. The group sets to work attempting to disable the machines and eventually succeeds, as Maddox/Skinwalker dives into the hole to see what is at the bottom. She encounters hands the size of houses, shaped like shovels. Some creature is digging its way out. The group begins trying to fill in the hole and prevent this entity from reaching the surface. Balthazar summons his necromancy and cuts the beast in twain with a giant scythe. Skinwalker absorbs the golems and machines nearby, while maintaining control, and becomes wet cement. She flows into the hole, sealing it, while Bombshell dives in after her. The world turns cold as Kronos appears. He changes Lady Veil's bones to silver, torturing her in the process, but Balthazar manages to disrupt this. He cannot change her back to the way he was but he is able to stop her pain...something Kronos is unaware of. Kronos pulls Bombshell out of the pit and separates her into individual nano wasps, which he tortures with EMPs. He then turns, ready to kill Balthazar...who has suddenly vanished thanks to Bobby Maxwell. Skinwalker finds herself compressed into a softball and pulled back to Kronos, who reveals that she is actually a part of him, "blood of his own." Meanwhile, Aquamarine uses the power of Time Shift to create a duplicate Lady Veil, which she leaves behind, while the real Lady Veil jumps back twenty seconds and escapes...all without Kronos' knowledge.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: James Durham; Players: Sarah Sanders-Ode, Luke Amundson, Jess Weaver, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 63 Streaming

One Or The Other by Paxamo

Buried Alive by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-Four: The End Is Just The Beginning

The confrontation with Kronos begins...but is he the true enemy of the Metaverse? And who will be lost in the fight?


The battle for Earth 668 begins. The remaining supers are summoned from Sentinel City as Butch, Abbi, Balthazar, Hex, and Lady Veil regroup. They come up with the best plan they can, given the circumstances, but they all know it is likely a fight that they cannot win. Butch recognizes the impact the pilots have had in helping the avatars become more than what they were. He gives each of his friends a word of encouragement before they set off to take on Kronos. They converge on the battlefield and Kronos appears from his crystal fortress. He easily outmatches some of the lesser supers and even Butch in Titan form is having trouble keeping pace. He and Abbi attack together, throwing Butch and a huge crystal shard into Kronos, and are able to inflict some damage. Magic and Titan power are the only things that seem to hurt him...but not for long as the wounds begin to close as quickly as he gains them. Thomas comes around and finds himself in a mental prison. He winds his way through the maze for what feels like weeks and eventually finds his way out. Emerging into the throne room of Kronos, Thomas sees the battle raging on. Before he joins the fray, Thomas picks up two cubes, one red and one blue and brings them with him. Flying out into the battle, Thomas dons a pair of rocket boots...just as the Metaverse raises a ghost army of fallen Titans to defend and serve at the side of Butch Baker. Kronos is causing great amounts of damage to Butch and summons a swarm of drones. Some of these he causes to explode, killing more supers with the flying shrapnel, while the rest encase him in a protective bubble. The ghost army swarms Kronos and strips him of his drones as Balthazar and Lady Veil damage him with magic attacks. Hex transports herself into the center of Kronos' fortress in an attempt to break his control and concentration. She succeeds and Kronos turns his attention from Butch and back to his fortress. He causes the inside of the ceiling to crumble. At the last moment Harvey pulls Hex out of the way and sends her safely from the citadel. A bloody Butch calls to Abbi and asks her to do something for him. He asks her to accept the Titan Matrix from him, telling her that he isn't able to tell if people are good or bad or worthy but that she is. He tells her to go and find more worthy heroes while he distracts Kronos for as long as he can. Abbi shakily accepts the Titan Force and activates it, transforming into her Titan self. Butch however does not fall, he hovers in place. He realizes at last that even without the Titan Matrix he has powers...specifically he can control kinetic energy. Once again the Metaverse intervenes and Butch is healed completely, even beyond his normal self. Abbi does not leave to find more heroes as Butch requested. Instead she prepares to attack Kronos with her ultra vision, using the crystal walls of the citadel to reflect it a thousand times over. Butch can now see the energy fields that surround and protect Kronos and punches a hole in them, as Hex summons the fae to come to their aid. Balthazar commands the ghost army to attack Kronos, as Lady Veil teleports fifty feet forward with Abbi...straight to Kronos. Abbi unleashes her attack and Kronos falls...the mad god is dead. TOM suddenly appears and instructs Andi to kill all the avatars including her own. If she does not comply, he will have Cole kill her, Crash, and her grandfather Bruno. He also activates the Thomas protocol, causing Cicero to attack the others without Thomas' say so. Back in the home Metaverse, Crash and Bruno meet with Crash's father. TOM is the threat to the Metaverse, Crash's Dad has seen it. He intends to use the special pod that Zenda helped them to build to enter all the avatars in all the Metaverses via a Joe's Diner. They have been able to narrow it down to five possible locations but they cannot be sure which one. First they need to save Andi before she does something she will regret. Crash also needs to defeat Henrich...who is on his way. Bruno sets off to save Andi as Crash prepares. Back in Earth 668, Abbi and Andi are distraught. Abbi tells Butch what has happened and Butch tells her to hit him instead. Cicero begins to attack Lady Veil and Hex and Balthazar attempt to figure out what to do next. Abbi, with help from Andi and Angel, play acts fighting to look much worse than it is and attempts to fight Butch without hurting him in her Titan form. Meanwhile, Hex and Balthazar reverse the flow and leap into the bodies of Rosie and Wyatt. Back in the home Metaverse, Crash confronts Henrich. They appear evenly matched until Henrich lands a terrible blow and Crash is badly hurt. All seems lost when Henrich suddenly loses power. Crash uses the powers of Butch to encase Henrich in mud and summons a loot box with Oblivion Water. Remembering his friends, Crash pours the water down the throat on Henrich. Bruno crosses the river near where Andi is being held only to be shot in the gut by Cole. As Cole begins monologuing, Bruno shoots him in the head and drags himself to Andi's side. As he marvels at how much she looks like her grandmother, Bruno finds himself transported into an avatar. He sees Andi hovering over Abbi, who appears to be beating Butch to death. Bruno calls out and Abbi, upon hearing his voice, cannot be the reason why Andi loses everything. She stops holding back and begins to actually punch Butch, sobbing "I'm sorry, thank you" over and over again. Bruno calls out again, letting her know that everyone is safe and she does not have to do anything. Andi moves to full pilot and meets her grandfather, only to realize that he is dying. All at once all the pilots are pulled from their avatars. Thomas and Aquamarine exit the pods to see Jenika, unresponsive in her pod, Maddox vomiting on the floor. The room is destroyed, as is Robo Opal. Zenda and the special pod are gone...and Hex and Balthazar are piloting Rosie and Wyatt.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Luke Amundson, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Jim Clawson, Joseph Fry, Mark Thomason First appearance of:

Episode 64 Streaming

I'm Sorry, Thank You by Paxamo

The Loneliest Man In The Metaverse by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-Five: Return To Planet Thunderdome

In the search for the right Joe's Diner, the pilots return to the world of Magical Space Princesses! Old friends are reunited and TOM shows his true colors...


The Sparkle Sisters are reunited in an attempt to discover which Joe's Diner is the intended site of the final confrontation with TOM. Tessa, Jenika, Aquamarine, Rosie, and Thomas are sent back to their former avatars. Once there, they find that Chad has been missing for some time. He comes to himself in a dragon's lair holding a dragon's egg. His memory is spotty but he does recall taking on a catering job for the wedding of the year in the Djinn galaxy. The mother of the bride, a rakshasa, requested a great omelette made with a dragon's egg. But Chad refused to make the dish...and yet here he is. After some verbal sparring and biology lessons with a dragon mother named Carl, the Sparkle Sisters are reunited with Chad who informs them that he took the job simply because he was to be paid with a wish. He misses Brad greatly and would do anything to get his bro back.Returning to the Djinn Galaxy, the omelette is prepared and the wedding set to begin. Chad then catches sight of the wedding singer, who is none other than Brad. The bros have a tearful and heartfelt reunion, completely upstaging the bride, and Chad informs Brad that he intends to use his wish to regain his keepstone and magical princess powers. He does this by shaking literally the cutest tiger baby ever and is once again Chad, Magical Space Prince Tabon (formerly of the Esteban Galaxy). It is at this point that all the pilots regain some control and remember their mission to seek out Joe's Diner, something they are also told to do by Brad who was told by Hollywood that they could not forget to go to Joe's. They set off to the nearest Joe's diner, only to find their way blocked by an armada of Mannschplainers. At the helm of the lead ship is none other than Baron Mannschplainer...and at his shoulder like a Metaverse Iago is none other than TOM. The Baron seems unaware of his parasitic friend though all the pilots are able to see him clearly. The Baron attacks the princesses but is no match for their newly united powers. Vega tricks him into surrendering and the fleet departs, allowing the princesses to descend to the planet's surface. Once there, they make their way into Joe's and talk with Hollywood. He's sympathetic but unable to offer much assistance. He does however, offer to let them see the junk room provided they bring their milkshakes with them. Smelling a rat, Zelenia questions Hollywood while Chad notices that everyone appears to be moving more like puppets than people and Hollywood's feet never seem to leave the ground. The jig is up and Hollywood reveals himself to be a tongue. It appears that the entire diner is actually a giant kaiju sized mimic that has disguised itself and is currently in the process of digesting Galaxy Force Five. Rosie uses her time as Chimera Blaze to learn that the only way to properly kill a mimic is through dismemberment. Thomas summons castor oil and allows the princesses to escape the mouth of the mimc via vomit. Once outside, the team summons their giant robots and goes to work. The mimic is completely discorporated thanks to the powers of sun, moon, time, space, Chad, and a giant fish. Approaching the real Joe's Diner, which was located only a few feet behind the mimic, the team realizes that they must find some way to mark this diner so that it can no longer be the one seen in Crash's father's vision. Chad paints it pink and marks it with the symbol of Galaxy Force Five as they enter the diner to confer with the real Hollywood over some strawberry milkshakes and pie.

GM Breakage count: 1
GM: Christian Doyle; Players: Lisa Coronado, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, James Durham First appearance of:

Episode 65 Streaming

The Rules by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-Six: The Good, The Bad, The Worst

Wyatt, Maddox, Crash, and Rosie are sent into the Weird West where they must fight forces divine and arcane to save Joe's Diner.


Colonel Jaxun, joined by his friend Jebediah and the mostly machine man that was John Stone, sends Crash, Rosie, Maddox, and Wyatt back into the Metaverse of the Weird West. Once there, they find that Doc and Jesse have become servants of the devil, collecting souls and bringing them to purgatory. Gatling and Annie Oakley are tasked with stopping them, something that becomes a bit simpler when the pilots take a bit more control. They agree to let the certain soul they are after go, for now, and Doc opens a portal to Purgatory as Crash is able to sense that Joe's Diner is thousands of miles away on the continent of South America. Traveling through the underworld, Gatling and Oakley are attacked by the demons who hunger for their living flesh. The group fends them off as best as they can until a ghost train arrives and carries them to their destination. As they go, the group meets the devil himself, who reminds Doc and Jesse that they owe him a soul...and Gatling and Oakley are not on the list. Instead of adding an extra 100 years to their sentence, Doc goes back and retrieves the soul they initially let go and the group carries on. Upon reaching the portal to South America, they are confronted by a giant Vulture like creature who guards the door. He refuses to let them pass until Gatling sells him some of his miracle skin cream. Arriving in South America, the group notices a distinct lack of wildlife. Gatling, using his newly acquired druidic talents (thanks to Johnny Appleseed), senses that there is a great area of darkness and death which also centers around the place where Joe's Diner is supposed to be. Making their way ahead, the group is confronted by a swarm of man bats. While Jesse James seems to have better things to do, the others dispatch them efficiently. Bedding down for the night, Rosie uses her powers from Hex to lift the devil's curse and allow Jesse and Doc to eat and drink for one night. In the morning, they continue on their way and soon find the Joe's Diner. It is surrounded by black stones and an arcane energy. Doc and Jesse are suddenly gripped by dark tendrils which are coming from two groups of necromancers nearby. Gatling and Annie disrupt the spells and prevent their comrades from becoming dark puppets. A stitched together demon appears and, along with the remaining necromancers, makes a final attempt to stop the pilots. They are unsuccessful and Annie Oakley carves her name into the side of the building, preventing TOM from using it in his plans. Back in their home Metaverse, the pilots are told by Colonel Jaxun that they will be sent on two simultaneous missions, Thomas, Jenika, Aquamarine, and Crash are being sent back to the 80s world which is now under alien occupation. Wyatt, Maddox, Brony, and Andi are being sent to a new world, one that is medieval in nature but there is something off about it...but the Colonel is not able to put his finger on what.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham; Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 66 Streaming

Episode Sixty-Seven: Henhouse

The crew of Galaxy Tails returns...but not in the way you might expect. They seek out their father, defeat foes, and find new connections with old enemies, all while fighting to save another Joe's Diner.


The pilots return to the avatars of Galaxy Tails but the world is not the same. In the time since they were last together, the furry heroes have left Mammalon behind (and hanging on a chain around Sojourn's neck), and joined the human resistance against the alien invaders. Things are not going very well but all that is about to change because Kitt Foxman has a plan...if only he could remember what it was. It definitely involves Ohio, namely the towns of Clyde and Colbie. Colbie is the base of alien operations while Clyde is the home to the creator of Galaxy Tails, one Jasper Crown. The group travels to meet their ersatz father and find him bloated, mostly drunk, and on his way to a nice sized heart attack. After some persuasion, Jasper agrees to take their station wagon (yes, they drove a station wagon) and head to safety. Once there he is to draw a new home for the Mammalon Galaxy which will come to life and save all the poor creatures that currently are living inside of a piece of jewelry. For their part, the Galaxy Tails crew heads off to Colbie to enact the first part of Kitt's plan, an assault on the communications array. Various aliens in power suits try to stop them, but the Galaxy Tails crew overcome the odds (because of course they do) and the communications are soon shut down. Cut off from the rest of their fleet, the aliens are hunkered down in their complex. Kitt scans the area and notes that there is another being not is neither alien or human located nearby, buried beneath the alien compound. While the other team members assault the compound, Presto begins to dig and soon reaches the location of the life form. It's none other than Admiral Sliss...and he is wearing a Titan logo. Presto charms Sliss, a little too well, and learns that he has been here since he woke up after being vaporized. He is now committed to doing good, which is handy since they need to stop the alien invaders. Sliss joins the team and they battle the alien forces. Kitt finally enacts his cunning plan, teleporting all the imprisoned humans back onto Earth and to safety. The resistance is saved, the tide is turned, and the Galaxy Tails crew bring down a large alien vessel which happens to land in such a way as to knock out the power to the local Joe's Diner. The location is now useless and safe from TOM...but the Metapocalypse continues.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Chris Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 67 Streaming

Episode Sixty-Eight: Dig Two Graves

The pilots once again travel to the world of the Borks. Things are much changed and the team must engage in a fight for their lives...and their souls.


Maddox, Wyatt, Andi, and Brony are sent back to where it all began...the land of the Borks. It seems in the time since they were last there, the fallen Knights of Borkdom have taken to murdering humans. It started off as an attempt to destroy all wizards in an attempt to find those who had taken over their minds and caused them to do the terrible things to their friends...but now it's pretty much just about the murder. The four borks have brought a reign of terror down on the humans and are stalking more prey, when they suddenly notice that each of them seems to have a floating human ghost just above them. The pilots manage to get back some control before the borks start killing each other and are horrified at what has happened to this once innocent world. Just then they smell pastries and hear singing. A strange man with a cart approaches the village and strikes a deal with the mayor. He will rid them of this scourge so long as he gets the bork jelly. He is, after all, The Bork Hunter. The borks sneak out of town and soon find themselves surrounded by the most delicious smells. The bakeries are working again and if there is one thing a bork cannot resist, even a murder hobo bork, its pie. The four steal into a bakery and begin gorging themselves...which explains why they do not hear the humans surrounding the building. Using some flour and flame, they rocket themselves out of the chimney and right next to the Bork Hunter's cart. Hanging in a cage on the back of the cart, beard shaven, is none other than the littlest bork. The Bork Hunter sets his trap and manages to capture Bowie. The others rally and devise an attack. Freeing Bowie, they all strike and brutally murder The Bork Hunter and a few collateral humans. The littlest bork is horrified and runs off again. The humans now also know the weaknesses of the borks which probably won't have any consequences...probably. Andi suddenly senses a nearby Joe's and the four pilots make their way there. After marking the outside to prevent TOM from using it for his plans, they enter and are soon greeted by Rhodes. He's tired and has a warning for them all. Stay out of the bork world and cease all Metaverse travel within three days. He is aware of TOM and tells the pilots that he is rooting for them, which is why he's letting them have three extra days. With this new warning and information, the pilots are once again surrounded by the while light of the Metaverse and returned to their own world.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill, Jess Weaver, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of:

Episode 68 Streaming

Foreshadows Before The Storm by Paxamo

Episode Sixty-Nine: What Goes Up...

Things get decidedly more "real", as Crash, Brony, Andi, and Bruno take the fight for the Metaverse too...Nevada! TOM reveals hidden weapons and a terrible choice must be made.


Crash is told by his father that he must select a team and head to Nevada. Once there, they will be the last line of defense between Zenda and Joe's diner. Crash selects Brony, Andi, and Bruno, much to his father's surprise, and the group sets off. They almost immediately come under fire as they approach the town of Jarbridge. Steering their ultralights into the best version of a crash possible, the pilots are seperated. Crash and Brony are attacked by soldiers and...trees? Andi and her grandfather, Bruno, face off against a tactical squad and some powered individuals. Bruno is finding himself a lot stronger and healthier than he remembered, while Andi is demonstrating her connection with a Titan powered avatar. Brony and Crash managed to take out the majority of their attackers, especially since they didn't happen to land in the middle of a kill box, and head off to help the other members of their team. Working together, the pilots manage to survive the onslaught and make their way toward the abandoned town. They cannot see a Joe's Diner but Crash and Andi can sense it. The diner is hiding at the moment but there is no more time for discussion. Another group of tactical squad members is heading toward them, as well as several more pilots. Andi's empathy senses a lot of people coming, one of whom is deeply enraged...and one of whom is terrified. A tank bursts through a nearby shed and opens fire, just as Andi feels her powers begin to drain. Crash reaches out and senses a nearby pilot, spying a young boy in a window nearby. He appears to be the source of the power drain. Before any action can be taken, a TOM-bot attacks from the other side of town. As the other pilots face off against their attackers, Andi enters the dream world of the young boy. He seems to be like Crash, viewing the world in a different way, and he tells Andi that his name is Isiah. He says that TOM is his friend as he helped him escape from the cage Jebidiah had put him in. Isiah was being hidden as Jebidiah believed that Henrich would have killed him if he had been found. Crash, Brony, Andi, and Bruno launch a final offensive and manage to stop TOM's soldiers and attacking pilots. The partially destroyed TOM-bot then says that the pilots have forced his he launches five nuclear warheads across the country, and detonates his artificial body.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Mark Thomason, Helen Roundhill, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of:

Episode 69 Streaming

Make Me Proud by Paxamo

Episode Seventy: Must Come Down... | SEASON FOUR FINALE

The fight for the Metaverse takes a dramatic turn. When the smoke clears, nothing will be the same again.


