List of Orcish clans

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A list of Orcish Clans.

Linked in this list are summaries of the orcish clans. For more complete information, please consult the Orcish-English Dictionary (2nd edition). Current Named Clans in the canon works: 52

For drawings/cartoons, see Orcish Clan Gallery (Incomplete, 39/52 available)

If a clan has no attribution in the OED, this is indicated by *. These clans are likely made by the creator of Fartherall (Matt Vancil).

The Alarki Clan (Pik Alarku)

The Astral Voyagers (Biuldjaenwulz)

The Badfangs (Nadjridz)

The Black Arms (Shakruldjobrulz)

The Black Spears (Shakrulbennathidz)*

The Bloodspeakers (Hezsaxbruskulz)

The Blue Brooks (Laeladiladz)*

The Blueskins (Laeladhaeaz)

The Brine-Shod (Quagashgakkulz)

Descendants of the Tainted Ones (Filulz Ulururru)

The Disputed (Saxulz)

The Earthmantle (Duskulduram)

The Fogwatchers (Farsiulz Davu)*

The Forest Clan (Pik Querku)

The Former Glories (Engulrandulz)

The Gatekeepers (Hedraiadz)

The Great Song (Richadroam)

The Greenbows (Tigadkingalz)

The Hagboil Clan (Yukadquagdulz)

The Hernandeai Clan (Pik Hernandurru)

The Hounds (Wolkulataz)

The Imperial Wolves (Alsheppuldjorlulz)

The Iron Quills (Eduldarsidz)

The Iron Tide (Edulhaozul)*

The King-Chiefs (Raiulradzulz)*

The Kuud Clan (Pik Kuudu)

The Last Orcs (Nowulorkulz)

The Laughing Bears (Djorzonulsakulz)*

The Mancutters (Huamthrakkulz)*


The Mudfoots (Kassidgopadz)

Orcs of Black Talon (Orkulz Shakru Chenu)

Orcs of the Gutting Swamp (Orkulz Viskonar Raitsar)

The Ord-Seekers (Ordhidulz)

The Red Heels (Loradzkiladz)*

The Red Realm (Loruldzor)

The Red Tortoises (Lorulgenbulz)

The Rook Clan (Pik Ruarku)

The Shipbreakers (Hikakkrandulz)

The Silver Wings (Ohulfidz)

The Skin Setters (Haeadliadz)

The Skull Eaters (Yorakpregnulz)

The Slayers of Harmless Things (Shaggulz Kitsurru Drurru)

The Sneering Ravens (Drukaionrabidz)

The Speakers in Riddles (Bruskulz Orors)

The Steel Spikes (Morgulzshlakkulz)

The Storm Crows (Magdalextaeadz)

Walkers of the Woods and Sky (Voltulz Quebelurru ek Rechar)

The Walkers in Shadow (Voltulz Shashno)

The Wallbreakers (Bawedkrandulz)

The Wandering Ronin Clan (Tamsulraikulz)

The Wave Hunters (Zapzakhulz)

Note: The Screaming Ferrets, created in Y1E2, has not been added. There is some debate as to whether this is a real group, or a lie taken too far. In any case, it is likely not represented as a tribe in orcdom.