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"Conjure Milk is More Versatile"

Dead Priest by chAsMou (displays Carrow)

Cobbler's Crystal by Amanda Layne Olsen (FAN VIDEO)

The Wizard's Duel by Arcade Fox (Animation)

Orcish Clan Gallery by Ice_Geist

Chibi Perf! (Twitter) by Jessica D. Woofer

Best Friends! Yart and Grellnock (Twitter) by @HellcatHarmony

Glorion, Nara, Perf, and Carrow (Twitter) by @JacobBlackmon

I Didn't Ask to be the Chosen One! (Twitter) by @sketchsong

I Am NOT A Zombie. (Twitter) by @SarahFrisk

JourneyQuest-inspired Tarot Cards (Twitter) by @AlpinGeist

It's Bad Luck to Lie to a Bard. (Twitter) by @SarahFrisk

Feeling Courageous. (Twitter) by @SarahFrisk

Thank You! (Twitter) by @zoefannet

Carrow and Icon (Twitter) by lukaelrik-d604kpe (?)


Onward! (Sung to Donovan's Atlantis) by Mash the Goblin

Orcish Translations:

(It's Not Easy) Being Green