Andi tries to convince Isiah that TOM has been lying to him this whole time but only succeeds in getting herself ejected from his dream world. Upon waking, she finds the others recovering from the blast of the TOM-bot. They are quickly joined by the rest of the pilots and Crash fills them in on everything they missed. The team splits up. Crash, Thomas, Aquamarine, Andi, and Wyatt head off to stop the bombs while Maddox, Bruno, Jenika, Brony, and Rosie stay behind to guard Joe's. The sign on the diner has changed from "Open 24 Hours" to "Open 17 Hours", while the inside of the diner itself is empty. There is a sign on the door that says "Be Back In..." with no time. Crash and his team head off to stop the bombs from falling. The team outside the diner soon comes under attack from TOM's pilots and it quickly becomes clear that they are fighting pilots who possess powers that mirror their own. Meanwhile, the other group of pilots each manage to stop and disable the warheads before they reach their intended targets. Thomas does a quick TOM check and realizes that this is likely a distraction to prevent the team from being there to stop the invasion of Joe's. Racing back, Crash and the others join forces with the other pilots. Combining their abilities they are finally able to take down TOM's pilots and a moment of calm descends. It seems that for the first time they might have managed to get a step ahead of TOM. Rosie, Crash, Brony, Wyatt, and Andi go inside. Thomas and Bruno stay outside to watch the perimeter while Jenika and Aquamarine notice an unmarked van in the back. The van is near an open sewer grate, and the two women decide to investigate. Following the path they emerge in the kitchen of Joe's. Out in the dining area, Hollywood is rushed off his feet as the place is packed. When asked why, he says that it is because the Metaverse is about to break apart. The world is going to end in about twenty minutes. Wyatt notices someone who doesn't seem like they belong, a small Asian woman. Unfortunately he notices her right as she stabs Andi. Hollywood marches over and attempts to intervene, only to find his powers gone. Someone has switched his ticket book. TOM enters the diner in Isiah's body and Zenda emerges to hand him the real ticket book. He then retreats to the kitchen to complete the pod while TOM freezes the diner and proceeds to monologue. Zenda returns and suddenly flips the real ticket book to Crash. Crash catches it and tries to send it to Hollywood but misses. Time rewinds and they are frozen again, only this time TOM is expecting the double cross and stops Zenda. He takes the ticket book and throws Crash and Zenda out of the diner. They disappear and TOM enters the metapod. Crash comes to in a Metaverse he has never seen before. Zenda is nearby, wounded, and a garbage truck is rounding the corner. Back in the diner it seems like TOM is unstoppable...and then the garbage truck crashes into Joe's. A horrible sound and bone crunching pain, and Joe's is gone. The pilots stand up and realize that they are no longer connected to their past avatars, the bond is cut. Rhodes appears to bring them in. He gave them three days and time is up. One by one they disappear though Rhodes admits he doesn't know where Crash or Zenda are. Turning to Hollywood, Rhodes instructs him to close down and seal off this Metaverse. Hollywood agrees. Some time later Colonel Jaxun approaches the last place his son was seen on this earth. "Thank you son. I'm so sorry."

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Christian Doyle, Mark Thomason, Helen Roundhill, Andy Dopieralski, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Chris Ode, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 70 Streaming

Milkshakes At The End Of The World by Paxamo

Season Five Episode List

Meta End

Episode Seventy-One: Fish Or Cut Bait

Rosie, Crash, Maddox, and Wyatt adjust to life in Meta-End prison. As they begin to plan an escape, they find more questions than answers...


Crash, Rosie, Maddox, and Wyatt find themselves in Meta End prison. As they adjust to their new reality they find that not only do they no longer have any powers or abitlies, but their friends are nowhere to be seen. The only hint of anyone else they know is the rumor of a man named "Z", last seen suffering in the Box. The group finds out that their wait time to see the judge is in the decades so they settle down to plan a prison break. They have become friendly with the other members of their cell block. Boyd and Wiley are a pair of technology stealing grifters, Brooks is a semi-transparent hit man, and Pelage is an octopus woman who bends time to rig elections. Pelage, who has been there the longest, has heard about meta pilots and avatars though none of the others have. They all have heard stories about a man named "Zelda" who called in a favor and escaped from Meta End. But of course none of these stories could be true...could they? The pilots try to make headway with the prison gang leader, Boggs. Crash nearly gets himself shanked but is able to defuse the situation thanks to a little help from Professor Gatling. He promises Boggs a machine that can make any food he wants using only the tasteless paste that the prison provides. In exchange, he wants to know more about what is on the inside of the prison. Every time a prisoner is hurt or a fight breaks out, the guard drones immediately knock out anyone in the surrounding area. No one has ever seen what is inside the prison itself...not the med bay, not the supply closet, nothing but the cells and the yard. Boggs agrees and as they retreat to their cell to build this amazing machine, Wyatt notices a drone acting differently than the others. It hangs back and looks at them as its light blinks yellow. After Boggs receives his payment, he tells them about a new prisoner who has the skills needed to get them where they want to go. The others discuss how to get to this prisoner and Wyatt relays what he observed about the drones. Using a Three Stooges style fight in the prison yard as cover, the group makes their way to the section of the prison where the escape artist is currently being held. After meeting with their new ally, the pilots decide to attempt to break into the Box and free "Z", who is assumed to be Zenda. At this moment a squad a drones flies through and again, one with a yellow light hangs back. Maddox waves hello and the drone responds by taking out the other three drones in the group. Thomas' voice comes over the drone's speakers telling them to hurry. A panel in the wall opens, leading into a disused hallway filled with desks and dust.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Maggie Doyle First appearance of:

Episode 71 Streaming

Phantom Limbs by Paxamo
Skinner Box by Merkwerkee
Meta Prison Blues by Merkwerkee

Episode Seventy-Two: A Link To The Past

The pilots break further into Meta-End Prison, uncovering secrets and finding unexpected company...


The group finds themselves in what appears to be an abandoned hallway with guard station. They take some time to investigate while Thomas informs them that they need to find Zenda and then meet him in Evidence. Thomas disables the drone and the pilots are left on their own. Crash spots drag marks in the dust, indicating that someone was recently removed from their cell and dragged away. Rosie realizes that this is what happened to her when her finger was broken. Maddox finds a key card for B3 and a memo mentioning THE CLEANERS and advising all employees of Meta End to avoid their routes. They soon meet these cleaners, a swarm of metallic wasp-like robots, and just barely manage to escape their notice. They find a door marked B3 and use the keycard to enter. They are now in a new section of the prison. Further on in, they find the Infirmary. Wyatt and Rosie begin trying to crack the computer, much to Crash's growing frustration. He manages to get himself some medication to help level himself off but is still frustrated by their lack of progress. Everyone is so caught up in their own tasks that no one hears the drones until it is too late. Maddox and Rosie are able to destroy their attackers while Wyatt protects the computer. As the smoke clears they read the patient files of Brony and Zenda. Brony poisoned himself by eating paste while Zenda was attacked by his cell mate. Using the broken drones to make flashlights, the group continues on and eventually ends up in a break room. Crash is becoming annoyed at their constant searching for answers that don't seem to be there and only is interested in going to find Butch. The Cleaners make another appearance and it seems as if they will be trapped this time...until Crash uses the parts from a drone to trigger a hidden door, leading into the wing which houses Segregation and Zenda. They soon find Zenda, in cell 42, and release him. Just as he is getting acquainted with everyone, a door opens and Mofield aka the escape artist appears and shoots Zenda in the chest. He falls and the pilots engage, eventually taking out Mofield and his henchmen. They rush a critically wounded Zenda, who manages to pocket a shiv on the way out, to the nearest Med Bay.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Maggie Doyle First appearance of:

Episode 72 Streaming

Enough by Paxamo

Episode Seventy-Three: Our Rob Or Ross

It's time to break free of Meta-End Prison. Along the way, the pilots uncover devastating truths and unexpected secrets...and learn that they are facing a new kind of evil.


The pilots deal with the last of their attackers and rush Zenda to the nearest Med Bay. Thanks to his injury, Zenda takes a backseat to the personality of Captain Jack Rackham. The captain is much more forthcoming that Zenda, and reveals many secrets. Among them, both Captain Jack and his pregnant wife Anne were executed due to some actions that Zenda too. In addition, Zenda isn't even his real name. He was previously known as "Z" and was called that by his pilot...Jebediah Lexington. The group decides that they need to start making their way to Evidence and Thomas. Jack reveals that Zenda knows the only way to get to evidence, and eventually Joe's, is to basically pull the fire alarm and run through the emergency doors. The pilots head toward the incinerator in order to overload it and realize that the drones don't travel down the older passages of the prison, meaning either they aren't detectable there or they were never supposed to find this route in the first place. Inside the incineration room, Zenda takes over once more and rigs the device to overload and spread fuel and flame throughout the center of Meta End. This done, the pilots head off through the nearest emergency exit. They travel through rooms marked "The Judge", "Death Row" (population CLEANERS), and "The End". At last they find evidence and Thomas, who is actually evidence himself. Searching through nearby containers for traces of the evidence being presented against them, Crash finds a banana phone. When he calls it, he reaches the voice mail of The Bakers, who are currently off planet looking for their friends while Hex Destiny is left in charge. Heat and flame press closer and the group rushes through the last door...and into Joe's Diner. There they are met by Rhodes, who congratulates them on their escape. He reveals that he was the one orchestrating their break out all along. He needs them for a job, taking on a class five metapilot named Antonius Basileus. Basileus has murdered thousands of avatars and pilots, destabilized countless Metaverses, and he killed Wendy Gates...Rhodes' partner. In return, he promises to get them back home, if that is where they wish to go, all charges dismissed as much as he is able. He will also give them an overview of Metaverse Law so they can avoid any infractions going forward. The severed bonds of their avatars however is not something he can undo. Those connections are gone forever. Rosie and Crash are devastated while Maddox is eager to return home to her brother. It is revealed that Thomas, as evidence, was not severed and has retained his connections. The pilots agree to Rhodes' request and he takes his leave. Hollywood approaches with their food and gives the pilots a nod. But they slowly realize that he wasn't nodding at them, but at the lone milkshake on the counter.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: Chris Ode; Players: Christian Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Maggie Doyle, James Durham First appearance of:

Episode 73 Streaming

Pounds Of Flesh By A Thousand Cuts by Paxamo

Episode Seventy-Four: Run Like Hell

Andi, Bruno, and Aquamarine make their escape from Meta-End and team up with Thomas and Zenda for a new assignment from Rhodes. They are being sent to a Metaverse in the arrest TOM.


Andi, Bruno, and Aquamarine are broken out of prison by Rhodes. He meets them in Joe's Diner to offer them a deal, charges dropped and freedom to go long as they arrest TOM first. It seems that Zenda's sabotage of his metapod has prevented TOM from entering he is leaping into normal people instead. Bruno is given a chance to leave, bonds intact, as he was never actually charged with or guilty of any Metaverse crimes. He was simply brought along because his granddaughter, Andi, asked for him to be kept with her. He refuses, choosing instead to remain with Andi and Aquamarine. Rhodes leaves and Andi spots a dark haired woman drinking a milkshake. The woman motions them down a back hallway and then disappears. Andi and Bruno go to investigate and find a broom closet that is marked, "Definitely Not A Way Out". Entering the closet, the pilots are transported to Arena where they are met by Thomas and Zenda. Zenda welcomes them back to the base of operations that he and Thomas have set up. Zenda gives them the information he has, the other team are out in Coliseum while Jenika and Brony are still unaccounted for. The pilots will be going into a Metaverse where the avatars are destined to die within twelve hours...and they need to let this happen. Before the end comes, the pilots need to find and arrest TOM. Zenda promises to send them a device to locate TOM when he is able to lock in on them. Thomas, Bruno, Andi, and Aquamarine leap into the bodies of the O'Connor clan, who have just robbed a mobster's hotel. Thomas takes control of fourteen year old Danny and, with some help from Presto, is able to drive the getaway car to great effect. The others dispatch their police pursuers and eventually they find themselves alone on the road. Zenda manages to get them a "boop boop" to locate TOM. They come upon a church and its lone inhabitant, Father Tom. After some tasing, strip searching, and eventual hand cuffing, the pilots have no idea how to actually arrest TOM. The sound of cars pulling up outside indicates that the mobster has come to collect what was stolen from him. Father Tom ushers everyone down into a hidden room in the cellar, one that was used for the Underground Railroad. Bruno begins to wonder if he isn't supposed to shoot Father Tom in the head when Andi asks for a loot box. Father Tom is here to serve and asks Andi what she needs. She asks for a "means to arrest you" and gets exactly that. The pilots leave the Metaverse and return to report to Zenda.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Mark Thomason, Helen Roundhill, Vanessa Postil First appearance of: Fiona (Fae) O'Connor, Little Danny O'Connor, Mary O'Connor, Michael O'Connor

Episode 74 Streaming

Gestures And Memories by Paxamo

Episode Seventy-Five: Come Out And Play

Jenika is finally reunited with the team and has some strange happenings to relate. The pilots leap into a world of vampire Nazis and come away with new connections.


Jenika wakes up in a room in Meta End prison. There are two simple benches and across from her, bandaged arms and a vacant expression on his face, is Brony Robbins. Before she can think, a door opens filling the room with light. The smells of Joe's Diner greet her and Brony suddenly springs into action. "This way." he says, leading Jenika into Joe's and down a hallway to a waiting broom closet. After marking the door with masking tape, Brony opens the closet to reveal pure white light. "Go, I'll follow you." He pushes Jenika out and she falls into a large garbage heap. In the sky above her, the white door winks out of existence and Jenika is left alone in a strange city. She wanders for a time and comes upon a slave market. A slicing pain in the back of her neck and Jenika falls, the words "A pilot! Just walking around out in the open!' the last things she hears. Time passes and Jenika begins to come too. Sounds of a fight are dimly heard and then a strange metal arm lifts her up and into a jeep. Meanwhile, back at the base, Andi, Bruno, Aquamarine, and Thomas are trying to understand each other and their current situation. Zenda returns with Jenika in tow and the others are struck by how much weight she has lost. Her tales of Brony are perplexing and the doctor goes off to sleep off the effects of her drugging. When she awakes, Zenda gives them their new mission. They will be traveling to a world where Nazis are run by vampires and all manner of dark creature are twisted to their purpose. TOM is hiding somewhere in Normandy in June of 1944. Entering their avatars, Andi, Aquamarine, Bruno, and Jenika travel through the small French village in search of Thomas. They eventually find him embedded with the Nazis. It seems that this iteration of the Axis of Evil is trying to create a serum to allow vampires to walk in the daylight. They are doing this by summoning demons and turning them to their purpose. And somewhere within this is TOM. Thomas is able to get them into the compound but any further will require different tactics. Thomas receives the boop boop and a special collar, one that will keep TOM from jumping bodies. The group moves off into the facility and using blood magic, the power of silence, and a werewolf, manages to get rid of a whole bunch of Nazi guards. Eventually the come upon an empty guard station and enter a lab. The door slams shut and locks behind them. A giant summoning circle in the middle of the room soon gives way to a giant fiery demon. And TOM was the one who summoned him. The pilots see a flash of Hawaiian print going down a back hall just as the demon attacks. Thomas breaks the summoning circle, removing the demon from Nazi control. The others prepare to attack as Lady Evelyn does a quick check of the royal line and determines that this demon is far FAR beneath her. She commands the demon to bring her the one who summoned her. The demon disappeared and the pilots race after TOM. The arrive in an underground garage in time to see a car speeding away. Using magic, teleportation, and Tai-Kwon-Slow, the pilots appear at the car and quickly capture TOM. Thomas puts the collar on him and they travel to a local airfield. Several thousand miles above the rest of the world, the pilots call for Rhodes and are greeted by white light. Back in the base, Zenda notes that Andi has bonded and warns that any bonds the pilots gain can be used against them, especially in the city of Coliseum.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Mark Thomason, Helen Roundhill, Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of: Carmen Simone, Lady Evelyn, Baxter Waczikowski, Jacolynn London, Max Yannik

Episode 75 Streaming

Forgotten Toys by Paxamo

Episode Seventy-Six: Space Oddity

Andi, Bruno, Thomas, Aqua, and Jenika enter a new world full of TOMs. How far will they go to capture him?


The pilots are awaiting their next instructions from Rhodes when they hear a knock on the door. A mailman delivers letters to each of them and disappears. They turn out to be letters from someone named Monday/Milkshake, offer words of reassurance and hope. Zenda relays his newest instructions from Rhodes and they head into the Metaverse, still processing what their newly received messages mean. The pilots leap into a world of magic and technology and are met by Rhodes. It seems in this world of facist magicians, TOM has somehow found a way to take over an order of monks. He now populates an entire planet, one that the pilots must destroy which means they have to steal a warship. Rhodes departs and the others quickly realize that Bruno's avatar is not so fond of pretty much any one else on board. Bruno tries to stay in control as Andi leans into her avatar. Thomas uses his Presto ability and summons a fully armed warship to their exact location. This is less than ideal but a plan is quickly formed. Bruno keeps his avatar under control and pretends to be captured while Andi and her avatar schmooze the soldiers on the newly summoned ship. Once they confirm the identity of the newly captured prisoner, the warship's crew transports the pilots over to their ship. They immediately try to subdue Bruno's avatar which goes...not well. The alarm systems are eventually shut down and the bridge party either subdued or murdered. The pilots vent off the life support at Thomas' suggestion in an attempt to make sure that no one else comes after them. They then travel to the newly sealed off bridge and Aquamarine charms them into opening the door. Once on board, and the bridge crew appropriately intimidated, Andi attempts to channel her avatar and fly the warship. With Aquamarine's help she manages to do so and eventually they are outside the planet of TOMs. Unfortunately, the only person who is able to fire the giant weapon needed to blow up TOM World is Bruno's avatar...who wants to kill everyone else on the ship, including the avatars. Thomas and Bruno remain on the bridge with Jenika while Andi and Aquamarine head outside. Bruno lets his avatar loose...and he promptly orders Jenika to subdue Thomas. She refuses and Thomas is struck by and electrical blast of elemental magic. Thomas moves Bruno back into the driver's seat and instructs him to fire the weapon. After a misfire, Bruno finally gets the shot off and destroys the planet of TOMs. Thomas collars Bruno's avatar, preventing him from doing magic after Bruno is gone, and they shut down Jenika's avatar/evil sarcastic android. They white light surrounds them and they open their eyes, back in their metapods.

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: James Durham; Players: Chris Ode, Mark Thomason, Helen Roundhill, Vanessa Postil, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of: Lothar Kaldegga, Grace Lyonns, Ace, Skinny, Kae-la

Episode 76 Streaming

Encouraging Words by Paxamo

Episode Seventy-Seven: Surfin' Safari

Bruno, Thomas, Zenda, and Aquamarine are sent to a world where humans and animals live together, and anyone could be TOM.


Bruno, Zenda, Aquamarine, and Thomas are sent on a mission by Rhodes while Jenika and Andi are off retrieving a report from Wyatt. They find themselves in the avatars of animals, in a world where humans and animals live together. The year is 1980 and the hottest show in Hawaii is Magnum, PI. Which means that everyone is wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Clearly this will make finding TOM difficult. Compounding the issue is the fact that their avatars are detectives, hot on the case of a murderous furry skinner. On top of that, there are at least ten residents of Furtown who have woken up with gaps in their memories and their bank accounts. After a few hiccups with the Chief, they find themselves at a local bar where Zenda manages to get a name from a very drunk duck. Julius Braccium is an octopus crime lord who always gets away with murder. The group heads out to the site of the new opera house, which also happens to be the location of the latest murder victim. Along the way, they are followed by a pair of dobermans who turn out to be private security for the aforementioned Octo-boss. They aren't super happy with the arrival of a strange group of people but they're willing to let it go...and then Kershaw/Zenda stabs one of their tires. The avatars hurry off to the opera house while Zenda attempts to retrieve the TOM tracker from Arena. The experience is extremely painful and he retreats, leaving his avatar in full control. Bruno turns on the tracker and sees that TOM is jumping rapidly from person to person. Once at the opera house, the avatars inspect the scene of the crime when the sound of a motorcycle distracts them. The twin dobermans are riding erratically, with one on the shoulders of the other. The TOM tracker indicates that TOM is...well there, and the pilots take off. Unfortunately TOM also clocks them and revs the engine. A chase ensues which ends with the dobermans rolling down a sandy hill to the beach below and Thomas ramping a bloodhound's undercover car. The dobermans come around, without TOM in either of their heads. As the detectives search their pockets, they find an invitation to a private and very fancy party at the home of Julius Braccium. A montage of costume changes, counterfeiting, and catering takes place, and soon the team is ready to infiltrate the upper class of Furtown. Thomas takes a job as a caterer while Zenda sneaks in via a dumb waiter. Aquamarine and Bruno head inside as party guests, soon meeting up again with Thomas. Zenda makes it to the top of the building and into Braccium's private office. The others finagle a private meeting with the mob boss, thanks to the promise of some very questionable quiches, and find themselves face to face with a giant mustachioed octopus. Who is actually three octopuses in a trench coat. As Julius enacts the Sashimi Stack Up, Zenda and his avatar find what they are looking for just in time for the doors to start locking. Zenda starts heading back to his team while the TOM tracker lets everyone know that TOM is heading this way...and there are a lot of them. It's a TOMga line! Bruno and Zenda team up and network while Thomas and Aquamarine throw the best luau ever. Braccium is arrested and Tommy Good Time is trapped. The white light of the Metaverse surrounds them and they head back to Arena.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: Maggie Doyle; Players: Chris Ode, Mark Thomason, James Durham, Vanessa Postil First appearance of: Wally Shultz, Ray Delamano, Madeline Pusspuss, "Rex" Sweetums

Episode 77 Streaming

The Debt Of Names by Paxamo

Seeing The Truth by Paxamo

Episode Seventy-Eight: Planet Metaverse; The Prequelibrium

Life back in the home Metaverse is anything but ordinary...a team of slightly extraordinary people are brought together to investigate Planet Metaverse!


