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Bombshell 3.0

The third version of what is clearly, one of the best superheroes composed of nano wasps, Bombshell 3.0 is all the things she should be. Helpful and extremely effective, Bombshell and her wasps are an important part of the team.
As a living collective, Bombshell can control her nano wasps singly or in groups, breaking down into a swarm to travel and reconstitute elsewhere. She can also send an individual nano wasp to accomplish a simple task such as spying on others or harassing an enemy.
Interestingly, she has noted that she has no sense of smell and that her upbeat perky attitude was deliberately programmed in.
Avatar of the pilot Jenika Clarkson.


The self proclaimed, "WAVE OF THE FUTURE", Riptide is a master of all things water related. He is a more seasoned superhero with a specific sore spot for one Johnny Legion.
Rip Tide's powers are formidible. Through his hydrokinesis, he can sense any liquid nearby and affect its shape and temperature.
Avatar of the pilot Jebediah Lexington.

Lady Veil

Bitten by a radioactive mummy, Lady Veil is a master of the textile. She can wrap things up in the most fashionable of ways and then regenerate when the situation calls for it, which it does quite often.
In action, Lady Veil can control fabric and fabric fibers around her and teleport within a limited range. Her undead nature also allows her to cheat death and regenerate, but the process takes some time.
Avatar of the pilot Aquamarine.

Kid Titan

A former teenage sidekick, Butch Baker, known as Kid Titan, left the superhero life after losing his powers and wrote a tell all book based on his experiences as a young super. He has said that the book was based on his journals from that period, and that he hadn't intended for the book to cover quite the ground that it did. The negative backlash from this book was considerable, unsurprisingly; a few went so far as to issue death threats, and many in the superhero community consider him effectively blacklisted.

Kid Titan is known to have a particularly acrimonious relationship with Eric Masters, also known as Armor Guy. Masters was a preeminent member of the Sentinels but made a fortune selling powered down, unreliable versions of his armor; in his writings, Baker speculated this this move "privatized superheroing", causing the end of the classic superhero team rescue missions and the rise of superheroes as reality TV stars, and Masters took it personally. Baker has also noted that while Masters prefers to be addressed as The Rivet, he continues to use the old moniker, Armor Guy, partly because that's how he knew Masters, and partly because he knows Masters finds the old name irritating.

He also remains very sensitive about a childhood bungle so epic it has come to be known as "going rocketboots". A video of this incident can be found on youtube. Specifically, at age 12, Kid Titan was in the midst of a battle with the Radicals in Times Square against an evil super group when his opponent used mimicry to trigger his voice activated rocketboots. The boots flew him randomly around New York, injuring several bystanders and causing some property damage. Because of this trauma, Butch has barely looked at the offending boots since, and refuses to fly in airplanes.
Following his sidekick career, Baker took up the classic hard-drinking, low income life of a private investigator, mostly dealing with marital infidelity, when a super powered stranger picked up a bus and bludgeoned him with it. He took his survival as an indication that after 20 years he had regained his powers. With them, he donned the heroic mantle again.

Drawing on his heroic heritage, Kid Titan draws upon a number of classically super abilities--super speed, and super strength, for instance. He also gains extended sense awareness through his direct line to a computer named Hal.

Avatar of the pilot Crash Jaxun.

Hashtag Hashtag

A superstar superhero, Hashtag Hashtag is quite simply...stunning. Selfie taker extraordinaire, Hashtag Hashtag will blow you up with his incendiary devices and then post a picture of it on his social media.
Avatar of the pilot Markus

Hex Destiny

Born in the faewyld, Hex is an arcane twelve year old who can remove your soul all while reciting poetry. Oh, and she also has an invisible 900lb werebunny companion named Harvey.
In action, Hex Destiny makes up for her smaller stature with number of abilities. Her enormous sword can be ridden like a floating skateboard, or wielded to steal soul pieces from anyone she hits. She can also cast virtually any spell she can think of, but only by composing and reciting a fresh haiku to direct it.
Avatar of the pilot Rosie Harvin