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Sandy Moore is a hopjockey. He has traveled to many dimensions, at some point visiting Venus, Pluto, Saturn's rings, Nirvana, Valhalla, Graceland, and Eudaimonia.[1]

In The Hopjockey Saga (2001)

"Hungover in Paradise"

Sandy wakes up at the Utopia Eldorado Resort with a splitting headache, barely remembering his life before he drank mindrotter until he passed out. Over the next few hours, he meets Toodang the octopus bartender, genie of the lava lamp Primo Mojo, and Dugg, a doomjockey serving under evil Doomlord Wuubuurd, who captured Sandy's ex-girlfriend "Randi" Miranda, also a hopjockey.[1]

"Damsel in Deceit"

While seeking a portal out of a medieval fantasy world to continue the search for Wuubuurd's lair, Sandy joined Singe, a 300-year-old red dragon thief, on a quest from King Pusheauver to rescue Princess Regalia from Scorch, a 540-year-old dragon poet. Sandy died twice, using hopjockey soul transference forms to come back.[2]

"I'm Dreaming of a Red X-Mas"

At the North Pole, chaos break out, the buildings on fire and Santa's sleigh in ruins. Sandy looks out over the carnage.[3]

In The Gamers: Hands of Fate (2013)

During the 2013 R9E US Nationals, Sandy was playing an Ord deck and a couple of actual Ord were looking for him for unknown reasons, speaking in orcish.[4]

In The Stray and the Hole in the Stars (2018)

Sandy has cancer and joins a mysterious woman on a hop across the cosmos.[5]


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