Lizzie Foster, Wendy Gates, Patric Lebowitz-O'Kelley, and John Stone are coming to terms with their new lives back on the home Metaverse. Wendy is cut off from the Metaverse for the first time and unsure of what to do, but she continues to investigate General Jaxun. Lizzie is getting closer and closer to the truth about Maddox, Wyatt, and what really happened in Toyland. John still searching for his brother and coming to terms with his new existence as a cyborg. Patric has only recently been released from Guantanamo Bay and reunited with Mac. He has a plan to keep Mac safe and find the others...he just needs time. The four of them have been recruited and summoned to the new Planet Metaverse facility. The world is no longer unaware of the existence of worlds outside their own, and the sealing of their Metaverse has had some unforeseen consequences. Pieces of other worlds have become trapped within and its up to Lizzie, Wendy, Patric, and John to collect and contain those pieces. Jeb is very excited to examine any specimens they come across. He already has a collection of Robopal parts, dead Project: Metaverse subjects, and other questionable things. General Jaxun, looking the worse for wear, gives them their orders but is evasive when Patric asks him what happened to Crash. The team heads out to Arizona, where a local hunters blind captured some disturbing images of an unknown creature...right before several gamesmen were ripped to shreds. Clearly this isn't a bear attack. Examining the site, the team is pretty sure it's a large worm. Or a dragon. Whichever. Wendy uses her knowledge of all Gates to recognize this as a burrowing creature that is definitely not from the home Metaverse. These beings are blind and work from vibrations. They are also dangerous hunters and, oh yeah, the males lay the eggs. The group comes up with a plan. Basically lure the thing out, run like hell, let John Stone shoot it. What they didn't bank on was there being two of them. Luckily they have Patric. So while Wendy and John Stone tase and shoot one, Patric and Lizzie blow the other one to kingdom come. Returning to the base, John Stone spends another sleepless night wandering the halls. Suddenly voice in his ear, "Hello? Is anyone there?" When John asks the voice who they are he gets an unexpected answer. "I think I used to be TOM."

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Jess Weaver, Tammy Nguyen First appearance of:

Episode 78 Streaming

Episode Seventy-Nine: The New Batch

Crash, Andi, Maddox, and Wyatt uncover new secrets within Arena. With the help of the impossible, they break into a hidden world and find the avatars within.


Crash, Rosie, Wyatt, and Maddox are installed in a secret lair beneath the city of Colyseum. Zenda warns them not to leave the building and to watch the monitors. He leaves and the pilots spend the next few days pouring over the video screens. They see many strange sights, none so strange as that of a buffed out Brony Robbins fighting in the arena. Zenda finally returns and brings with him Andi Jaymes. The others relate what they have seen when suddenly from inside a can, a slip of paper falls out. It directs them to a door that none of them remember being there before. Descending the stairs, the come into a basement full of impossible objects and four more letters. While the pilots read their letters and Zenda takes in the new equipment, he tells them what he is now able to do. Thanks to these new metapods they will be able to enter a hidden Metaverse, one that is very important to Antonius. Climbing into the pods the pilots have the sensation of motion and suddenly open their eyes in a world much like their own and yet completely different. Their avatars are children on the eve of their thirteenth birthday. These four children are taken to a secure facility by shady government types. It seems that one of them has the potential to be reborn as a god and the Human First Alliance isn't taking any chances. Sitting outside in a van, Tragedy (avatar of Andi) is waiting for a sign. It comes in the form of a large explosion. The four children take it as their cue to leave and jump into Tragedy's van in order to avoid the soldiers trying to kill them. Once inside they have to fend off various attackers but manage to repel them and drive towards a sudden and growing storm. As they get further inside a helicopter is spotted...and two men jump out of it. These are the sons of Thor and they are coming to kill the children. The pilots take control from their avatars in an attempt to keep them from getting killed...and end up bonding with them in the process. Crash's avatar is suddenly struck by lightening and yet is unharmed. Thor's sons are taken care of and Crash is still glowing. They keep heading towards the center of the storm. Eventually they have to stop and are confronted by the man himself...Thor. One by one all the pilots' avatars manifest into gods. Zeus, Amon Rah, Loki, and The Morrigan stand on the earth once again. The Morrigan kills Thor and Zeus teleports them all to "that place". The pilots have no say in the matter. With the exception of Andi, they are all pushed to the back, tiny specks as their avatars take full control.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Brock Acedius, Gregory Aarons, Tricia Adisev, Hellenna Abbaddon , Tragedy Lokisdottir

Episode 79 Streaming

Building Part One by Paxamo

Building Part Two by Paxamo

Episode Eighty: Their First Assignment

Zeus and the other gods have a plan, one which might give the pilots a lead on the mysterious Antonius...but they will have to blow up a bridge first.


Every god examines the new beings within them. They each reach an understanding with the other and the pilots are pushed to the background as the gods confer. Zeus reminds them all that they have a plan that needs to be completed, the same plan that they attempted thirteen years ago. The pilots suddenly regain some footing and are surprised when Zeus simply laughs and pushes Crash back down. He allows Crash to speak but even then, Zeus maintains the upper hand. The king of the gods agrees to help the pilots with the issue of Antonius, a name he knows, but in exchange they need to help him with his plan. The first step of which is to destroy the Bifrost. The pilots agree and a plan is hatched. First step is to lure out Thor, which is done by having one of Zeus' sons seduce on of Amon Rah's daughters who is engaged to one of Thor's sons. This works a treat and Thor is soon running out of Asgard in pursuit of this wanna be Romeo. The group then transports into Asgard and disguises themselves as guards. Unfortunately they are confronted by Heimdall and the Vanguard. Fortunately they have The Morrigan who pretty much destroys Heimdall immediately, as well as pecking his eyes out. Crash, while in the body of Amon Rah, uses the eye of Heimdall to send the god on an epic bring Butch Baker to Zeus. Meanwhile, Wyatt in the body of Zeus calls down a great storm which destroys the Bifrost. Zeus raises the fallen Vanguard in Olympus' name and instructs them to remain in Asgard until the true Norse returns. The Bifrost destroyed, the gods are exhausted and retreat to Zeus' demiplane for a rest. The pilots are pulled out by Zenda and everyone notices that Crash is acting strangely. No glasses in sight, he tells Zenda that "they got it" but they need to go back to get it. Zenda now lays out the next phase of their plan. They are going to enter the Grand Tournament with Crash as the fighter, Rosie and Maddox as bodyguards to Wyatt's pilot owning rich guy, and Andi leaving with Zenda to do some "spy shit". Crash attempts to help Andi understand that the relationship between pilot and avatar is a give and take but that they (the pilots) are always the ones in control of the relationship. Avatars can quiet them but they cannot push them out. The team has one more day to rest before the start phase two...and return to the world of gods to deal with Zeus' brother.

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 80 Streaming

All Seeing Eyes by Paxamo

Episode Eighty-One: Hell Bound

The pilots enter the Grand Tournament with surprising results. The god avatars take on the denizens of the underworld in a battle to sit on the throne of Hell.


Back in Colyseum, the pilots enter the Grand Tournament. With strict instructions to not be noticeable but still win, the group prepares to initiate the next phase of the plan. But things are a bit different since coming back from the God-verse. Maddox has woken up with black hair, Wyatt is having trouble with his words, Rosie is feeling the desire to take part in some mischief, and Crash is filled with a confidence he has never known before. Donning their disguises and assumed identities, they head off to get Crash registered. Things start to get a little strange when they try to get a blood sample from Crash. The needle breaks and leaves no mark on his skin. Things get even stranger as the fights start, with Crash exhibiting a strength and speed never seen before...and definitely not normal. Meanwhile in the owner's box, Rosie is attempting to pickpocket people while tying shoe laces together, much to Maddox's horror. Wyatt spots Lady Gwen ducking around a corner and heads off after her. He comes down a blind alley and she's gone. Except she's right behind him. Wyatt tells her who he is and she says that while she should kill him, she won't. With the words "Be seeing you, pilot." she vanishes. Wyatt returns and Crash wins the Tournament. He's on all the video screens and the crowd is going wild. So much for undercover. Back in the base, Zenda is unnerved as is Wyatt. While Crash and Rosie seem less so, Wyatt theorizes that the gods might be starting to subsume them. Back in the pods, the pilots find themselves in the depths of hell. Zeus and the other gods have been traveling to find allies in Tartarus. Except when when they get to where Tartarus was...he's gone. In his place is Apep and a glowing pool. In the pool Morrigan sees something fateful, Loki sees a broken Rosie, Amon Rah sees a good man, and Zeus sees only Zeus. Apep reveals that Anubus woke Tartarus up and that they can likely find him at the throne of hell, where Hades and Hela are having their confrontation. The gods descend on the battle and when the smoke clears, The Morrigan is sitting on the throne of hell. Just in time for Tartarus to show up. The remaining enemies flee the coming primordial. The Morrigan creates a replica of the throne within Tartarus and succeeds in making him vomit out some of the various beings that have been cast into him over the eons. Cyclops, Titans, and Sisyphus stand on the battlefield as Zeus and Amon Rah take on Tartarus. The Morrigan and Loki deal with Cyclops and Titans while Sisyphus eats some falafel. Tartarus is cast back down into the pit and The Morrigan splits the crown of hell in two, molds it into dental work, and places a piece in the mouths of both Amon Rah and Zeus.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 81 Streaming

Tears Of A Rodeo Clown by Paxamo

Dark Waters by Paxamo

Episode Eighty-Two: Road To Redemption

Zeus' plan takes the gods to Fallow Hall, where they must convince Baldur to free the prisoners within. Meanwhile in Arena, the revolution begins.


The gods separate and take care of some personal affairs. While Amon Ra confronts his doubt, Loki asks to hear more about Hex, and Zeus mends bridges with Poseidon, The Morrigan meets with the projection of Odin. The All Father recognizes that the time of prophecy is at hand and agrees to meet Zeus on the battle field in seven days. Back on the demi plane, the gods prepare to take the next step in Zeus' plan. They must travel to Antartica and free Odin's prisoners from Fallow Hall. The place should not exist per Zeus and it's up to them to remove it. Loki disguises them all as children of Thor and Odin, and they make their approach to Baldur. Initially suspicious, Baldur becomes much more willing to help when he realizes that Odin is actually Zeus and that Fallow Hall will be opened. All he can do is call the four goddesses that Odin has left to defend the prison, the rest us up to the gods. The battle is epic but fast. The Morrigan takes care of most of them while Zeus and Loki team up for a game show meet cute. Amon Ra strikes one blind in retribution and Fallow Hall is opened. Their victory is short lived however. Baldur reappears to tell them that the Humans First League has attacked the pit and every terrible beast is now set loose on the world. More than that, all the other gods have withdrawn from this plane. It's up to Zeus and his comrades to stop the monsters from destroying all of humanity. Back in Arena, Crash and the others learn that Brony has secured one of the sixteen spots in the Grand Tournament. The pilots head back to the Tournament grounds for the next round of fights. In the pilot holding area, Crash encounters another pilot who telepathically communicates with him. His name is John and he is the last of his people. He is also tired and asks Crash to remember him. Crash is different, in his words, and he knows that he will do what others can't. He is glad that Crash is going to fight back, but he is done. Crash promises to remember and John walks out into the ring. He allows himself to be beaten to death, much to the pilot's horror. Crash continues to defeat opponents easily but is stunned when his final opponent is a child, clearly terrified. Crash defeats him and moves up to the next level. On their way back to the base, the group is attacked by a group of hunters sent by an associate of Antonius. The pilots, with the help of their newly found god powers, easily dispatches them. However, it is clear that their abilities have been noticed. In the base, everyone is disturbed by the days events. While Zenda and Crash discuss possible mortality, Rosie goes to her room and asks Loki for help. Using the god magic, she casts a spell. In every pilot holding cell all over Arena a sign appears. On every wall the words, Hex Is Hope.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 82 Streaming

Remember by Paxamo

Hex Is Hope by Merkwerkee

Episode Eighty-Three: The Rise Of A Warrior

The pilots take on an underling of Antonius with unexpected results. Secrets are revealed and Crash vies for a spot in the Grand Tournament. Deep in the city, a revolution is taking hold..


Andi Jaymes returns in time to find that not only has Rosie done magic in Arena, possibly starting a revolution at the risk of her friends, but that Maddox has disappeared in the night. The pilots don't have too long to digest this information before they are informed that they are being sent out on a raid. A reprisal must be made against the person who tried to kidnap Crash, a slight that Mr. Galli would not stand. Andi and Crash will sneak into the compound and rescue any pilots they find there. Rosie, Wyatt, and Zenda a la Kershaw will strike the front of the compound in an attempt to make as large a distraction as possible. Crash questions whether Rosie as to whether or not she will be able to contain her Loki-ness. When she tells him she might not, he refuses to go claiming he cannot trust her any more. Rosie is hurt but they manage to reach an agreement but it is clear that Arena is starting to take a toll on everyone. Andi and Crash disguise themselves as guards and enter the compound. In the basement they find three adults and two children, all unbonded class three pilots...all terribly mistreated. With the phrase "Hex is hope", Andi gets them to trust her enough to follow them out. Rosie, Wyatt, and Kershaw assault the front of the house leaving destruction in their wake. Wyatt lets one man go to tell the tale of what happens to those who oppose Mr. Galli. Zenda takes back control and directs everyone to the vehicles. Quickly dispatching their pursers, the team heads out into the wastes where they are met by a contact of Zenda's. Pierce, as the man is called, isn't a fan and warns the pilots that Zenda is going to get them all killed. He also is revealed to be a class five MetaPilots. He notes that the pilots are from Prime as well. Pierce takes the rescued pilots and disappears in his spaceship, the only vessel Zenda is aware of that can travel the Metaverse. Back in the bunker the pilots have a strange conversation, during the course of which Zenda's first avatar is brought forward. The next morning Crash and the others return to the tournament grounds. Crash notices something odd. The pilots seem to be filled with hope and determination. More than that, they are telling stories, stories about Butch, Hex, and others. Stories that Crash recognizes as true. The fights begin and Crash easily defeats everyone sent against him. Things seem to be going well until Lady Gwen appears next to Wyatt. She brings him to Antonius directly. It seems that Antonius knows many things. He knows Wyatt's name, that he is a pilot, and that Zenda is involved. He knows about the hidden bunker. But there are some things he doesn't know. Like who is spreading hope in his city. And that's the job he gives to Wyatt.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 83 Streaming

The Wedding Party by Paxamo

White Roses by Paxmo

Ghost Stories by Paxamo

Pilots and Stories by Merkwerkee

Episode Eighty-Four: Judgement Day

Zeus' final plan is underway and the gods fight in an all out war for survival. The pilots finally uncover what was hidden in the Godsverse.


Maddox returns to the hideout but with no clear idea of what actually happened. It soon becomes clear that The Morrigan has her own plans in motion and Maddox doesn't get much of a say in them. All the pilots had extremely realistic dreams as well. Wyatt visiting with his father, Maddox and Mac, Crash at the wedding of Butch and Abbi, and Rosie with Hex. Zenda spent some time with Jack and Anne as well. Renewed, they prepare for the final step of Zeus' plan. Zenda offers the pilots a last chance to walk before revealing that his master plan involves a bomb underneath the city. Everyone committed to the plan, the pilots head back to the Godsverse...and find themselves in the smoking ruins of Mount Olympus. The gods head into the ruins and find Zeus' hidden vault. Filled with lost relics and artifacts, as well as Hesphestus, the gods arm themselves for the coming fight. Hesphestus allows himself to finally discorporate and imbue the newly acquired weapon with extra godly power. Plans are made and armies and positioned for the last stand on the summit of the mountain. The first wave hits and while the costs are high, Zeus' side manages to hold their own and even push back against Odin's forces. Loki suddenly notices that none of her kin have yet taken the battlefield and decides to scry on Thor to find some answers. She discovers that Odin in planning to use the newly repaired Bifrost to transport himself and his most powerful soldiers right onto the summit of the mountain. The Morrigan is otherwise engaged with Kali, but the rest of the gods manage to deflect the incoming beam of teleportation to push Odin off course. The battle rages on and The Morrigan defeats Kali and wears her desiccated body as war paint. Zeus kills Thor and Odin, and the fight is over. Zeus raises all of the fallen gods and sets forth new laws. Men and gods must keep to their separate corners, no cohabitation. Good to his word, Zeus then takes the pilots to the place he has promised them. The halls of Nyx, the place Antonius convinced him to hide, the place Zeus put his father. The Morrigan is told by Nyx, her mother, that the time of prophecy is not yet come. Nyx also reveals that her halls are full, not only with the beings put there by Zeus and Odin...there are those within her walls that do not belong. Like the missing pilots cast away by Antonius.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 84 Streaming

Episode Eighty-Five: Iron, Gold, And Precious Things Part One

The pilots enter the final stages of Zenda's plan and reunite with an old friend. But things are not as simple as they seem...


Zenda greets the pilots with news. He thinks he has discovered who has been spreading hope among the inhabitants of the city. He believes it is the same person who sent them all their mysterious letters. But Lady Gwen will want answers so he decides to offer himself as a scapegoat. The final stages of his plan are beginning to fall into place and it's time for Crash to get ready for his last few fights before the big one. Namely, defeating The Tempest as Antonius decreed. So while the others head to the tournament grounds, Andi goes in search of Brony. This newly ripped version of her friend has some secrets to uncover and Zenda wants to know if he can be trusted. While Crash gets his costumes and lighting fixed for the fight, Andi breaks into Brony's luxury accommodations. She finds her friend basically the same...except that he has a voice in his head that he talks to and is bonded to a Thraxian prince. The security alarms begin to sound and Brony throws Andi out of the window in the most loving way possible. Andi lands safely but is quickly pursued by armed guards. Back in the arena, Crash discovers that his opponent is a fan of electricity based attacks. So clearly that doesn't end well for the other guy. His pilot beaten to a pebble, The Tempest's owner attempts to kill Wyatt. Which also doesn't go very well. Wyatt relays Zenda's "betrayal" to Lady Gwen, who seems to accept it. She leaves to report in and the pilots head back to the bunker. Andi is still on the run when suddenly she's literally pulled into the bunker by Zenda. Some puking and pulsing metal later, he reveals that he "moved" her, something he didn't know he could do. Andi relays her information and Rosie is extremely disturbed about Brony's bonded avatar. For the first time, she thinks Crash might not be able to beat him. When Andi tells them about Brony's mental companion, they eventually figure out that it must be none other than Artos Caid, a pilot who wants revenge on Antonius, and he was able to use Brony like an avatar. The newly cleared out penthouse, former home of The Tempest's owner, is now ready for Wyatt and his entourage to move into. Crash gets ready for the semi finals when there is a knock on the door. Brony comes in and gets a tackle hug. He tells Crash that he needs him to play dead if it comes down to the two of them. He doesn't want to actually kill his friend. Crash asks Brony about Artos and warns him that Artos is bent on revenge and he doesn't have all the information. He promises Brony that he won't let anything bad happen to him. Ever. The fights commence and it is as terrible and bloody as expected. Crash and Brony are two of the final four. When one of the other two victors "unexpectedly" is injured and cannot compete, it opens up the chance for Antonius to change the rules...and pick his own players.

GM Breakage count: 6
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of:

Episode 85 Streaming

Bringing Them Home by Paxamo

Episode Eighty-Six: Iron, Gold, And Precious Things Part Two

The time of the Redeemer is at hand. After this, nothing will ever be the same for the Metaverse.


