List of Orcish clans

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The following is a list of Orcish clans in Fartherall.

Linked in this list are summaries of the orcish clans. For more complete information, please consult the Orcish-English Dictionary (2nd edition). Current Named Clans in the canon works: 52

For drawings/cartoons, see Orcish Clan Gallery (Incomplete, 39/52 available)

If a clan has no attribution in the OED, this is indicated by *. These clans are likely made by the creator of Fartherall (Matt Vancil).

Note: The Screaming Ferrets, created in Y1E2, has not been added. There is some debate as to whether this is a real group, or a lie taken too far. In any case, it is likely not represented as a tribe in orcdom.