Antonius calls forth his chosen champions to take on the challengers. While Brony takes on the Colossus, and defeats him easily, Crash finds himself facing off against Butch Baker. Meanwhile, Andi and Thomas infiltrate the security center and manage to decrease the amount of soldiers on the streets back down to normal levels. In the arena, Crash embraces Butch and with a flood of memories and emotions becomes bonded to him in a whole new way. Butch tells him that Antonius promised to tell him where Crash was if he came to Arena and beat up some "chumps". Realizing the truth of the matter, Butch turns toward Antonius to let him know what he really thinks of him...and promptly vanishes. Antonius declares that Crash is the victor of the match, thus ensuring that Brony and Crash will be the final fight. The two have a mental conversation with their team while engaging in a convincing slap fight, and decide to have Crash teleport away with a lighting bolt while Rosie creates a glamour that shows his destroyed corpse. The ruse works and Brony is pronounced the winner. He is brought before Antonius and enacts Artos' final plan. As the lord of Arena begins to feed on his soul, Brony reaches out and touches him while an implanted device begins to glow. Antonius pulls back as if burned, his ability to take powers from pilots burned away forever. Zenda suddenly appears, leading a charge of revolting pilots, banners with Hex Is Hope emblazoned on them waving high. He makes his way to Andi and Thomas and moves them all to the middle of Arena. Crash, Maddox, Wyatt, Rosie, and Brony are there too and it's clear that the final confrontation is at hand. The pilots give their best but it soon becomes clear that there is something unnatural about this man. Nothing they do to him seems to hurt. He heals everything that happens to him. Rosie casts a curse and prevents him from ever wielding true magic, while Brony draws aggro. Antonius turns his fury on the former gamer and it looks like he's as good as dead...until Monday aka The Chronicler suddenly appears from behind him and pulls him out of the way. Crash notes as she disappears that she is going to get into trouble for that. It's at this point that Maddox asks Zenda to send her to the Morrigan. It's time to finish this. She appears in Nyx where she agrees to sacrifice her soul to free all the beings within. She does so and as all the trapped pilots and avatars are freed, so too is a great demon who appears and sucks the life out of Antonius for breaking the terms of their deal. The fight is over but Maddox has given her life. Rhodes appears and thanks the pilots for what they have done. He tells them the extent of the damage done by Antonius and tells them that he's so proud of them. That Maddox's sacrifice was not in vain. Looking over to Zenda, he announces his retirement and passes the reins to him, stopping the metal arm from killing him...for at least 20,000 years. Later on the pilots bury Maddox and say their goodbyes. After they leave, Monday and Zenda have a quiet moment at the graveside where he tells her that her Order wants him to bring her in...but it's not very high on his priorities at the moment. He suggests she tries a nice beach on Metaverse 113. There's a retired cop waiting for her there. Crash visits his father and tells him the way things are going to be from now on. He's to stay out of their business...they'll handle it from here.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Jess Weaver, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill, Andy Dopieralski, Chris Ode First appearance of:

Episode 86 Streaming

A Flash Of Light by Paxamo

Breaking Free by Paxamo

Seven Pilots In Search Of An Exit by Merkwerkee

Season Six Episodes

Planet Metaverse: Invasion

Episode Eighty-Seven: Ghosts Of The Past

The Metaverse is vast and full of countless worlds and peoples. But this is not that kind of story. This is the story of one world...ours. This is the story of the invasion.


Patric and Mac are on the run. A few days ago the president of the United States issued an order for their arrest. Lizzie Foster, Wendy, John Stone, everyone from Planet Metaverse is gone, orders to terminate on sight, and they're coming for Patric next. With no one left to turn to, Patric reaches out to Nick Krieger. As Nick races to their hotel, Mac and Patric sneak out under cover of explosions. The three take off with the local police force in hot pursuit. Nick commandeers several people while Patric and Mac take out the others. Finally free from their pursuers, the group heads to a former Program safe house that Nick knows about. On the way they switch vehicles...only to find their next ride is a sentient transforming robot that looks like a stagecoach. His name is Reese and he loves to drink. The safe house is abandoned with most of the security systems taken offline about nine months ago.. Mac and Patric do some research and uncover some information regarding an unknown sub level two in the Planet Metaverse facility. Deciding that the next step in the mystery of what is actually going on is in that basement, the team heads off to the facility. It's currently under the control of Agent Roberts, someone that Nick saw recently...with the halo of a pilot around him. As they travel the group comes to a terrible realization...that a team of MetaPilots has taken over not only Agent Roberts but also the president of the United States. An invasion has begun and no one knows about it. Through means of body swapping, chloroform, and streaking the three enter the Project Metaverse facility. They find Jaxun's office and Patric discovers a key to a safety deposit box behind a photograph of Jaxun's family. They also uncover that John Stone is alive and being held in sub basement two awaiting extradition. Moving further along they find a group of technicians building strange devices, under the supervision of yet another piloted individual. The device looks like a giant circle or, as Patric calls it, "a Stargate". A firefight breaks out and while Patric and Mac fend off their attackers, Nick leaps into the mind of John Stone. Once inside Nick discovers that John stone is only 15% grey matter with the rest being tech. He also discovers that John is not alone in his mind, an AI calling itself TOM is there too. Nick gives John hope and lets him know the plan while Patric blows a hole in the side of the building. Extricating John Stone, Nick blows up an elevator of guards and ends up leaping into the mind of Mac. Escaping the building, Nick jumps into a rabbit and the team makes their escape. Suddenly a voice speaks up, "Can you please let him out? John Stone doesn't like being in this box."

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud, Matt Vancil First appearance of: Michael "Mac" McPhernon

Episode 87 Streaming

Five Things by Paxamo

Episode Eighty-Eight: Visions Of The Future

John Stone is brought back online and the team goes on the run. In Nevada they uncover a hidden message, and a new threat is revealed.


Nick is still a rabbit and John Stone is still locked in a box. Making their escape in Reese, the team manages to pry open the high tech pod encasing John and wake him up from his stasis sleep. Unfortunately they knock the power out for the surrounding neighborhood in the process. John gets filled in on what he's missed and Nick finally gets a new body in the form of an Uber driver. John also reveals the Tiny Tom inside his head, although this voice is adamant that he is completely different than the entity known as TOM. Patric also notices that John Stone has been changed, specifically he is no longer a physical man. The only part of him that is a living person is his brain. The rest of his body has been removed and replaced by alien tech by the pilots from the other world. The group decides to head for Nevada, and not ditch Reese in the process, in the hope of figuring out what the key found in Jaxun's office is tied to. It isn't long before they run into a police road block. Using Reese's holographic capabilities, they disguise themselves as a family of four. It seems like they've gotten away with it until Nick notices that there is a metapilot behind them in a car, watching the people pass through the roadblock. Nick finds out that the pilot is following them and it soon becomes clear he isn't the only one. There are about six unmarked police cars following Reese. The team figures out that the box John Stone came in is carrying a tracker. Reese and Patric create a diversion and they manage to give their pursuers the slip, at least for the moment. Going off road, the group has a chance to assess their options and eventually decide to split up with Reese and meet him again in Nevada. The group heads to a nearby airfield while Reese draws the fire of the mysterious pursuers, managing to survive thanks to the Metaverse intervening. The plane is almost over the Rockies when the drones swoop in. Satellites have been used to track them down and give their position away. Making an emergency landing, Nick uses his skills to commandeer a trucker and his truck and the group finally makes it to Wells, Nevada and the bank where Jaxun's deposit box is located. Patric and Mac enter the bank and retrieve the contents of the box, a single flash drive. There are two files on the drive. The first is a map leading to a secret Program base in the Sea of Cortez. The second is an audio file from Jaxun to his son, Crash. He reveals that his worst fears have come true...their Metaverse is under invasion.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud, Matt Vancil, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 88 Streaming

Episode Eighty-Nine: Fallen Angels

Patric, Bruno, Mac, and John head to the secret Program base. Once there, they uncover new truths about their pasts and their future.


Nick takes a moment to speak with Bruno and then steps into Joe's Diner. Bruno then attempts to wrap his head around all the new information that Patric, Mac, and John have for him. And they have to deal with the same thing for all the information he gives to them. Bruno interrogates one of the wounded avatars and attempts to convince him to bring the pilot out to talk to them. Patric then offers to torture the dying avatar until the pilot comes forward. The pilot finally speaks to them and reveals that he comes from Metaverse 742, the same world that Zenda came from. John Stone looks through the belongings of the avatars and finds matching burner phones, complete with coded messages. All messages are about them and about tracking them down and killing them, all sent from Agent Roberts. They were also told to secure and hold the Joe's Diner. Realizing that the agents will be sending reinforcements, the group prepares to hold off an assault. Reese finally shows up and Mac decides to go into Joe's Diner. Patric and Mac go in first and see nothing out of the ordinary. Bruno looks in and sees the pilots and avatars for what they truly are. Bruno asks Hollywood to pass on the information they've uncovered too Rhodes. Unfortunately, since the new Rhodes is Zenda and the invaders are coming from his homeworld, he isn't allowed to interfere. Though Hollywood doubts that will stop him. Patric lets Bruno know about the message from Jaxun and the secret map to the hidden base. He passes along the audio file to Bruno and they decide to Baja to meet up with a guy Bruno used to work with. As they travel, the phones taken from the pilots beeps with a message asking for a status report. Mac tries to convince them that the Joe's has been taken but reinforcements are still sent. John calls Hollywood and gives him a warning though Hollywood sees no cause for concern. Finally reaching Cabo, the team meets Monty and heads off for the secret base. As they travel, Patric reveals that he's planning to leave once they reach the secret base. He's certain that in all likelihood, he will end up being a potential avatar and he doesn't want to take that risk. Monty finds the entrance to the base and the submarine approaches. The team disembarks and heads into the base. The entire place is abandoned...and then Patric notices the cameras. John tries to hack into the cameras and downloads a virus for his trouble. Tiny Tom manages to block it off and John realizes that the same people who upgraded him are the ones who installed the cameras in the base. The virus also likely came from the same people who helped create TOM and Tiny Tom. John and Mac settle down to hack a vaccine to the computer virus while Patric and Bruno go exploring. They soon run into machine gun fire and enemy soldiers. Bruno shoots and Patric explodes and they quickly clear out the people shooting at them. At the top of the ramp they find a lead lined door that has recently been welded shut. Bruno rips the doors open and finds even more gun fire. When only one person is left, John Stone approaches and asks him what he knows. He reveals that they are all working for "the Doc" who is in the barricaded room behind them. Patric and Mac blow the door and Bruno crowbars it the rest of the way open. The opening reveals a computer lab that looks very familiar to John. The scientist inside recognizes John and Bruno. It's Dr. Simon Lane, someone that Jaxun had claimed was dead and someone that used to work with Nick, Bruno, Jaxun, and Jeb. And someone who helped create John Stone, Henrich, and many other things..including a way for non pilots to experience the Metaverse. He just needs some test subjects. Patric volunteers just as an alarm goes off. Metaversal travel is happening in "The Chamber"...a place of power. Dr. Lane leads the group in and they find a spaceship. A frazzled looking Pierce emerges, bringing with him Crash, Rosie, Aquamarine, and Wyatt.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud, Mark Thomason, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 89 Streaming

Proxy Father by Paxamo

Episode Ninety: The Triassic Train Heist

Crash, Rosie, Aquamarine, and Wyatt travel to a world of cowboys and dinosaurs. Once there they will come face to face with the invading enemy that threatens their world.


The pilots are preparing to enter the Metaverse when all the electronics go out. Apparently the entirety of the world has had their internet, cell phones, technology, and electricity cut off in what appears to be a weaponized strike. The pilots leapt into their avatars and are surprised when they are immediately recognized by a talking dinosaur. Apparently he is a liberated pilot from Arena and he is delighted that the "liberators" have arrived to save them all. He asks them to go and intercept a train that is heading out from the mines. The opposing Carnisaurs have apparently sided with the invaders from 742 and have captured members of the resistance. The pilots head off toward the nearest train tracks and eventually find the hidden fort. There is a train parked outside and it's in the process of being loaded. The train starts to depart and the pilots take off after it. They manage to climb onto the fortified caboose. They attempt to climb over it in order to release the car from the rest of the train and unfortunately Arthur isn't as stealthy as he would like to be. Big Al takes out two guards as the others shoot, crush, distract, and basically destroy the others. A few shots ring out and likely alert some other guards further up the train. They now enter the tunnel and it's imperative to get the train diverted now. They release the caboose and begin traveling up the train. Eventually they find themselves running into a dinosaur barricade. Big Al once again takes down three with two shots. Wild Jill manages to convince most of the others to hand over their guns while Big Al attempts to make them rethink their poor life choices...which they happily do. Moving to the next car, the pilots find the prisoners chained inside. Crash uses his abilities from Zeus to free the prisoners while Wild Jill sings them a song of comfort. The pilots travel through more cars filled with supplies until they reach two dozen enemy soldiers and a T Rex with a gatling gun strapped to his chest. Wild Jill engages them in a poker game for the train while Rosie uses Loki magic to shrink everyone's arms. Yes, really. Meanwhile Wyatt utilizes his knowledge from Amon Rah to create a sun powered laser gun but manages to miss. Crash lightening lashes the gatling gun away as well as the rest of the guns. Moving toward the engine, the team is confronted by a half metal half dinosaur engineer. The group manages to take him out very quickly and seize control of the engine. Now they just need to switch the tracks. Big Al shoots the switch and changes the course of the train. Entering the canyon with the mine, the pilots see a flying machine swooping in that fires an energy weapon and destroys the final car of the train. A second shot destroys another train car. This flying spaceship clearly is too advanced for this metaverse and obviously belongs to the invaders. Big Al takes a couple of shots but they don't do much damage. Rosie and Crash team up with Rosie shooting Crash with lightening and Crash punching the ship out of the sky. The train finally reaches its destination with Arthur close behind. The prisoners head for the jungle to hide with plenty of new supplies and weapons. The pilots prepare to leave when they are told about a special jail on an island where the invaders are doing experiments on the dinosaurs.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Luke Amundson First appearance of: P'reta, "Big" Al Bigsley, Arthyr, Wild Jill

Episode 90 Streaming

Ripples In The Metaverse by Paxamo

Episode Ninety-One: Jurassic Jail Break

The pilots are joined by Andi Jaymes as they attempt to not only steal a flying machine, but also to jailbreak a bunch of dinosaurs.


The team gains new information about the secret island prison. The prison in only accessed by the invaders, it was in fact built by them. You can only reach it from the air and no one has ever escaped. They need to seek out Jane Utah to see if they can use her flying machine. They head out and find Jane, smoking on a pile of dynamite. It turns out that Jane has actually lost her ship and needs help getting it back. The group, with Andi/Jane in tow, heads off for Saltditch. They easily spot the massive zeppelin at the very center of the city. The rest of the buildings are made from a combination of alien metal alloy and wood. The streets are patrolled by carnitaurs and invaders. A plan is hatched to mash two alien ships together and add in an undercarriage in order for all team members to be able to fly out of Saltditch. They also are going to blow up Jane's ship. Wyatt suddenly realizes that the invaders are not only more technologically advanced than they are but they can also see pilots. As Aqua and Rosie stealth off to start making a new ship, Wyatt sets up in the clocktower and Crash teleports via lightening into the middle of the zeppelin. Obviously it blows up. Crash bashes into the invaders with minimal damage. Andi sling shots explosives into the groups of enemies while Wyatt leaps down to throat punch people. The ships are fused together and Rosie enters the one on the right but is overwhelmed by the number of buttons. She calls out to the others that the ship is ready. Andi teleports to the cockpit while Aqua engages in distraction singing. Rosie summons a swarm of laser gatling crows to wreck havoc among the invaders. The compound now in ruins, the pilots load up into their new ships and take off. They head for the prison. An auto destruct suddenly kicks on and while Andi and Crash manage to subvert it, they have to come in for a crash landing on a nearby island. Crash realizes that the signal was broadcast from above. In the distance they spy a large alien metal dome, the only way in seems to be a hole in the top of the dome. It appears to be a giant hangar and it appears that the prisoners are being held underground. The pilots blow a plate off the side of the dome and trigger an alarm. The group stealths inside just in time for the elevator door to open. Inside is a grotesquely mutated dinosaur which has the aura of a pilot around it. Crash punches the elevator in response. Which takes care of the dinosaur but not so much the armed guards inside the hangar. Crash jumps on top of the dinosaur and Rosie steals a sidearm, which she passes to Wyatt. Andi gets a hold of a gun and teleports to the guard attacking Wyatt, turning him into goo. Aquamarine then seduces the mutant dinosaur. Really. And Crash then shoots him in the head with a rocket launcher. Rosie sneaks a gun to Crash and Andi uses her very effectively. Aquamarine kills a guard and then eats him...well, her avatar does. In the basement below they find glass tubes filled with famous dinosaurs held in suspended animation. From down the hall, Crash hears roars of pain and realizes that someone is being worked on. The rest of the team joins him below and find a scientist who looks like Zenda torturing a dinosaur. Crash persuades him with a gun to open the other tubes and allows the other man to leave. The man is very willing to talk, he believes that knowledge is for everyone, and tells the pilots that he was preparing the dinosaur for forced occupation. He also tells them about his home Metaverse as well as the orbital base above the planet.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Calamity Jane Utah

Episode 91 Streaming

Episode Ninety-Two: Captain's Cretaceous

The pilots take on their greatest challenge yet as they attempt to find the source of the gates on an alien space station.


Crash and Aquamarine disable the auto destruct feature of the spaceship as well as all other auto functions. After some extra special safety precautions for P'reta, they finally take off. Reaching the outside of the space station, Crash has to attempt a manual docking maneuver. Rosie uses her link to Loki's illusion magic to disguise the ship and hide it from the enemy sight. Crash pilots a smooth landing and the group officially lands on the space station. Alarms start going off almost immediately and the team makes a run for it. The vacuum of space attempts to pull some of the smaller dinosaurs out but manage to only pull out a few of the guards. The rest engage their magna boots and manage to stay inside. Further down the hall the pilots run into another group or gun toting soldiers, although these look very much like space mounties. While Rosie distracts with poutine and snipes with hockey pucks, Aquamarine rants at them about her hat, and Crash shoots them in the neck.Andi parkours down the hallway and starts stabbing. She takes out five of them and Aquamarine disarms the remaining, very distracted, guard. They tie him up and Rosie takes the rest of the guns. Crash kills the final guard and their new friend from the planet base uses his own DNA to open the door. Climbing into the tram car they start to move down the track until gremlin robots start dropping into the car. Crash shoots them into oblivion as the train idle. Using his kinetic control, Crash gets them moving again. The team gets out and they launch the car ahead of them in the hopes of sending the guards on a wild goose chase. They finally reach the inner part of the base and their friend/prisoner offers to show them where the gates are. Before they head down, Crash builds a sentry gun to "guard" the barracks. Heading down, the doors won't open and it seems that their new friend has had his privileges revoked. The base is now in lockdown and no one is getting in or out. Crash senses that the room is full of people. The group starts taking apart the surveillance cameras while Crash builds a light saber. Using said light saber, Crash cuts through the door and opens the way into a massive room filled with people and gates...and tanks. A fire fight breaks out and Wild Jill starts ranting before smashing the tanks together. The rest of the team takes care of the troops and soon there are none remaining. One tank freezes and one tank explodes. Crash uses his light saber to destroy all the gates on the station while Andi blows up another tank. A voice comes over the speaker and informs the group that they will be crashing the base into the planet. Crash plans to push the station into orbit once the team is safely away. Unfortunately this means that Arthur will die in the process. Appearing on the bridge Crash finds himself face to face with a man who looks exactly like him. He shoots him and then uses his abilities from Butch and Kitt to stabilize the station and send it into orbit. Crash teleports to Arena and jacks out, leaving Arthur behind and alive. Back in the base they are joined by Jenika and Brony. There is more work to be done.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Luke Amundson, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 92 Streaming

The Living And The Dead by Paxamo

Dear Andi by Paxamo

Episode Ninety-Three: If You Live By The Sword...

The pilots enter a new world where women rule and men are subjugated. Can they stop not one, but two invasions?


Andi, Jenika, Brony, and Bruno are sent into a world where woman reign and men serve. The alien invaders have just struck and the queen and her warriors have fled to the forest. After much discussion they finally decide to head out in search of the invaders. It is clear that they are flying search patterns, likely looking for avatars or pilots. Sneaking along, they reach a cave just as the world around them goes dark. After some time they hear people approaching the cave. It quickly becomes clear that they have been found by a force of invaders. And they know they are pilots. Brony kills the commander while Andi and Brony take out two more. Brony takes out another and Jenika beheads one with an arrow. Andi destroys the device being used to track them while Jenika convinces them to give up the fight. Before they can question their prisoners, the armor self destructs destroying everything. The group decides to head to a nearby monastery. The building appears to have been raided recently and low voices can be heard inside. The group sneaks forward and inside they find four women tending to the queen's sister, who appears to be dying. Bruno approaches and is pushed back by the guards. He is told by the dying queen to find her sister, to tell her that there is still hope. And to remember the sky stone. Jenika's avatar remembers the tale of the sky stone, a fairy tale of the dawning of the age of woman. The sky stone was a sacred tower to the aubry, the animal-like people who inhabit the forests. But again, this was all just a story. They decide to head into the mountains to a great temple that contains a library which might hold the information they need. By the time they arrive, the temple is under siege by the Aubreans. The pilots decide to shoot off their plasma guns around the encamped beasts in an effort to draw them away from the entrance of the monastery. The plan works well for a time but they are soon spotted and several pursuers take off after them. They reach the steps of the monastery and the defenders begin to fire on their enemies. The doors slide open and the pilots rush in. The library contains many books, including ones that Bruno recognizes. Textbooks and manuals from the 1960s, magazines and books, all in various languages. He also finds a record of the Sky Stone, a great weapon that brings about the Great Winter. The pilots analyze the story and determine that the Sky Stone is most likely a found piece of technology, possibly not of this world. The walls suddenly cave in as two steel machines blast their way in. The monks hold off the invaders while Bruno seals the library. The pilots duck down the dark passages and the monks close the way behind them. After a few hours they hear noises which Andi identifies as sonar, possibly bats. They come into a cavern full of bones and Brony and Bruno's avatars recall tales of huge and terrible moths...who are always hungry. One such moth appears and nearly takes off Brony's head. Jenika begins firing arrows while Brony and Andi physically attack as much creatures as they can reach. Bruno channels his link to a former avatar and uses elemental magic to bring down the ceiling of the cavern, crushing the host of creatures below.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Andy Dopieralski, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Lady Heilda Vallethio, Queen Shandroth Vallethio, Lord Consort Gan Vallethio, Brother Tyber

Episode 93 Streaming

Riding The Currents by Paxamo

New Tricks For Old Dogs by Paxamo

Episode Ninety-Four: ...You Die By The Sword

Jenika, Andi, and Bruno confront the invaders and uncover some disturbing truths about the planet...and a familiar face appears.


In the aftermath of the cave, Brony's avatar is poisoned and dies. Luckily, Brony is able to safely jack out. As the rest of the team makes their way out, they soon come across a world of burning ash and the remains of steel buildings and paved roads. The ruins of the city are massive and it's unclear what destroyed it in the first place. They keep heading north and Bruno notices that it appears that the damage was done by one massive explosion and they are currently walking the edge of it. Continuing on, night begins to fall. They stumble upon groups of picked clean Oggri bones...just in time for Bruno to get grabbed by some taloned feet. He stabs at them and is dropped. Andi begins stabbing with her knife while Bruno takes down one of the attackers with his bow and arrow. Andi gets grabbed but manages to climb up on to the beast's back. It appears to be a giant vulture like bird of some kind. Jenika and Bruno continue to fight against the winged attackers while Andi keeps flying toward the horizon. She manages to cut off a wing and glide down, suffering only minor damage along the way. Regrouping, the pilots press forward in the hope of finding shelter and water. The eventually find themselves at the base of a dark tower surrounded by pre fabricated buildings and a shimmering gate. It's clearly the base of the 742 invaders. They are preparing to launch an orbital station into space and there are dozens upon dozens of armored troops. There are also plenty of tanks and scientists. They decide the sneaky approach might be best, just in time for Andi and Bruno to go more toward their avatar sides. Jenika manages to convince Andi's avatar to be sneaky, or as close to that as she can possibly get, and the group approaches the combat line. The invaders quickly pick up the signal of MetaPilots but they haven't been spotted yet. Andi and Bruno kill two guards and Jenika stabs the third before he can raise the alarm. They sneak away but the next guard patrol spots the corpses and alerts the rest of the compound. The pilots manage to sneak to the entrance of the tower and finds that the invaders had to break into the tower. 742 did not build this tower, they had to force their way in. Our team gets inside the tower and immediately face off against two guards. Jenika removes the head and bowels of one while Bruno stabs the second one down the throat. In the center of the ground floor they find an elevator which they call to them and travel 1000 meters up. The doors open and four more guards appear in front of them. On the walls, alien symbols flicker and flash. Down the hall come the whispers of voices, voices that sound very like Zenda. Andi uses a giant sword and kills two guards while Bruno knee slides into the room and shoots the other two guards with arrows. Jenika finishes them off with her sword leaving no one to warn the two guards in the other room. One guard advances toward Bruno with a lance while the other drops a grenade among the scientists. The grenade detonates and kills all seven scientists, all of whom looked like relatives of Zenda. Andi kills the other two guards. Suddenly the voice of TOM comes over the speakers. He congratulates them on their intervention and informs them that his plan to occupy all avatars was in response to this invasion. He tells them that they need to disrupt the O.G.R.I control systems in order to free the Oggri. The Oggri are an artificial race and were created to enslave humanity. They served a different race, someone who has not been present for some time. 742 has taken them over and been using them to hunt down the avatars and people of the world. Jenika overrides the Oggri and gives them the command to go back home. TOM invites the pilots to the control room at the top of the tower. There is a hologram of TOM waiting for them. He welcomes them and assures them that humanity will now recover in this world. He also tells them that the beings who used to live here appear to have been capable of Metaversal travel. TOM used parts of their systems in order to find parts of himself and begin to rebuild. He also tells them that there are many satellites in orbit that have weapons systems. Apparently the last time they were used by a woman named the Azure Phoenix, the destruction was immense. She liberated her people from the Oggri and put them into a feral state...the tale of The Sky Stone. TOM's goal is to destroy the 742 invaders in whatever Metaverse they appear in. He cannot leave the tower but he is willing to help. Stopping the invasion requires Arena. And if Crash brings dispute over the invasion to Arena...he can issue a challenge to the invaders. He tells Andi that she needs to use the weapons in order to destroy the invaders on the planet below. She steps into place and transports Jenika and Brony to safety. She then targets each invader with enough power to kill them. And then she destroys the tower and teleports herself out. TOM wishes her good luck and asks her to stop the invasion.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 94 Streaming

Stones In The Sky, All's Right With The World by Paxamo

Episode Ninety-Five: Dr. Thunderfinger

In a world of super spies and villains, Crash, Andi, and Bruno face off against 742 in the most up close confrontation yet.


The year is 1963 and just hours ago, the villain Baron Mind captured the secret agent Jane Blonde. Down in the cells, the trio of erstwhile "heroes" try to break free. They manage to do so but soon find themselves in a room of mirrors. Crash via the Baron crawls across the floor and triggers a few lasers but is mostly fine. Crash manages to create a mirror shield so the others can join him on the opposite side of the room. Crossing to the next room, Bruno blows the door off the hinges and proceeds to fall into the shark room. Bruno climbs out and the others try to devise a plan to get across. Crash basically jumps the shark while Andi rides one. She also starts using her shoe guns. Bruno then tries to sprint, jump, swim across. Bruno and Crash make it across while Andi is dealing with the feeding frenzy she started by shooting sharks. She makes it and they enter the third room. This is the ninja room. Bruno walks in and the lights go on, smoke bombs drop, and the ninjas enter. Bruno takes out two with one staff while Crash uses his robotic arm to murder and intimidate them. Andi tries to seduce them. Bruno kills two more ninjas while Crash punches the rest of them to death. Down the hall they find...another door. Bruno kicks in the door and finds the pool of acid. He jumps across and lands in front of the next steel door. This room is full of snakes. Crash grabs a pendulum, planning to use it as a pole vault. However, the snakes are on drugs and have been killing ninjas. Bruno makes a run for it and gets bit for his trouble. Crash uses his blade as a rake and pushes his way through the snakes. Crash tosses Andi over the snakes and Bruno kisses Andi...thanks to his avatar. Bruno retreats into his avatar and the group enters a maze of death. The maze is also full of people who want to kill Andi's avatar. The pilots engage in combat with the denizens of the maze. Crash blows up one, Bruno strong arms another, and Andi cuts someone's throat. Crash chokes out the last one and crushes his skeleton to death. They finally reach the elevator...which is also a death trap. The fake elevator slides away and the real elevator is revealed. Going up, they encounter a group of guards who are very surprised to see them alive. Crash tries to fire them but not everyone listens. The ones who don't get the claw aka instant death. Andi steps up and attempts to convince them to join the Royal Navy instead. Some decide to consider this while Bruno handles the ones who don't. Everyone surrenders and Bruno collects the guns. They finally make it to the armory and the "arm"-ory. Crash realizes that the invaders likely are trying to take this base for their own operations and the group decides to head to the lab upstairs. They need to get across the barracks first. Thanks to some grenades, guns, and lightening blasts they manage to clear the room. Entering into the science area, they find that the scientists within are all being piloted, a grand total of four. One of the enemy pilots gets the jump on them and attacks Bruno. Bruno takes control as his avatar begins to die. Crash turns all the poison in the room into water and then judges the pilot nearby. Bruno feels his healing power kick back in as he beats a guy with another guy. Andi then uses her abilities to kick three pilots out of their avatars. The remaining pilot produces a button and pushes it. It launches a nuclear missile but he springs a death trap...on himself. The avatar falls into seizures and combat is over. No pilot from 742 remains. Two days later, Jane is taking the Baron to jail. Along the way they stumble upon a brand new Joe's Diner. Once inside Crash tells Andi that he is going to take her back to someone who misses her, back to Abbi. Back home.

GM Breakage count: 5
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Dick Ramsbottom, Jane Blonde, Baron von Bad

Episode 95 Streaming

Going Home by Paxamo

Episode Ninety-Six: Partial Recall

Patric, Mac, John Stone, and Thomas decide to take matters into their own hands. They head to the heart of the invasion...Metaverse 742.


Thomas, Patric, Mac, and John Stone have been basically killing time in the underwater base while the others are using the pods. Patric is starting to lose it a bit. John Stone is searching the Metaverse for Eli when the voice in his head, the one who calls himself TOM, tells him that he has found a signal that matches Eli...coming from Metaverse 742. Thomas is learning to love himself and Patric is...bored. John asks Pierce about 742 and Patric seizes on the idea, suggesting that they go to the source of their trouble. Pierce tells them what an absolutely terrible idea that is but no one seems interested in reason. The group loads into The Reliant and heads out. Pierce manages to break through the defense grid but then has to go into a crash landing as the ship is pretty much broken. When the pilots come to they are being held in a strange prison, obviously captured by the Martians of 742. Patric frees Mac while Thomas frees John Stone. The door opens and one of their captors appears, several unconscious men behind him. He works for the democratic side of Mars, not the invading Trinity from 742. He tells them about ships built to terraform pilots, ships launched to link with comets and increase speeds. Metapilots are a recent discovery on 742, and the moon and Earth are heavily defended. The resistance needs help in getting the defense grid down so that they can then, basically, use one moon to blow up another moon to blow up a planet. Their new ally, Quaid, lets them know to avoid the local flora and fauna. He also mentions that Mac has the genetic markers and is pretty much a meta pilot, much to Patric's chagrin. Pierce stays behind to fix the ship, so everyone can get back, and the rest of them head off. Thomas prestos up a ship and Patric attempts to figure out how to fly it. Thomas deactivates the remote detonation, so no one can blow them up without their consent. Patric takes off and soon closes in on the defenses around Mars and Earth. A transmission comes over and the ship is pulled into a larger station base. TOM comes over John's brainwave and mentions two possible options for destroying the grid. Both are dangerous and both are risky. One is basically a suicide mission and one is definitely a suicide mission. He also lets him know that Eli was last located on the moon of this Metaverse. Oh, and there is a silent alarm going off. Thomas routes the signal somewhere else and the rest of the group brainstorms. Two guards catch up to them and open fire, striking John Stone. Patric sets off a flash bang while Mac activates the fire suppression system. Thomas does a comprehensive scan of the auto detonation system. John Stone tries to intimidate the guards into talking but they don't seem impressed. So John shoots him. The hallway is now clear and the group heads off. John Stone senses that more guards are heading their way very soon but Thomas manages to use the alarm system to send them on a wild goose chase. John Stone notices that the metal of the ship is the same metal that his body is now made out of. The group has time to prepare an ambush for the oncoming guards. Thomas sets of a grenade in the middle of the group while John Stone curls a giant metal wall panel at them. Mac cuts a man in half with a door and Patric shoots one. The group continues on and soon comes upon more guards, this time with a barricade. John Stone rips off another wall panel while Patric finds a little drone that shoots things. Between body slams, explosions, and other violence, the guards are dealt with. Entering the command center, the group spots the commander, who looks similar to Crash or Andi, and a group of mini-Zenda aka scientists. Thomas blows the commander's head off which leads to the detonation of the other guards on deck. Leaving only the scientists, Patric directs them to use the defense system to fire on the approaching ships. They then make a run for the ship and climb inside as the debris from the exploded ships are pulled in toward the space station. The defense grid has been taken down but they are being pursued by four spacecrafts. John throws a bomb at one and Thomas takes over another. Patric broadcasts the the other ships have been compromised by metapilots which leads them to blow up. Patric crash lands on Mars and the pursing ships break off their pursuit. John Stone stands up now revealed to be made entirely of metal. Mac and Patric let Quaid know that the defense grid is down and the second stage of the plan gets under way. Next step...stealing a transport ship.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Chris Ode, Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 96 Streaming

Episode Ninety-Seven: Magic Carpet Ride

Patric, Mac, John Stone, and Thomas have to steal a moon and deal with some giant space bugs.


John Stone is pretty gooey after the ship crashing into the atmosphere when he and the rest of the group encounter a group of large, mutant cockroaches. Patric throws grenades, Thomas and John analyze, and revolvers are used. The drone is doused in pheromones and used to lead a large group of roaches away. It becomes clear that the bugs were laying a trap for the group and waiting to trap them and eat them. Making their way out of the roach trap, the men notice that they are essentially being herded toward a metal dome at the top of a hill. Inside of the dome is a massive ship, covered with corrosion. The ship has been there for more than 1000 years but it still appears to be in good condition. Patric sends the drone in to explore. John Stone jumps down and follows the drone's path to the ship walkway. The rest of the group follows and they soon come upon some bodies that died 1100 years ago. TOM informs John that the structure of ship is questionable and it might not survive takeoff. John relays this and then picks up eight approaching flying objects. More giant bugs. Thomas and Patric throw grenades while Mac attempts to not die while falling off a walkway. John Stone jumps down and manages to grab Mac before he plummets to his death. As the two of them are hanging over a pit of death, Patric and Thomas are dealing with an impending swarm of hundreds. Once Patric hears that Mac has been stabbed by a bug, he heads down toward his charge. John Stone catches both Patric and Thomas, and the group begins the trek down. At the bottom, Patric sets Mac's broken rib with his bare hand. Apparently he has super powers now? And they find out what is at the bottom of the cavern...bug eggs and larva. Because, what else would it be? The group finds a set of levers that power a turbine. Mac begins to push the levers and gets sprayed by crushed eggs for his trouble. Patric modifies a flamethrower out of a laser rifle. At this point two adult bugs emerge and swarm toward them. Patric and John blow up some babies as well as the larger bugs. The light suddenly comes on and everyone sees not only the massive amount of bugs covering the walls, but also the elevator that has just powered on. The team loads into the elevator and climbs the shaft to the ship. The door to the ship is now open and they make a dash for it. The ship is working but the tractor beam is offline. It was manually powered down and will have to be powered on again. Manually. Patric takes the controls and the ship lifts off. They break atmosphere and it's time to deal with the tractor beam. Naturally upon reaching engineering, they are confronted with clutches upon clutches of eggs. And then the parents show up. John beats a dude with another dude while Thomas gets a robot suit of armor. Patric swims across a lake of poop and bug guts while Thomas goes one on one with the queen, as is John Stone. Who gets stabbed for his trouble. Mac shoots a few bugs with a modified laser beam. Patric suddenly reappears and inputs the code to start up the tractor beam's grav drive. Thomas manages to behead the queen while Mac gets stabbed again. Patric jumps on the back of one and begins pulling the wings off its body. John Stone blows up the rest of the eggs and the team races back to the bridge. The rest of the transports have docked and it's time to grab a moon. With Patric piloting, Mac activates the tractor beam. With a moon in front of them as a shield, the resistance dives toward Luna. TOM suddenly alerts John Stone that his brother is on the moon below...

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Chris Ode, Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 97 Streaming

Metaverse Musing by Paxamo

Episode Ninety-Eight: Consequences | SEASON SIX FINALE

The final confrontation with 742 is at hand. Who will fall and who will be the Masters Of The Metaverse?


As the defense grid on Luna falls, Patric lands the ship in a hangar close to Eli's signal. Thomas suddenly vanishes in a puff of green motes. TOM is unable to locate him and states that he is no longer in "this Metaverse". And that he was not returned because of a technological device. Patric, Mac, and John make their way towards the middle of the hangar...just in time to find themselves between two sets of power suited guards. John pulls off wall panels while Patric blows up walk ways. The guards open fire and destroy Patric's drone. They also inflict some serious damage on John Stone. John returns the favor with a giant metal wall panel frisbee. Patric uses the corpse of his drone to electrocute a group of guards as more open fire. John launches himself like a missile and takes out several guards while TOM jams their communications. Patric creates a grenade choo choo train and makes a run for it, picking up his drone on the way. Mac rigs up a floating gun and also pushes for ground. John leaps down to join them and they all head for the exit. John suddenly gets knocked off the walkway while Mac and Patric hurry on as security doors begin to slam shut. They end up in a science lab and Patric is shot by an electrical weapon. A man in a jumpsuit emerges from cover, Captain Donaldson, and prepares to kill Mac. Meanwhile, John Stone rises from the floor and faces his attacker. A large metal man with glowing red eyes...its Eli. He's being used as AI for the metal suit and John isn't ready to let him go without a fight. It becomes clear that Eli isn't even in there and John rips off a panel and starts whacking. When that doesn't seem to do much, John uses his static charge to stun his brother. As Patric repairs his system from being stunned, Mac attempts to not die by trying to hide in the robots. Patric sneaks up behind Donaldson and throws two grenades, one to entangle and one to engulf in flames. The enemy pilot is very damaged but not yet dead. Mac makes a beeline to a gatling gun on a backpack and engages the plasma weapon. This finally kills him. John Stone is able to stun his brother for a moment and TOM offers a possible solution. He beams himself out of John and then Eli's voice comes into his ears. TOM has given his place to John's brother, taking up residence in the enemy metal suit...which the AI doesn't like. The suit is set to explode and John and his brother make a run for it. He meets up with Patric and Mac, and they reach Pierce just in time to watch the entire station blow up. Entering space, Quaid comes over the comms and the team watches as the enemy capital ships all explode into nothing.

Crash, Andi. and Bruno emerge from their pods only to find Patric, Mac, and John are gone. Monty fills them in on what's been going on while they've been away. Suddenly Zenda appears and transports them all to Arena. One of the pilots from 742, a man calling himself Jaxun Trinity, demands a right to Prime and to being Masters Of The Metaverse. They also are holding Thomas Wells captive. Crash speaks for his group and asks the pilots to step up and stand against the 742 pilots. He also chooses trial by combat for dominion of Prime. Andi heads to the jungle with her opponent, while Crash and Bruno head to the tundra and rocky desolation with theirs. Andi uses her super hearing from Abbi to locate her opponent in the jungle and flies directly at her, sinister knife out. Crash, meanwhile, sits down in the middle of the snow and waits. Bruno triangulates the likely position of his opponent and holds. Andi and her opponent spot each other at the same moment. Andi finds herself encased in ice and then burst out of ice as Theresa Jaxun attacks. Andi takes a hard hit and swings with her blade, the demon blade shattering in her hand. Crash reveals to Jaxun that he has been giving dreams to Patric, telling him that he could destroy the moon in 742 if he wanted. Jaxun Trinity attempts to disintegrate Crash but fails. Crash responds by punching him. The two trade blows but Crash seems unphased. Bruno tries to shoot his opponent and gets hit by a shockwave for his trouble. Andi uses ultra vision to stop Theresa's regeneration. Jaxun Trinity attempts to use his sorcery to smash Crash...and fails. Crash punches him in the face. A platinum loot box suddenly drops in front of Bruno. Opening the box, he pulls out elemental control arm bands. As Thaddeus tries to use force fields to damage him, Bruno also punches him in the face. Andi finds herself frozen in ice yet again as Theresa hits her repeatedly. Andi opens her loot box and pulls out chains of hell fire. Crash uses his loot box to hit Jaxun. Bruno channels Lothar and uses his magic to boil Thaddeus from the inside out. Andi channels all of her emotions and empathy into Theresa and breaks her mind. Crash knocks Jaxun into a dark doorway...into Nyx. The pilots return to Arena and to Zenda. 742 is ordered to vacate the Metaverse and Crash claims ownership of anything left behind. Crash then remembers that he has left his Dad locked up somewhere...for safe keeping. He was afraid his father would try to help thanks to his future sight. His father is cursed, no matter what good he tries to do it ends poorly for him. But he and Bruno can figure out where to go from here, at least when it comes to the weapons and tech left behind. The pilots decide to take a rest and head for a Joe's.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud, Shawn Franklin, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 98 Streaming

Season Seven

Dreams And Nightmares

Episode Ninety-Nine: Homecoming

Crash, Andi, Rosie, and Jenika return to Sentinel City and their former avatars. Five years have passed and it's Butch and Abbi's anniversary...


The pilots return to Sentinel City, and to their former avatars. Butch and Abbi have taken in the many orphans left behind by the war with Kronos and have opened a school. Hex, Bombshell, and Lady Veil are all on staff and working to help the young minds of Sentinel City have a bright future. But not tonight. Tonight is Butch and Abbi's 5th Wedding Anniversary and he wants to surprise her. While Johnny, Hex's multifaceted boyfriend, takes Abbi out to buy a dress, the others set to work planning a party. Since Abbi has already figured out that there is a surprise party on the way, it's fun being an empath, Butch decides that the best course of action is to plan the worst party ever and then surprise her with the best party ever. The group gets to work setting up the event, complete with singing possums, naked clown strippers, and the color pink. Abbi meanwhile selects her gifts for Butch as well as her new dress. The party gets underway and Abbi is definitely...surprised. Finally, Hex shoos everyone else out and sets up a private moment for both Butch and Abbi. They finally get a moment to breathe, talk, and exchange gifts. And the Butch's phone rings. It's Armor Guy. Apparently a group of Butch and Abbi's adopted kids have broken into his lab and set off a load of spider bots. Upon arriving at the scene it becomes clear that the kids are terrified. It doesn't get any better when Bombshell turns many tiny spider bots into one giant one. Abbi goes full Titan and emulates her husband by punching it in the head. Hex makes the spider insult Titan and Bombshell's ensuing rage manages to get it shut down for good. There is some serious parental discussion happening when Hex tries to help with some advice. Butch snaps at her and Hex leaves, feelings hurt. Butch and Abbi take a moment to calm themselves and Abbi urges him to apologize to Hex. He does and the group meets at Joe's Diner. They are enjoying their milkshakes when a strange woman enters. It's Monday and she has a dire warning for them. All the stories are ending. All of them. And no one knows why or how.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil, Maggie Doyle First appearance of:

Episode 99 Streaming

Happy Anniversary by Paxamo

Breathing Water by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred: Seeing Double

Crash, Tessa, Wyatt, and John Stone enter a Metaverse that just plain sucks. Also they're all in an insane asylum.


Crash reunites with Tessa, Wyatt, and John Stone. They leap into patients in a psychiatric ward in the middle of a bloody revolt. After breaking out of their cells, they begin to plan their escape just in time for some deranged looking orderlies to come along. Crash and Wyatt's avatars manage to quickly dispatch. Crash and Tessa's avatars think they spy something watching them from the other end of the hallway. Trying to make it to the exit, the group of inmates finds themselves in a room full of dead bodies which appear to have been beaten to death. Crossing through and picking the lock, they continue down the stairs and hear the sounds of cell doors opening. Looking behind them, they see several doors that are open but no one there who has opened them. As the continue on the doors keep opening and the lights keep flickering. Inmates stand silently in the doorways, staring at the floor. They find themselves at a dead end, face to face with a steel door. The lights flicker off and when they turn back on every inmate is now staring right at them. The inmates let loose with piercing screams and bum rush them. Crash uses his electricity powers to take out about half of the inmates. Wyatt throat punches one to death and starts trying to open the door. Tessa notices that the inmates don't seem to be real and literally dances her way toward the exit. The others begin to catch on that all is not what it seems and the attacks slowly begin to have no effect. Crash rips the door off the hinges and the rest begin to make their way through. They find themselves in a hallway, at the end of which is a sign that reads "Treatment Wing". The pilots regroup and head for the "Treatment Wing". Heading inside they find a new host of horrors...and some more orderlies to attack them. Crash does nothing to prevent them while Tessa's avatar stitches their clothes over their heads. Wyatt goes for the throat punch again while John's avatar cracks one over the head. Crash allows himself to be dragged away and placed on the electrotherapy table while Tessa knocks the heads of the last two orderlies together. Crash takes a jolt of electricity with no issue while Wyatt throat punches the doctor. Taking the keys, they move to the next hall and head toward the kitchen. Amidst the blood and death, they find the chef hidden in a closet. He tells them that all the doctors have gone crazy and are cutting people to pieces. Taking the keys, the pilots head out toward the loading dock. They find a medical table covered in blood. Clearly someone is doing surgery. Opening a curtain, they find a creature from hell who asks them to join it. Crash blows it up instead. The smell of gas starts coming from the kitchen and Wyatt hears someone striking a match. The pilots make a dash for it and make it outside just as the building blows up. Outside in the courtyard, they find the sun completely blocked by...something. In the distance they see a city, New York City, part of it on fire. A voice comes from behind them. "So many to play with so little time." Liquid made flesh, this creature tells them to run along and laughs, "Silly little wisps, you don't even know what you are." Wyatt recognizes it as an immature version of what Harvester was. Crash tells the creature that he's only allowing this world to exist because he is going to see if there is anything or anyone worth saving in it. And if not, he will turn it to dust.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Lisa Coronado, Luke Amundson First appearance of: Benjamin/Harold/George/Andrew/Thomas, Sara Lockwood, Michael, Timothy Allen Jones

Episode 100 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And One: Blackout

The pilots uncover the infection on the Metaverse and it comes at a cost no one expected.


The pilots head out from the burning asylum. They can find no sign of any human or animal life until they get closer to Manhattan. It is here that they come across thousands of cattle, each with different brands, as well as a small camp of cowherds. Tessa tries to make conversation with the creepy cowboy but Crash is insistent that all of this is an elaborate trap to scare them and doesn't mean anything. As they approach the city, they note that all the flags are the Union Jack and references to England. Approaching an open square, they encounter dozens of people beating each other to death. Crash has had enough and collapses a building on a group of people as they try to attack them. Tessa and Crash take to the sky with John and Wyatt in tow, hoping for a better view. On the top of the building, they see a small boy running away from a mob of crazy people. Crash flies off and crashes through the roof of the building they saw the boy run into. He's relieved to find other people who are "like Mr. Winston". Mr. Winston was helping to save the orphans in the city when someone shot him. He's hurt and needs healing. Crash agrees to come and help. The boy's name is Billy and he directs them to the place where Mr. Winston has been hiding the orphans. As they take off...gargoyles attack. Since things in this world only seem to attack people who believe they are real, John Stone decides to sedate Billy...with an electric charge in an attempt to stop the gargoyles from feeding on his fear. Even with Billy unconscious, the gargoyles are still trying to take him. Crash forces all of them to stop and the gargoyles turn into piles of ground up rock. Reaching the orphanage, Crash senses several dozen children inside. Tessa makes an attempt to get them to open the door but it's not until Crash tells them that they have Billy and have come with a doctor that they agree to open the door. The children take the group to Mr. Winston. The man is suffering from a infected bullet wound. Crash channels Michael's past as a medic to start treating the wound. Tessa channels Sara and makes the needed supplies. Crash finishes his work and Winston wakes up. He appears to be a pilot and is surprised to see other "travelers" in his world. He says that in the last world he, and other pilot, visited they encountered a new being. Something like a pilot but not, something that had brought madness to a different world. It infected his partner and was released in this Metaverse. He tells them that the "traveling stone" is located in Times Tower, in the middle of the city. Before leaving, John Stone adjusts his internal frequencies in order to tune in to the local radio stations. They make their way into the hidden tunnels under the city in an attempt to get closer to the traveling stone. As they get within two blocks they notice two things. One, that the underground will be coming to an end soon and they will need to come out onto the surface too. Two, it's gone dead quiet. Coming up onto the street, the pilots see a line of people walking toward the building. Clearly the building is eating them. Because this world sucks. Tessa tries to get a better look and brings some gargoyles down on the group for her trouble. Crash disintegrates two while John throws a wagon at them. Tessa smashes the heads of a few gargoyles and then runs up a building and smash lands on the head of another. Wyatt goes for the epic throat punch. John Stone rips out a telephone poll and goes Casey At The Bat. With the gargoyles taken care of, the group moves into the building. Inside they see a line of people making their way up the stairs. Luckily they want the basement. They do notice a trail of black oil like material starting from the basement and going up the stairs. The pilots head to the basement in search of the traveling stone and find a natural stone cavern which contains a circular stone. On the stone itself is a dead body and on the opposite site of the stone is some more of that oily black liquid. The body is a man, one of the other pilots who was with Winston. Crash can tell that he died from shock after his avatar was killed. The black liquid splash is person sized and there is a set of foot prints at the bottom. It's pretty clear that whatever creature took over Diane in the other Metaverse is still in her and is upstairs. John Stone takes a moment to scan the journals of this world's pilots before everyone heads upstairs. The elevator dings and the doors slide open. The pilots climb onboard and after several minutes the doors open onto a seen of torture. At the center of it all is a terrible slender man who knows Crash' name and calls the rest of the pilots "Fodder". Crash refuses to comply and tells the creature that he will seal this world off entirely before he lets the creature get what he wants. John and Wyatt notice that most of what they are seeing is an illusion and the creatures they are talking to aren't even really here. John also notices that there is a weak life sign signal somewhere in the room. Tessa slips off to try and find them while Crash creates a distraction. The big bad again hints that Crash doesn't even know what he is and then attacks. Tessa follows some tendrils off into the back of the room and into an office. She finds the body of a woman, spilling tendrils from every part of her. The slender man attacks Crash, himself not his avatar, and the pain is felt within his soul. Wyatt channels Balthazar and invokes some fire magic and sets some creatures ablaze. John gets dragged to the floor but rids himself easily of them with a static charge and then launches himself at the main baddie. He misses and lands on the table instead. Crash uses his power from Zeus and teleports himself to the basement and the traveling stone. The tendril connecting to the creature is pulled taught and Crash slices through it. Upstairs, the woman wakes up and begins screaming. Crash then explodes the creature from the inside out. Tessa teleports the tendrils out of the woman's body and they evaporate into nothing. Regrouping up above, the pilots come to terms with this new threat. Crash declares that he will be staying, that Pierce needs to move his body to this world. He's concerned that he might be infected by the creature and doesn't want to risk infecting others.

GM Breakage count: 0
GM: James Durham Players: Shawn Franklin, Christian Doyle, Lisa Coronado, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 101 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Two: Shattered

After learning what happened to Crash and the others, Andi, Thomas, and Aquamarine head into the world of the Feathered King in an attempt to uncover the source of the infection seen in the previous Metaverse.


After learning what happened to Crash and the others, Andi, Thomas, and Aquamarine head into the world of the Feathered King in an attempt to uncover the source of the infection seen in the previous Metaverse. Fleeing from the destruction of the nearby cities, the pilots find themselves, and their avatars, under attack. Thomas and Aquamarine set about trying to repair the ship's cloaking device while Andi engages evasive maneuvers against the bounty hunters. One of the ships can't survive the egg roll maneuver but one can, and sends in a boarding crew. Andi's avatar initiates another insane move with the ship. Many of the boarders fall off...but not Hawk and Stormcrow, the deadly bounty hunters. Aqua starts inflicting heavy damage while Thomas gets the cloaking device online. As Aquamarine takes on Hawk, Thomas intervenes with an ancient and elegant weapon of a bygone age. A skyblade. Andi then throws what remains of Hawk out of an airlock. Thomas and Aqua head over to the bounty hunter's ship in an effort to find some parts to repair their own craft. Once the ship is no longer in danger of falling out of the sky, the group hashes out what comes next. The Feathered King has gone mad and needs to be stopped...but who is able to do such a thing? It seems that the Feathered King unleashed a terrible weapon, a Great Storm, on his own people and no one is certain how to stop it. There is some concern about the possibility of this being a piece of TOM. However, Thomas does a quick scan and comes to the conclusion that TOM is not involved in this at all. They finally convince Andi's avatar to take them to a small planet on the outskirts of the clouds. They do so and seek out Oldie Swan. They've been expected...of course. They talk, they eat questionable cookies, and they have a training montage. Leaving their strange mentor behind, the group approaches the Great Storm. Flying into the storm, and executing some very fancy maneuvers, the team reaches the eye of the story and the citadel within. The guard towers open fire, destroying one of the ship's engines. Coming to a crash landing, the pilots find themselves facing down spears with legs attached. Eggs with legs and guns. The team opens fire and begins cutting through the...shells? Making their way to the Citadel, they find their way into an underground passage. Andi obtains the uniform of one of the enemy soldiers and manages to power down the defenses of the central citadel. Making their way inside, the group runs into a squad of guards. These guards appear to be taken with the same madness that has afflicted the king. Using the powers of feet shooting, hulk smashing, and cars two and three, the pilots dispatch them and press on, joined by the ghost like form of Oldie Swan. Finally reaching the Sky King, they find him much changed. He demands fealty of his son which is combat begins. Andi realizes that the Sky King is actually a metapilot, with a bonded avatar. It seems that the Sky King went mad after visiting the "seeing stones". Aquamarine senses a struggle inside the king. He does not wish to fight but something inside of him is forcing him to do so, something that feeds on fear. Thomas races toward the Sky King and, thanks to Presto, pulls a pair of Meta End handcuffs from nowhere. The bond to his avatar is severed, his connection to the Metaverse is cut off. The king appears close to death but his mind is cleared. He tells the pilots that the creature who threatens them is a being that hates hope and feeds on fear. The creature wants only the darkness. Andi uses her power and rips the king free from the terrible creature that held him. The pilots return to the world to end the storm...and to return hope to the people who live there.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Vanessa Postil, Chris Ode, Larry Dixon First appearance of: Lan Skyracer, Bachewa, Hannah

Episode 102 Streaming

Once Upon A Time.. by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Three: A Legion Of Their Own

Crash is reunited with Andi, Jenika, Rosie, and Aquamarine. They leap into a world that mirrors one they know all too well, in an attempt to take the fight for the Metaverse to a new level.


Crash meets with Zenda and discusses what can be done against the dark entity. Luckily Crash wasn't infected during his exposure but that's the only good news Zenda can give to him. Crash decides that it's time to take a new tactic. Returning to the base, and to his friends, he proposes going to a Metaverse that is already terrible and make it into a better place. The first place to visit is the opposite of Sentinel City, its polar opposite. Jenika, Andi, Rosie, Crash, and Aquamarine leap into new avatars, villains in 668 turned heroes in this world. Hex Destiny is an evil empress who rules with an iron fist, and these villainous heroes are the world's best hope. Loading into a box truck, the group heads out to try and rescue Migraine. They make their way to the Armor Guy facility and prisoner holding area. They are instructed to find and rescue the person who was arrested with Migraine, although no one knows who that is. Jenika and Aquamarine approach the gates and stealth/distract their way in. As Jenika is dragged off to prison, and Aquamarine disappears inside, Crash and Andi jump the fence. Crash pulls Rosie through a portal and helps her up into the tower and to a better sniper nest. Back inside, Armor Guy speaks through a drone and gloats over his capture of Jenika's avatar. He plans on selling her to the highest bidder as it turns out. As she is dragged by, Jenika sees that there are three occupied cells. Meanwhile, Aquamarine finds a tiny vent to squeeze into. Crash and Andi begin their attempt to break into the prison level. Crash fixes on Jenika's position and then blows a hole in the ground. Coming out in the prison, Crash helps release some of the minions and Andi gets ready to kick some robot butt. Aquamarine gets into position and radios back to Crash, waiting for instructions. Breaking into the cells, Aquamarine finds Bandolier, sedated and on a stretcher. Outside, hundreds of drones and robots are gathering. Clearly they are preparing to stop the team from breaking out. Aquamarine identifies the remaining prisoners as a single nano wasp from Bombshell 4.0 and Johnny 33, a rogue Johnny Legion. The team frees Johnny and unplugs him from the sedation. Crash slips the nano wasp into his pocket, spotted only by Aquamarine. Carrying Johnny out by tiger, Andi creates a new distraction while Crash pulls a lightning gun from nowhere. Aquamarine throws two bombs, made of her own body, and destroys several robots. Rosie then channels Hex and Loki and appears as the dark empress, ordering the robots to stop. As they do, Crash summons a 742 gate for escape. While Rosie makes Armor Guy reconsider his poor life choices, the rest of the team makes an escape. Crash throws a sticky bomb on to the robots while Rosie shoots it. Waves of robots go up in flames as the imprisoned civilians make a run for it. The pilots make it safely back to their truck with Johnny 33 in tow. Waiting at the truck is Blue Streak, Armor Guy's right hand man. As Blue Streak makes a dive for Aquamarine, Rosie opens fire, seriously wounding Blue Streak. Crash pulls out a rocket launcher and follows suit. Aquamarine uses her body to encase a flying man while Jenika mind controls Blue Streak to pummel her own teammate into sand. Andi engages in a duel with one and then shoots her between the eyes. The pilots climb into the truck and escape, with Johnny and Blue Streak.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Vanessa Postil, Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of: Griefer, Tiger Queen, Plastique, Warboy, Major Mayhem

Episode 103 Streaming

Choosing Destiny by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Four: The Butcher, The Baker, The Mutation Maker

The team finds an old friend and a surprising secret comes to light.


Back in Dr. Dynamo's base, Johnny 33 has woken up. He reveals that Hex has taken Migraine into the Fey Wyld. Johnny happens to know the only other way in or rather the person who should know. Butch Baker. But no one has seen Butch for years, he doesn't leave his casino. The Steady Roller, as it is called, is the neutral ground in this ongoing feudal dispute. Technically Hex appointed Butch as Duke of Nevada but he doesn't seem to want to be involved. The last anyone heard of him was Hex asking him to deal with his uncle, Bob Baker aka Titan. Arriving at the casino, Crash enters and finds Johnny duplicates all over. The rest of the team joins him and finds that there are no powers allowed in the casino. Rosie seduces a Johnny and hears that Butch is in a bad way. Rosie uses her magic to disguise everyone as Johnny Legion and they make their way to the kitchen. Crash beckons his team in the walk-in...and shoots them with a shrink ray. They clamber onto the food tray being taken to Butch's penthouse. At the top of the casino, they find themselves in an open courtyard. There is a giant shark trying to roll a joint next to the pool who Crash recognizes as Mako. Empty beer cans litter the area and the cart is pushed to the side and left alone. The team makes a break for the couch without anyone seeing them. Andi suddenly senses a golden thread on her wrist, tugging her toward a door, which smells like a strawberry milkshake. Andi approaches the door and crawls underneath, finding a room covered in dust. The room is immaculate and clean, nothing is out of place. It has not been disturbed for a long time. The walls are covered with pictures of Kid Titan and Rita Riot, together and happy. But the room has not been touched in many years. Something is terribly wrong. In this world, Rita Riot took the punch from Titan. The group finds a disheveled Butch Baker in front of the television, eating chicken in front of the TV. Crash tells him that they are trying to get to the Fey Wyld and asks if he knows how to get there. Butch agrees to tell them if the team goes to Dr. Presto Change-O's lab and brings him Bob Baker. The team lands in Bogata and starts looking for the lab. Jenika channels Bombshell and finds the secret location. Rosie uses magic to create a distraction for security along with Jenika. Meanwhile Crash and Andi make their way to the door. After stealing some murder bikes, they set off into the deep jungle. And then the laser turrets start shooting. The team opens fire and destroys the turrets in quick order. Reaching the inner base, they find a force field in place. Jenika channels Professor North and uses science to bring down the walls. They find several dome shaped buildings and seven life signs...four of which are now heading toward them. They also happen to be flying, cybernetically modified gorillas. Crash adjusts the gravity for one and uses a super gun on another. Andi senses that the gorillas are unable to control their bodies and are in constant pain. Jenika retrieves Rosie from back at the base and brings her back to the others. Crash pulls out a baseball bat and dispatches another one. Andi climbs on the back of another and then humanely snaps his neck, channeling that to all the others. Jenika senses that there are only two beings left in the base, not the three that should be present. The team moves into the main building and the center of the lab. There they find Dr. Presto Change-O with two bodies in tubes. Andi uses her empathy and reaches inside. One is Bob Baker and one is Titan Tom...the same TOM who stood on Mount Rushmore and watched Butch step in the way.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 104 Streaming

Bailing by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Five: Manifest Destiny

The pilots must make a final stand to bring hope to the world of 768.


The team attempts to convince Dr Presto Change-O to let them have Bob Baker and TiTOM. It appears that Bob Baker is no longer able to contain the Titan Force because he doesn't believe that he is worthy of it. Crash suggests that Andi imbue one of the doctor's assistants with some Titan juice for twenty-four hours while they manage to get away with the two people they want. Jenika pretends to mind control Bob into transferring power while Andi shoots a little juice into Dr. Presto Change-O. Bob Baker is released, as is TiTOM. Aquamarine returns to the group in time for TiTOM to come to. He remembers what happened on Mount Rushmore, back on 668, but not much else. He knows Andi Jaymes but he doesn't know that he is TOM. The pilots try to explain things to him and succeed...sort of. Heading back to Butch, Andi attempts to ask Bob what happened to Rita. He reacts to the name but is too groggy to say much. He begins to panic when he realizes when they are taking him to Butch. Butch blames Bob for Rita. They fought, Butch used his powers and Rita got in the way. Butch was preparing to join Hex Destiny and Bob tried to stop him. Butch attacked Bob and Rita stepped in the way...and died. Returning to Las Vegas, the group attempts to help Bob Baker believe in himself again so that he can be Titan. The Johnny Legions fly the group to Butch and deposit Bob in front of him. Butch begins to torture Bob but Andi steps in and imparts her memories of Butch and Abbi to him. She explains that without Butch's help, their story will end all over again. Butch breaks down and reveals that Hex already knows they are coming. There is only one way into the Fey Wyld and it's a trap. The entrance is in the ruins of Mount Rushmore and the pilots prepare with weapons, mind shields, and pep talks. Flying overhead, Rosie can sense a great deal of magic in the area. Crash bombs the crap out of it. Jenika senses that while there is no one in the area there are people who are able to sense them. She reaches out and finds that they are being spied on from the Fey Wyld. Suddenly the world shifts and fifty Bombshells attack. Aquamarine and Crash team up and use the powers of Titan to seduce all the Bombshells. As the Bombshells are stunned, Andi throws about a zillion demon blades into their lovestruck bodies. Jenika uses her abilities to attempt to convince all the Bombshells to become good. And then TiTOM unleashes ultra vision and destroys one Bombshell. The Fey Wyld opens and more heroes turned villains emerge to fight our pilots. Crash punches some people with explosives while Aquamarine convinces a few of them to reconsider their choices. TiTOM gets stabbed a bunch while people try to mind control the psychic or suck water out of the person made of clay. Andi opens fire and takes out another combatant. Rosie channels Hex and, in the guise if Tiger Queen, summons Mercy using Loki's magic. She uses the sword to stab Riptide while Jenika uses a Gatling Gun to blow people up more. TiTOM faces off against Shield Maiden just as Armor Guy shows up in his Titan busting armor. Andi takes out The Highlighter and Riptide while Jenika uses the power of surfing to open the door to the Fey Wyld. Crash pulls the Armor Guy armor from 668 and puts it on before shooting Armor Guy of 768 with the Midas gauntlet and turning his armor into gold...and then just shooting him. Rosie physically summons Hex Destiny to her. She places their heads together and casts a spell...know that Hex Is Hope. Rosie has changed the fate of this Metaverse and that they have brought hope to 768.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Sarah Sanders-Ode, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 105 Streaming

Opening The Door by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Six: A Grim Fairy Tale

The pilots return to a world they once knew...but things have gone a little borking wrong.


Wyatt, Andi, Crash, and John are sent to the world of the Borks. The borks have been rounded up and captured by The Bork Hunter and his mindless sentinels. The Bork Hunter then turned on the humans and used the bork magic to power his army. But a Bork rebellion is rising...luckily they seem to hear narration. Crash's avatar has been preparing. He's made a bork suit of armor. And he wants to reform the Knights Of Borkdom. However, there is only one suit of armor. Crash puts it on. In an effort to get where they want to go quickly, Crash sets about making a mechanical sled while Wyatt's avatar steals stuff. The group sets off into what is left of the magical woods. Thanks to their pogo stick transport, the group can see that the trees are being burned in giant factories downstream. Unfortunately the group chooses this moment to run into a group of silent sentinels, who are out hunting for borks. Wyatt stealths into the grass while Crash reprograms one to only love. The other sentinels use giant forks to try and capture the borks. John uses his static charge to break one into pieces while Andi throws her shield at another sentinel's head. Wyatt kneecaps one attacker and then scuttles off into the underbrush. Crash takes a running bounce at the kneecapped one and pushes him into his friends. And then shocks them which causes them to explode. The one programmed for love hugs another one to death. John initiates a Fast Bork Special and bounces off Andi to knock the attacker off of Crash. Andi, for her part, inspires the humans to not flee in terror and perhaps maybe join the fight? They set up a defensive line while Wyatt kneecaps another automaton. Crash electrocutes himself and then does a running super punch on one of the remaining enemies. After the fight is over, the group checks on the humans and finds that they are all children. Their parents are being forced to work in the factories. The children are scared of them at first, they've heard tales of borks killing humans, but Wyatt manages to convince them that not all borks are evil. They help the children hide someplace safe and then head off to the villages and the factories. Crash builds a bork boat and the group finds their way to the village. The only thing left in good repair is a giant factory. They decide to pretend to be a human. After some soft bouncing. In their human disguise, the group pretends to head to work in the factory. Inside it appears that the factories are building more automatons. But they're currently powered off. Doing their best to pretend to be a human, which is not very good, John attempts to speed up the conveyer belt while Wyatt steals crucial parts from the automatons. Meanwhile Andi jumps onto the conveyor belt and spreads love and friendship to all the humans while Crash builds an army of perfect friend automatons aka Chad. Unfortunately this triggers the guards to attack. Because you know...smiling and love are forbidden. A combination of love, friendship, the power of Chad, and a fast bork special takes care of the attackers. John attempts to hack into the final remaining guard and discovers the location of the castle, which is also the source of power and control over all the automatons. He also realizes that the automaton is powered by bork magic. And, according to the narrator, the borks have enemies incoming...

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Luke Amundson First appearance of: Buildy Bork, Bridgette Bork, Brawly Bork, Bandit Bork

Episode 106 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Seven: The Empire Strikes Bork

Things are still borked and its time for them to be unborked!


Crash sets about making a airplane factory for the borks as well as a tank for John Stone. Wyatt sets some traps as possible in preparation for the coming onslaught. Crash makes Andi a self propelled glider which she uses to drop glue bombs over the advancing army. The rest of the team sets up the village in their best after school fashion and attacks with magnets and glue traps. They bottleneck the army into the entrance of town...right into the sights of the tank. Which John Stone uses to rain bouncy ball destruction down onto his enemies. Andi flies in and out among the invading sentinels, attempting to throw them off. John Stone and Crash team up to first throw toasters at the sentinels and then spray them with a fire hose. Wyatt zips in and out, taking out kneecaps as he goes. The townsfolk join in with their bouncy ball machine guns. Andi throws another glue bomb into the final advancing group of sentinels. Crash and John use the powers of water and electricity to shut down the rest of the army, saving the village...for now. Wyatt gives a rousing press conference before the group sets off for the castle of the evil big bad. Reaching the castle, the group has to cross a large stone bridge to reach the entrance. They are about halfway across when the giant metal serpent emerges from the water...because of course. So Crash punches it in the nose and then gets swallowed. So John tries to get himself swallowed as well and succeeds. Andi tries to use her shield to wedge the armor open on the serpent, while Wyatt shoots it with a bow and arrow. Crash creates a snakenado from the inside while John heads to the stomach to create an upset stomach. Andi smashes the nostrils shut before jumping to safety as Wyatt shoots out the other eye. Crash now begins smashing it into the ground. John and Crash now get vomited out of the serpent, who then sinks into the water and out of sight. The group heads for the castle...and fall into a trap. Literally. And the walls are closing in. Literally. So Crash uses his powers to send the kinetic powers out into the world...breaking the trap. They are now in a small stone room beneath the castle. The walls are lined with cages of borks, bouncing and unsmiling. Strange machines are absorbing their powers, like Bork batteries. And standing there are the fallen Knights of Borkdom, including Betty, Bowie, and Blinky. Andi attempts to set the prisoners free while John Stone plays croquet with the fallen Knights. And at that moment...a musical number breaks out. The power of love and music helps inspire the fallen knights to turn from their path of darkness. At this moment, Billy Bork suddenly appears. He seems to have been the one in charge of this whole thing. While the others tempt him with a cinnamon bun, Wyatt sneaks over and shaves off his beard. Billy realizes the error of his ways and agrees to go to time out.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Helen Roundhill, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Luke Amundson First appearance of:

Episode 107 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Eight: May Dreams Never Die

Brony, Crash, Rosie, and John head to a different version of the Weird West they know. Once there, they set about building the legend of Butch Cassidy.


The spirit of the Weird West is dying but there is a chance for it to be kept alive by four heroes...who have all just received an invitiaton from Mark Twain. He still believes in things bigger than stories. He wants the group to help him with on Butch Cassidy and his legend. He wants to start a revolution of thought. And only the last of the legends can help. The group sets out for Salt Lake City and crash lands in the middle of things. They head for the bank, which is still recovering from having just been robbed by Butch Cassidy. Rosie notices that there appears to have been a shoot out outside the bank. Heading inside, they discover that there is a posse on the trail of Butch Cassidy and his gang. Apparently the lawmen have a lead, a local lady who has had relations with the gang. When they arrive, they find the residents being threatened by industrialists. With the help of golfing, hammers, a horseless carriage, and a flying animated sword, the pilots handle the would be assailants. The ladies are grateful and invite the pilots inside for some coffee and to talk about Butch Cassidy. The Bassett sisters tell them to head to a maze of canyons called Robber's Roost. They also tell them that Butch is trying to help legends grow, which is why he took the money in the first place. Before setting out, Brony gets a steam mech to ride in and John Stone makes himself a suit of armor. Reaching the canyon, the group follows some horse tracks to a trail. They meet two of Butch's gang who then take them the rest of the way into the canyon. Coming to Butch Cassidy, the pilots explain Twain's mission and offer to help grow the legend of Butch Cassidy. They offer to help him and to join his gang. Butch agrees and lets them in on a new plan. They're going to rob a train. Crash and Brony suggest actually stealing the train instead. The plan is to build new tracks and divert a train after they're built. But first they have to rob a train yard to get the raw materials for construction. Crash persuades the local populace to help them gather the materials and they set to work. The track completed, the group returns to Butch Cassidy. He's found a train worth robbing. This one contains tons of Edison's gold from California. The only problem is that the train will be heavily guarded. At dawn the next day, the train heads out from Salt Lake City and the pilots move to intercept it. Boarding the train, Crash and Rosie head toward the engine while John and Brony go for the caboose. Brony meditates on the roof of the caboose and six golems pile in and fall on their backsides in an attempt to shoot him. Which they don't. In the engine car, Rosie disables the steam powered engineer. Crash, posing as Butch Cassidy, rides a lightning bolt and throws the switch, sending the train down the tracks that lead back to Butch Cassidy's camp. John pitches the golems out of the back of the train while Brony uncouples the caboose. The train steams off via the new tracks as Crash resets the switch, hiding their path.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of: John Henry, "Cordwood" Pete Bunyan, Cassie Jones, Joe Magarac

Episode 108 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Nine: Kitty Hawks And Werewolves

In the final push to save the legends of the Wonky West, the pilots take to the sky and the bush.


After stealing a train, the group heads back to find the cabin where Mark Twain was supposed to be, completely destroyed. The scene isn't quite right however, and the team resolves to launch a daring rescue mission. Heading toward Saint Louis, Brony's avatar recalls that Samuel Clemens has drunk from the Fountain Of Youth and is immortal. John Stone ascertains that they are two days behind the attackers and so they set out quickly...and almost crash lands thanks to Rosie's driving. Arriving in St. Louis, the team heads to the local jail. Crash pretends to be a woman, not well, and seduces the guards. The figure out that these are members of Custer's elite unit. Arming themselves, they head into the jail. Posing as Custer's guards, they start to question the prisoners, who turn out to be Wilbur and Orville Wright. Unfortunately, the clever disguises of Canadians don't hold up to scrutiny. A fight breaks out and Rosie turns two guards into beavers while Brony chops one in half...and then the dam breaks and a flood of beavers covers the town. Yes, really. And then the Beaver-Nado happens. As the dust and bushes clear, the Wright brothers let the pilots know that Mark Twain has been moved. They have a plan to rescue him but it requires building a new kind of flying machine, and freeing the people of Andersonville. Rosie figures out how to build more versions of the flying machine, and she and Crash make two machines of their own. Rosie and Brony take off while Crash and John have a foot race. Landing in Andersonville, Crash lands in the middle of a group of guards. Said guards get a cigarette in their faces and a beaver place thrown at their heads. Making their way inside the prison, the pilots find that everything is powered by electricity. Moving to the basement, they find many people being worked on...their human parts being replaced by machine ones. The next room holds a calmly smoking Custer...waiting for them. There are also automatons in the corners of the room, clearly some kind of ambush. Then Crash blows up the stairwell. Brony starts spinning with his axe, heading for Custer. John smashes golems with his giant hammer while Rosie sends tendrils of wood wrapping around Custer. Crash channels Harzoul and raises the dead henchmen, calling them to consume Custer. Crash teleports inside of a golem Edison and, after taking note of the insides, blows it up from the inside out. Edison is nearly dead but he agrees to tell them where Mark Twain is...if they save him. Crash stops the bleeding and drags Edison down to the basement...where they find the missing legends. Gatling, Dickinson, Tesla, Oakley, the list goes on. And in one cell they find Mark Twain. He's pleased. Things have gone according to plan. There is more hope in this world, more legends and stories. More chance for the Spirit Of The West to survive.

GM Breakage count: 45
GM: James Durham Players: Maggie Doyle, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Andy Dopieralski First appearance of:

Episode 109 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Ten: Sandbox

Returning to a world that they once knew, the pilots learn that video games are a little tougher than expected!


The pilots had back to the first world that Project: Metaverse ever visited. The first world that they harmed. Inside this video game type world, most of the avatars have been killed...thanks to Project: Metaverse. And now one of the villains in the game is spawning himself until no one will be left except Boris. The team gathers in a local gym which is now a freedom force safe house. They decide to head out to Amnesty Island in the hopes of trying to meet up with Bruno, whose avatar is currently under cover. Reaching the top of the building, the group spots Bruno (currently disguised as a hot dog vendor) and receives their objectives from Boris. They have to raise their star rating in order to get the things they need to get over to Amnesty Island. So they hatch a plan. As Crash causes a distraction, John Stone steals an SUV. Crash zip lines into the car and drives off with John. Bruno joins them soon after, followed by Andi. Heading off, the pilots hit the highway. Crash questions Andi about her time with TOM, pointing out that its a little weird that Boris is replicating himself much the same way that TOM later did. Coming to a road block, Crash gets ready to make a ruckus while Bruno blows up a red barrel. Their star rating goes up to one star and the Borises begin to prepare for an incoming assault. John Stone tries to play it cool but the Borises see through his...non Boris nature. Star rating goes up to two and the fight is on. Bruno and Crash each take out several opponents as Andi and John Stone use an SUV and a grappling hook to clothesline several Borises. Bruno scoops up a rifle and opens fire. Crash and Andi jump out of the car to attack with rifle butts and knives. The star rating is now up to three stars...and now the SUVS and helicopters show up. John speeds off and ramps it over a barricade. Crash teleports himself into the pilot seat of the helicopter. Andi street surfs along, keeping pace with the others. Bruno and John take out the pursing vehicles, as Crash takes out the newly arrived helicopters. The star rating is not four and they are coming by land, sea, and air. John Stone launches the car off the side of the bridge and boards a patrol boat..with an SUV. Crash heads to the tank and attempts to make himself a very tempting target. Andi jumps on board said tank and cuts her way inside. Of course the machine gun fire puts a little bit of a damper on things. John Stone and Bruno attack the Borises on the boat while Crash punches a tank like a bank. Andi slices and dices, and the star rating goes up to five. John heads to ram one of the approaching boats, while shooting, even as more enemies spawn and head for the pilots. Bruno channels Lothar, and tries to summon elemental magic to slam the ships together by manipulating the waves themselves. Crash opens fire on the tanks while Andi starts driving the tank toward the island. Unfortunately it gets shot up pretty quickly and is no longer functional. Bruno blows up another boat as Crash and Andi make a run for John's boat. John manages to land on Amnesty Island as the star level slowly drops back down to zero.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Helen Roundhill First appearance of: Hot Shot, Free Runner, Sure Shot, Night Watch

Episode 110 Streaming

Walk And Talk by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Eleven: Source Code

At the heart of the Boris program, new truths are revealed...and things take a dire turn.


On the island, the pilots find a warehouse...and Crash finds a golden thread. Only he can see this thread, not his avatar, and he follows it to a telephone pole which holds a grainy picture of TOM and a phone number. Crash returns to his friends and shares what he has learned. It seems that TOM either returned to this world after Andi and the others had left, or a piece of him had found its way back. Crash thinks that TOM was somehow kidnapped by Boris and forced to use his replication ability to help Boris. Looking up Boris in a phonebook, they soon find one located in a penitentiary nearby. They also find a number to a Thunder Laboratories, but it has been disconnected. Bruno calls the penitentiary and talks to Boris. As they set out toward the island, a thunderstorm starts. Approaching the final island, and the penitentiary, they encounter mines in the water. The pilots search the boat and find an emergency raft. Everyone loads into the SUV and Crash and Andi get the team over to the island. Once there they hijack themselves a UPS truck. They kill some Boris hobos, gain a star, and climb up a building. A helicopter moves in for surveillance but everyone manages to hide carefully and avoid detection. The team makes their way across the rooftops towards the spawn zone. As they travel, their star rating disappears. Moving into the garage, the team encounters more Boris. Andi takes a major hit but comes up fighting. As the rest of the pilots start taking out the Boris, new ones spawn in...each one wearing a Hawaiian shirt before they put on their own uniforms. A new Boris enters the spawn room and says "Boris is here to serve". And then the Boris Mech shows up. Crash deduces that the Boris inside the mech is the actual true Boris, not a copy. Pushing forward, they find an almost white room...containing a TOM shard who is making Borises. Crash pulls him free and TOM comes to...and with a wave of his hand turns everything into a white room. Then he remakes the world into a virtual Eden. He is the entirety of the program...and he remembers Crash from when he was quite young. Apparently, Colonel Jaxun and others tried to take over and control this program world. And Crash spent a great deal of time in this program as a child. The version of TOM they had been interacting with was a shard from the very beginning. Apparently it was Nick who corrupted the environment in the first place. TOM and Harvester are nightmares...and the pilots and their avatars are dreams. But who are the dreamers? Suddenly Jonathan Rhodes appears. He's distraught because Monday is gone, taken by the oil slicks. It seems that they are planning to use her connections to everything to spread terror. He asks them to help him. To find Monday.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Shawn Franklin, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 111 Streaming

Stolen Gold By Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Twelve: Monday, Bloody Monday

Entering the nightmare in search of Monday, the pilots must face their darkest fears.


Zenda appears and tells the pilots that he's had to put Jonathan in stasis for his own good. He tells them that Monday is still alive but that he can't find her. He tells them to go to Pierce and use his ship in order to travel to the nightmare where Monday is being held. Crash travels along golden threads and they all surface in a tank of icy water. Andi is now no one, Crash is his younger self, Aquamarine is her yogini personality, and Wyatt is a convict. They don't remember each other or Monday. Entering an elevator, they come out into a field with a strange house in it. The ground starts rumbling and a twenty foot man comes out looking for Crash. It's Cole and Crash takes off. Aquamarine runs after him as Andi leaps onto his back, reminding Cole over and over that he is dead. Aquamarine also tackles Cole and the two of them hold him down. The world shifts and they are all suddenly in a backyard being tackled by Crash's Dad in a football game. The scene shifts again, this time to a dojo where Cole is waiting to teach Crash how to take a punch...but this time Crash and his friends are ready. As Crash and Andi use the powers of punching and knives, Aquamarine seduces one of the Cole's. Four more Coles appear and start beating Crash. Crash fights back and the scene shifts again. This time they're in an office, Butch Baker's office. He asks Crash why he keeps coming in and ruining his life. The scene shifts again, this time to a house that Aquamarine knows. Her grandmother comes out and belittles Aqua, who gets smaller and smaller. But with the help of her friends, Aquamarine is able to stand up to the nightmare version of her grandmother. The scene shifts again, this time to a street where people are losing their homes and all their possessions thanks to Aquamarine. The people start screaming at her and throwing bottles. Aquamarine stands up and performs a rousing and inspiring song. The crowd continues to throw rocks until finally Crash shields her. Her friends rally around her and encourage her to fight back. The scene shifts...just in time for Andi to imagine a T-rex with a saddle on it. Andi jumps on its back and starts to ride it while Wyatt kneecaps it and Crash kicks it. Aquamarine sings it a lullaby and the T Rex falls asleep. Throwing the dinosaur off into the distance, the group moves on and finds themselves among a crowd of people who are all listening to a version of Sapphire. Aquamarine resists the urge to fall for the nightmare's taunts but Sapphire turns into the master of Nightmares and demands that the crowd attacks the pilots. Crash starts punching and Aquamarine creates a time bubble around the angry mob. Wyatt unravels someone at the seams and belittles their existence. Andi holds up a mirror to the crowd and sees them to be nothing but puppets. The fight stops and the scene shifts. They are now in a room of statues, statues of all the heroes and avatars they know and love. They hear the sounds of someone walking around and dusting. It's an old woman and she doesn't remember who she is or the stories of the statues around her. Andi tells her the story of Butch and Wyatt relates the life of Balthazar. The pilots tell her about the heroes around her. Suddenly she becomes afraid and disappears with a pop. Dark ooze spills forth and turns the statues against them. Wyatt pulls the dark essence from the statues as Aquamarine opens time and Andi uses her empathy to call forth her friends into those statues. They turn to flesh and fight against the dark heroes as Crash pulls forth the head of Medusa and the summoned heroes return from whence they came. The scene suddenly shifts and now everyone is standing in Meta End. The Nightmare Master taunts them briefly and then the scene shifts to a coffee shop. Andi is gettin fired...again. Something is very familiar about the scene...this is the day Andi was recruited to Project: Metaverse.

GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Luke Amundson, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 112 Streaming

Snapped by Paxamo

Episode One Hundred And Thirteen: The Death Of A Dream

The final fight for Monday takes place...and things change forever.


Andi approaches the bench and finds Maddox sitting there. Wyatt resists the temptation to talk to her, claiming that she is a nightmare and nothing more. Crash goes into the coffee shop while Andi, Wyatt, and Aquamarine try to figure out what is going on. Wyatt becomes angrier and angrier at the idea of Maddox being used in this manner by the nightmare. The group heads off for a walk and the scene shifts to a prison. Maddox is still with them and Crash attempts to figure out how Maddox is here. Heading into the next room, they find Rita Riot on a rampage slaughtering guards and prisoners with a cartoonish version of TOM floating behind her. Rita turns and then charges at the group. Crash prepares to hug her as Wyatt determines that the version of TOM is completely fake. Andi moves to hug TOM to death but he turns into Butch. Crash grabs Rita and attempts to calm her. Aquamarine tries to help Andi feel the connection to the Metaverse while attempting to assist Crash in holding Rita. Maddox also lends a hand in holding down Rita. Crash head butts Rita and she goes limp. Bobby Maxwell appears and tells Wyatt that everything is all his fault. Wyatt pushes back and takes control, owning his mistakes of the past, rejecting the idea of Maddox being his fault. Bobby shifts into the form of Harvester. Wyatt throat punches him into nothing. The group moves off and the scene shifts to Africa. Andi watches Bruno die in her arms as he tells her she wasn't worth it. Dozens of Coles step out pointing guns at them. Cole opens fire, striking several of the pilots. Crash uses his kinetic powers and causes all the Coles to blow up like water balloons. Wyatt notices that not only does Maddox continue to act like Maddox but that she looks even more real than the other pieces of the nightmare. There are also traces of golden threads around her, almost like they are holding her together. The scene shifts to Sentinel City. Andi is beating Butch to death again, Lady Veil attacks Aquamarine, Dr. Migraine berates Crash, and Wyatt stands beside Balthazar...tempting him to use black magic. Crash rebuffs Migraine's argument while Aquamarine attempts to comfort Lady Veil. Wyatt rejects the base temptation as Migraine continues to plead with Crash. The scene shifts again, this time to the lair of Kronos. Balthazar summons ghostly legions to hold the pilots and only Maddox is able to resist. Maddox spits out a razor blade and uses it to cut Balthazar's robe into handcuffs which she uses to bind his hands. Andi breaks free and uses her empathy to relink their past avatars to themselves. Rita strikes Andi but she also strikes herself due to the empathy. Aqua wraps up Lady Veil and apologizes to her former avatar. Crash picks up Rita and throws her at Butch. He then takes over the ghosts and makes them dance. Kronos throws Rita back at Crash but then forgets that he was ever there. Wyatt tries to turn the nightmare against itself, attempting to convince Butch to fight Kronos. Golden threads suddenly wind their way up Butch and he takes on a truer form, turning against Kronos and fighting back. Maddox puts Kronos into a sleeper hold as Andi brings out a mirror and holds it up to Kronos. Cracks cover Kronos...the exact opposite of what they just saw happen to Butch. Aqua brings Lady Veil over to the mirror and she begins to crack as well...and then break apart completely. Crash then summons a pair of rocket boots and rides Lady Veil into Kronos and Balthazar. The scene shifts again to a burning forest and a bork village. The borks cry out, blaming Andi and Wyatt for what happened to them. Maddox assures Wyatt and Andi that while they made mistakes, these mistakes are not all that define them. Crash calls forth the rain and puts out the fires. Wyatt finally realizes that Maddox is real as the others attempt to help the poisoned borks. The pilots break into song while Crash administers first aid. The scene shifts to the sands of Arena. The Nightmare offers them a deal. Leave now and for the rest of their lives, he will leave their world alone. The pilots refuse and the Nightmare fades away. Before them stand the enemies of their past, ready to fight. As Crash and Wyatt run interference, Andi, Aqua, and Maddox team up to pull Monday out of the grasp of the Nightmare using the golden threads holding Maddox together. The scene begins to go dark. They hear Zenda telling the others that he can't find them, and neither can Monday. Some unknown amount of time later, the pilots wake up on the Reliance. The ship has landed and the pilots disembark. Archangel base is abandoned.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Luke Amundson, Christian Doyle, Vanessa Postil, Helen Roundhill First appearance of:

Episode 113 Streaming

Season Eight


Episode One Hundred And Fourteen: Behold, A Pale Horse | SEASON EIGHT PREMIERE

It's been three years...what has happened since Crash and the others disappeared?


In the three years since Crash and the others have disappeared, the remaining members of the team have been looking for them. Mac even experienced his first avatar, the brother of Dr Migraine in 668, but no trace of the missing pilots can be found. Nick and Tessa have vanished while Brony has retreated to a monastery. The rest of the team have been trying to keep the world in line...and today it's transporting a rogue MetaPilot. Mac senses people approaching just in time for their vehicle to get slammed. Mac and John are in the jet above and see the tactical team swarm the vehicle. Bruno moves the prisoner off to the side while Rosie turns them invisible. The truck is breached and Rosie and Bruno need to contend with tear gas and flash bangs. Meanwhile, John Stone jumps out of the jet and forces the surface to air missile out of the way. Mac goes to get everyone guns while Bruno feels the burn with the tear gas. Rosie uses her magic to turn the enemy weapons into sunflowers before she moves the tear gas out of the way. John rips up a piece of the asphalt and wings it at their attackers. Mac arrives with the guns and Rosie uses a haiku messes with the minds of the tactical team. John Stone attempts to intimidate their attackers while Mac actually shoots someone. Then the trucks blow up. The explosion takes out not only the tactical team, but also the prisoner that was being transported. Rosie heals the two remaining survivors and then attempts to read their minds. It seems that these men were sent by The Program, which they believe still exists as an entity. John Stone goes through their phones and finds that the calls from the higher ups are coming from nowhere...much like the calls that had come from TOM. The FBI steps in to go over the scene and the pilots head off. John Stone does some more research and confirms that the team that attacked them all believed that they were working for The Program. Also, the explosives were hidden and remotely detonated. There is a sudden call on Bruno's phone. There is an urgent matter that needs tending to in Langley. Namely a hostage situation. No one knows why these people are being held. As they approach the area, the pilots overhear military code. Rosie decides to take Mac's brain for a ride. Mac then beams Rosie into one of the people inside the house. Rosie and Mac both see the people inside, all in tactical gear. There is also one blonde man standing in the middle of everything, no guns or armor, holding a radio. Only closer inspection, the armor appears to have pieces of 742 stolen armor pieces worked into it. They are also carrying 742 plasma rifles. Rosie also senses that someone, who is not physically present, is using magic to watch the grounds. Bruno, Mac, and John head off toward the guest house, where one group of hostages is being held. Rosie makes a bubble, halting any sound from getting out, while John jams the radios. Bruno disables the mines on the door and rolls in as Rosie and John take out two of the wandering guards. John stabilizes the injured hostage and then they move off to secure the second group of hostages. They take out the second group of hostiles on the upper floor and head off to deal with the group on the lower level. Bruno disables the alarm and John realizes that someone has noted that he has done that. Mac feels someone on the guards side of things get excited about that. Rosie teleports Bruno and John inside. Mac suddenly senses a lot more people appear as if from thin air. And then the bottom floor of the house explodes. The hostages are now dead. It looked like the blonde haired man himself actually blew up. As Rosie lifts Bruno and John out of the rubble, someone rips open the door to the jet. Mac makes a run for it while John tries to stabilize the only two remaining hostages. The blonde man reforms, now naked, and stands in front of them. Bruno tackles him and chokes him out. Meanwhile someone tries to hex she bum rushes him. Mac keeps running as John Stone subdues the last hostiles. Pierce then radios in that there is an alarm in Archangel base...someone is inside.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Ethan Bujeaud, Shawn Franklin, Maggie Doyle First appearance of:

Episode 114 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Fifteen: Time Is Not On Your Side

The pilots return to a past Metaverse where time is no longer what it once was.


Three days after Crash, Andi, and the others have returned to Archangel Base. The four captured rogue pilots have been contained and identified, none of whom are particularly nice people. They also were not metapilots the last time anyone saw them. The group attempts to get one of the prisoners to talk. He tells them that his powers come from boxes. He also offers to tell them where the other pilots are but Crash turns him down. He says that the name Crash is looking for is with the boxes. So Crash then punches him in the throat. The pilot resists the urge for oxygen and Jenika performs an emergency tracheotomy. When he comes to he reveals that everyone had a job to do. The hostages were never meant to live and each pilot was assigned to another metapilot to kill. They were employed by someone they never saw. There is a ship out at sea which contains the boxes. They did "training in virtual reality". They assumed it was a government job. He overheard the techs talking about "Project: Metaverse" and making up for past mistakes. He got the impression that not everyone was working willingly and that everyone was very scared. When the pilots try to find the ship with the pods, they are told that it went down with all hands six weeks ago near New Zealand. While Crash and Bruno hash out some differences, Patrick comes in and lets them know that Zenda is here to see Crash. He lets them know that someone has altered a timeline in a Metaverse. While he doesn't know how or why, and he can't fix it himself, he asks Crash and the others to do it for him. Apparently it is the world of the Weird West. And if the timeline isn't fixed, the avatars that they know will not exist. He also tells them that there are currently about 800 pilots on Prime. There were others but Zenda arrested 314. The pilots head into the Metaverse, to the year 1512 aka The Renaissance. They find themselves in Germany and there are peace talks afoot. The pilots begin to come to grips with their avatars and the complex political machinations of this world. Finally everyone retires for the night to get some sleep and plot in private. In the middle of the night, each of the pilots have their guards attacked and murdered and then they are each attacked. It seems that they are not the only ones, as many political figures are under attack. It soon becomes clear that the assassins are Turkish, speaking a dialect that has roots in Persia. And the castle is also under attack...and the gates are wide open. The pilots manage to quickly take care of each of their personal kill squads while Jenika leads a horse off a cliff. But in doing so, she sees that these are the Pope's men who are attacking...literally everyone. The pilots manage to escape the castle just in time and regroup to try and figure out just what the heck is going on.

GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of: Catherine Of Aragon, Henrich Cornelius Agrippa, Caterina Sforza, Niccolo Machiavelli

Episode 115 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Sixteen: Rumors, Truths, And Myths

The pilots dive deeper into the rumors and conspiracies of this strange time in the Metaverse.


The pilots have been on the run for four days and find the countryside in ruins. Rumors are spreading that Maximillian I is in league with the devil and that Agrippa is the one who has made it so. They finally make it to a village that hasn't been utterly destroyed. Coming upon a farmhouse, the pilots steal some clothes and listen to some rumors...specifically about Agrippa. And then the mob with pitchforks shows up. The pilots grab some horses and take off, soon shaking their pursuers. They come upon a cart and Crash pulls it to a halt. Unfortunately the driver is killed in the process...but the driver seems to be a grave robber of some kind. At the very least, he appears to not be who he is pretending to be. As they are investigating...the angry mob shows up. Taking off with the cart, they finally out pace them and seem to have gotten rid of them at last. They come upon some Ottomans attacking a family. Jenika takes off in indignation. She stabs one of the attackers while the others swarm the wagon. As Andi breaks a jaw and Bruno takes off a head, Jenika stabs someone else. Crash then pokes someone in the eyes and shoots lightning at their crotch. They grab the remaining assailants and attempt to interrogate them. They find out that the cousin of Maximillian, Johann, is holding out against the Pope and they are laying siege against him in the north. Apparently the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope are at odds. The pilots head off to Johann's castle where they use several levels of super powers to get over the walls. Heading inside to the keep, they find a sleeping Johann and fill him in on what has been happening. He also lets them know that the Pope plans to give the Holy Roman Empire to Henry the Eighth. It seems like the Pope is likely an avatar being controlled by another MetaPilot. Bells suddenly start ringing as the Ottomans begin to attack. Crash summons a storm while Jenika turns the water into giant hail. Bruno summons an earthquake to damage the pathway the enemy soldiers are using. The first wave of the siege has been stopped and the pilots take the chance to bath and rest. In the morning they arm themselves with chainmail and breakfast. There is a sudden explosion outside as canon fire echoes from the cliffs behind the castle. Ottomans and Swiss Guards have swarmed the courtyard. The pilots leap into the fray and begin laying waste to the attackers. And then the Cardinal shows up. He calls for the surrender of the castle and orders his men to arrest the pilots. The Pope wants them alive.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 116 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Seventeen: Doomed To Repeat It

The pilots make a final attempt to save the world of the Weird West!


As the pilots are being taken to see the Pope, they attempt to make plans. This is interrupted by a rescue attempt. Machiavelli's people specifically. Unfortunately they kill their captors which means that a new plan must be hatched in order to get to the Pope. They decide to have their "rescuers" pose as their captors and take them to Genoa. But first Crash needs to try to raise the dead. As they travel along, they hear news that Henry the Eighth is traveling to the be made into The Holy Roman Emperor. Arriving in Genoa, they board a ship heading for Rome. Three days later, Jenika notices three ships following them. She sneaks over to investigate and uncovers that they are Portuguese and they are hired mercenaries, hired by Henry to kill Catherine. Jenika takes out the masts of all three ships, slowing them down considerably. They finally arrive in Rome and find a camp of Swiss Guards waiting on the beach to escort them to Rome. The rumors are that Henry is now the king of England and France, and Maximilian is being taken to Rome to be executed. As they are traveling, they are once again attacked in their sleep. They manage to deal with most of their attackers, save one. Upon questioning him, they find out that the Sultan has ordered Agrippa's death before they reach the Pope. Agrippa decides to pretend to be dead in order to get the drop on the Sultan. Crash uses his talents of murder and charms to make this happen. The guards fall for the trick and they proceed on to see the Pope. As they travel they hear that the Pope cannot be killed, that he has drank from the "Cup Of Christ" and cannot be killed. He has also brought the Sultan into the inner sanctum. The pilots are finally brought before the Pope to receive their judgment and they recognize him as an Avatar. Someone has piloted him before but he is not being piloted now, although there is bleed present. On the other side of the sanctum is the Sultan, who is also an avatar not currently being piloted. As the Pope pronounces them ex-communicated, Bruno takes control of the situation and walks toward His Holiness. In an attempt to take out these two immortal beings, Jenika creates truth serum to administer while Bruno sets their robes ablaze with the "fires of truth". Meanwhile Crash commands them all to dance as Andi Jaymes literally drags them both to hell. The church is safe to continue on its way to chaos and uncertainty, which was the point all along. When they return, Thomas has found something interesting. Satellite images of the ship where the other MetaPilots had been training. It shows that an explosion took out the ship with no survivors. Further tracking of the phone numbers shows that someone accessed a network that captured a traffic camera image of someone who looks just like Zenda, sans metal face.

GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Christian Doyle, Helen Roundhill, Sarah Sanders-Ode First appearance of:

Episode 117 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Eighteen: Saving Private Ray

The pilots must return to a world of anthropomorphic animals in an attempt to stop someone from unraveling history!


GM Breakage count: 4
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Chris Ode, Shawn Franklin, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 118 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Nineteen: Apocalypse Then

The pilots make a final push to save a wayward weasel from a POW camp.


GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Mark Thomason, Chris Ode, Shawn Franklin, Vanessa Postil First appearance of:

Episode 119 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Twenty: By The Numbers

Nick rejoins the group as new secrets are uncovered in the fight to save everything.


GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Luke Amundson, Matt Vancil, Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud First appearance of:

Episode 120 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Twenty-One: Phantoms

The truth about Nick Krieger is finally revealed...


GM Breakage count: 3
GM: James Durham Players: Luke Amundson, Matt Vancil, Christian Doyle, Ethan Bujeaud First appearance of:

Episode 121 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Twenty-Two: Destiny's Legion

The pilots return to the world of Sentinel City...300 years in the future.


GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Chris Ode, Helen Roundhill, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 122 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Twenty-Three: Paradox

The future of 668 might lie in the past...


GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Chris Ode, Helen Roundhill, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 123 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Twenty-Four: Everything Comes Undomed

Colby, Ohio reveals hidden truths and the mystery pilots comes to the forefront.


GM Breakage count: 2
GM: James Durham Players: Christian Doyle, Chris Ode, Helen Roundhill, Shawn Franklin First appearance of:

Episode 124 Streaming

Episode One Hundred And Twenty-Five: A Black Day For A White Wedding

The pilots must return to the world of the Iron Fae in an attempt to save Zenda from destruction.


GM Breakage count: 2
GM: Christian Doyle Players: Maggie Doyle, Vanessa Postil Sarah Sanders-Ode, James Durham First appearance of:

Episode 125 Streaming